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  1. Upgrades have the same price for 5th and 1st rates. It does not matter if you make 5th rates dirt cheap to produce when upgrade prices are so high that sailing a 5th rate is anyway expensive. We had before 5 duras for 5th rates, each upgrade worth 5 upgrades. Get back to this in a way or another. Don't try to make 5th rates nice shiny toys to own. When you try to do this you are saying that Trincomalee is equally nice shiny toy as L'Ocean. This is downgrading 1st rate value. If I have to grind for end game item, 1st rate upgrade, that is ok. End game gear is in every game something that you really have to work for. If I have to grind early game items, 5th rate upgrades, book and upgrade system is flawed. Removing 5th rates (ships, modules, books) from shiny toy list. This will make the game more casual friendly in the early game. Will cause war and war will fuel economy. You don't win 25vs25 1st rate port battles with 5th rates. There will be always need for end game gear. Made a nice price curve. Price ~= Rarity
  2. Agree with the rest, text with icons would be nice. Also mouse hover times are too long. You have to actually wait for popup to come. Makes you salty.
  3. Quoting myself to clarify. This is related to PvP for sure but also I wanted to point out that if economy does not work it is probably because people cannot afford to lose ships. Long time ago when economy was more or less working it was probably because everyone was forced to craft more and more ships to level up crafting. As we crafted and crafted new ships, resources had a real value to players. The same with upgrades. Now if you want player driven economy you have to create the need for ships. In the same way as in real life economy. In the end game need for ship comes from combat losses. If it takes long time to craft a ship players cannot afford to lose. Will stall the economy.
  4. Most definitely will get eventually completed. I just don't think the reward is high enough. The reward feels really low.
  5. We have got used to say LO/WO, Teak/WO, Fir/Fir. In the new ship statistic window you have the opposite. WO/LO. You should swap these to what we have got used to. It is not a big thing but neither it is a big thing to fix.
  6. If economy stalls you probably require too much grind - ships, upgrades, "things" are too expensive. More ships we lose, more ships we have to craft. More expensive ships we have, more afraid we are to lose.
  7. Mission rewards are not high enough. Add more Doubloons for sure. Hunt 10x Bellona from OW. This can take days for me to finish and I get only 1000 Doubloons. Why would I ever take missions like this?
  8. Cmdr RideZ

    Gear sticky?

    When the current upgrades, gear, came out I think I might have said even day one that it sucks. Right now the game is gear based. It is actually sad that players don't understand this already. From your first post I can see that at least you know something. Remember also that we now speak only from speed, there are other pieces of gear that are simply stupid as well. You explain that make faster ship to come to you. Well what if the faster ship is also more combat oriented or like many say "tankier" than your ship? You tell to use smaller and faster ship to catch a bigger ship. If you target knows how to play the game he the advantage once again. Gear can make more specialized ship but it also will most probably make your ship better in almost every possible way. If you don't have the good gear you pretty much have to specialize, you don't have any other option. Then you have to force well geared player to play like you want or hope he takes the lure. You also have to remember that the player without gear has to do all the tricks to win well geared player. Does not sound like at all to you that gear matters? What if the player you face is equally good and understands your "tricks"? You have pretty much zero change to win? Gear > Skill There are many other gear oriented faults in the current game. +10% hp, gear means nothing? I really don't understand what is wrong with you guys, it is 10% more hp? How can you say it means nothing? +5 points of thickness? Are you pretty sure you are going to say once again that gear means nothing? Then you angle your ship and that is even more. Seriously, means nothing? So much loved Trinco 1vs1, another guy has Elite French Rig, another one has no mast mods. Are you with a straight face saying that you don't understand what gear means here? Boarding, it has nothing more than gear in it. How can anyone say gear does not matter? Boarding is so F*ed up that they should introduce new slots for boarding upgrades, instead of replacing ship upgrades. It is absolutely horrible minigame ffs. Board & Rum enabling chain boarding. Now with insane muskets. etc. Someone has so huge authority that he was in unreal way able to convince that gear does not matter. Longer you believe this lie, longer the guys who know it is true are able to abuse it against you. Some players play a lot and have the gear. Slowly people start to know these guys and run away in OW before they are in combat range. Then admin decides to remove name plates from OW. Gank must go on.
  9. There should be clean start server option at release, everyone from Basic Cutter / Tutorial. There are +150k Doubloons worth of books in Admiralty? 150k per player is not a small thing to happen for economy. Crafting level is actually really important in early game. Defines who can sell and what ships. You get XP from crafting ships. Like early 2016, there were plenty of low level ships because everyone was forced for craft XP. Has a big impact how the game runs. Eventually massive stream of Doubloons will be invested to level crafting. Leveling craft will also give more value for resources, for a very long time. Eventually leaving plenty of cheap low level ships behind. Grind will leave history to build on. When we don't have our ranks, everyone needs ships to level and they buy from crafters. Will support player driven economy massively. Tests were done so that players have rank/craft XP. I would be surprised if this gave realistic image. Because HC players are not crafting cheap low level ships, it will be harder start for players who buy the game or have nothing to start with. Probably not even possible to create good/healthy economy without complete wipe. I don't believe the game will work nicely without. I most definitely recommend 2 servers.
  10. Cmdr RideZ

    Combat feedback

    Leaks are now more I win than mast sniping/raking ever was. It is funny how everyone is ok with this. Leaks are for below average Joe, everyone can do it day1 ? Zero skill makes it more acceptable?
  11. Cmdr RideZ

    Gear sticky?

    Am I blind or no sticky thread for gear feedback? Modules, Books, Perks, Wood Types, Cannons, etc. ? Wanted to post to that thread: There is going to be an upgrade patch, hopefully more like overhaul, as things are that bad. Wood Types are broken. With a rare upgrade or 2 you can swap Wood Types. Something like from Fir to Teak or LO/WO to T/WO ? Penalties of these lighter and heavier wood types are still there. Upgrades should have smaller bonuses and or higher penalties, when compared to wood type stats. Fir vs Teak: Teak with rare speed upgrades should not be I win. The same thing goes with boarding. Having boarding upgrades vs not having, it should not be I win. It should give you benefits but not I win. This was like this before insane muskets. You have mast upgrades, especially in case of rare, and enemy does not. Should not be mandatory to have or I win. etc. Slightly simplified the subject but it does not make it invalid. Also devs should make comparison vs combat mechanisms.
  12. Cmdr RideZ

    Very Low quality PvP

    Gear is big in this game. You see how someone else does it and you do after. You don't have the gear you sink. If you don't have the gear you have to be much more gankier. If you have you can be more direct and gear may safe you from a mistake or even 2. Ask what gear they have before you evaluate how good they are at ganking.
  13. I agree. Admin is already at this point planning to let us keep major part of our gear and XP? Testing economy when players already have 50-100k Doubloons worth books from Admiralty? How long it takes to grind all books they are planning to give? Even the rare ones? That is how long current testers will benefit. How many months? Makes you doubt if they want to do this with time like you suggest. Time can also be against them. If release was planned #Soon? Wipe and months play without wipe after. Even this would be better than no wipe. Right now we have insane muskets, untested. If devs were able to make this huge "mistake" or can this really be how it was meant to be? If this big fails get in then what else there can be? One week would be better than nothing. Also would go as a normal pre-order bonus. Devs give craft/rank XP, planning to give books(best gear), ship knowledge, what not?
  14. Could be less time, a week. They have done big changes. Some kind of test would be nice. edit. And it should be well informed on steam page that there will be one week headstart for EA owners but there is a change that you may still lose your stuff.
  15. Cmdr RideZ

    Very Low quality PvP

    Another pro tip for Slim. Do missions, get the best books. Grind more PvE, get enough money to buy best upgrades. You can upgrade your Fir ship to Teak with better upgrades. Christendom and Wraith have all the best gear and they have been playing long. The best gear will remove their gear advantage which will greatly increase your change to win. At least you can first time really check how good players they really are or are they.