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  1. I do not sink good ships, take if I need or tell the guy he can have it at a freetown if he wants to pay some million reals. I charge around, good upgrades x 500k reals
  2. What about golden/purple ships? You will just surrender and keep the ship. @RepairyMcRepairous made a very good purposal, surrender by terms window. That is good idea.
  3. When Loki was introduced, I attacked ai 5x1st rates with my Ocean, later my friend joined with a 2nd rate. AI was ripping us apart with very accurate stern rakes. Then I noticed 2 ai oceans shooting my sails, 2 loki oceans in my battle, they were not yet damaged We sank them all but I lost a purple ocean. I hated loki that day, all my loki experience was having command of already sinking ships. I would tag 6-7 npc ships by myself in the past, but never after Loki. I do not know what loki added to this game. sorry for off topic. I am against increasing crew number in war server, 1400 ish is more than enough. It may be increased on peace server.
  4. When you attack ai, and you capture it. The captured ship gets a random frame and planking. No body can tell me that bloody ai, which I had trouble penetrating, was actually fir/crewspace. So my guess ai uses better ships, after you sink or capture, woods are generated.
  5. Important thing is we need an accurate BR, rate classifications mean not much. This is not world of tanks. So I do not care if consti is 4th rate or a 5th rate...
  6. Those fleets suck. Unreal speed, unreal fleet composition, unreal spawning positions in battle. Even the fleet shows trinco + large. Why? Call it coastal guard something. Number of fleets still too many. It is duty to protect newbies, which are now being farmed by niagras, le requins, those ships are not targeted by these ai. Who are they protecting? Rushed, immature implementation of game mechanics.
  7. when you feel like they are gonna go down, hit repairs, only solution for a short time.
  8. I didn't watch to whole video, lol who would, I stopped when havoc guys started insults. So if you are not happy, may be you should try some lobby based games ? Try world of tanks may be ? It is a released game so I do not expect game mechanics to change. There are many occasions when a bad tag occurs, after long time, you decide to get out and try a better tag. If you want to catch enemy players or to run away, may be you can bring faster ships ? *** What I want admin to do, is consider havoc guys using words like "alcoholic, di*k, etc." as they are now publishing this video and making their insults public. May be there should be another tribunal for personal insults and publishing the video ? *** I like it a lot when some special players abuse every game mechanic, in and out, over and over, upside down etc. and cry when they are not happy. NOTE: I watched the end, which was the fun part. Very good job HAVOC team. So wasn't it worth spending 2 hours ? Where would you find this kind of pvp ? You grind hostility, do lots of stuff, to get a port battle which is not even close to this battle. So why the tears ? Instead of this retarded post, you should put the last battle in great battles section, remove the initial crappy parts with small battles. One of the best battles I have seen, good job again o7 So at the end it was an even fight, sweden 9700 BR vs britian 10000 BR (as one cristian left the battle at the start). Out of the even battle, a very good victory for sweden.
  9. Stopping RVR should be a rule on some special times, being announced earlier.
  10. @admin check this beatiful work, you guys are lucky to have this player base. A much needed aspect of the game, there should be in game hyperlinks for this kind of work.
  11. Some Russians going low on 1st rate numbers, just a joke . Alt accounts will be happy.
  12. I think they should add China to the game. We have Russians, Prussians why not China?
  13. Kill lgv traders with your snow Do kill missions where there is one npc only and at least 1 rank higher than you. Do the most damage. @admin I find this the most stupid, I do not sink npc but I try to do most damage, waste of time. Why do I need to milk the damage for more xp? NPC is strong now, very hard to fight against 2 npc, or 3 npc with smaller ships, those are useless missions.
  14. No it won't. Veterans should be sailing with gunnery 4 + 1 or 2 penetration mod (french gunners, guacata superior or others), if they want demasting, and they will demast the newbie. I am all okay with broadside demasting but demasting with ranging shots because captain would pay 1 gold guina (nice support for this nonsense). IN THIS GAME THE CAPTAIN WOULD BE BROKE !
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