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  1. Who would build a shipyard in capital? Only level - 1, may be. Warships are garbage without port bonus. You need a safe crafting port? In current state of NA, buy profolic forger dlc, switch to Russia for Vera Cruz or go Sweden for Orjenstad which is covered by privateer fleets. Welcome to zerg.
  2. All the capitals should give 35-40 points pre-selected port bonus. This is for the casual, this is for newbies. Do not worry veteranswill still fight for 50-55 points ports. But it is ridiculous to pay same building money for a shipyard without bonus at capitals or non-capturable towns. @admin please hear this !
  3. As an example of hostility mission; which includes pvp and effort, I would say; 1. Hostility mission is created when a mission is taken with some dubloon/vm/cm payment. 2. Hostility is next day in PB timer window. Both attackers and defenders know hostility mission and time. 3. Hostility mission is sinking a treasure fleet or armed transport fleet. Consists of few 1st rate (or suitable ships according Port BR) and some indiaman npcs. When a certain point is achieved by attackers, PB is set for the next day. 4. Attackers and defenders can join Hostility mission from any point as soon as swords are visible. 5. Both spawn with neutral wind with NPC fleet closer to defenders. Both attackers and defender join at fixed position without importance of how far they joined. 6. Attackers should collect enough points in 1 hour window, defenders can protect the npc fleet or sink attackers to steal their points. 7. Battle ends when NPC fleet arrive at destination / enough npc sunk by attackers, PB is generated / enough attackers sunk by defenders, No PB. 8. Fleets leaving the hostility have much longer invisibility timer.
  4. I do not understand the LOKI concept, may be good for "pain inflicting and suffering simulator". Another annoyance added to the list.
  5. You should not fight in forums, you should keep hitting "5-1" for extra repair bonus, go go go...
  6. From high respect level to shit level. "I did not know it was a bug, I just could not stop doing it for some time, look I reported it after I remember my self streaming" "Ah look it is still working after 1 month, let me try more"
  7. It is so stupid, Sweden is the easy nation which has a 50 points crafting port and surrounding resource ports protected by many AI Priveteer Fleets. I think admin should look into it, privateer fleet defence radius and even the capital zone shape should be hand drawn according to placement of ports. Sweden should need a smaller radius of privateer fleets or now it should be called very easy nation. We all know that people switch to Russia and Sweden for easy gaming. People who are looking for challenge can pick nations like Denmark. Those kind of selections are only for real hardcore/veteran players, carebears can keep joining Russia and Sweden. Russia did a very good job securing her crafting ports by expansion and holding together. While sweden is gifted by developers basic implementation of defence fleets without looking at details. Look at that picture, it is roughly like that, insane.
  8. I would say 1 big circle which generates more points, 2 smaller circles which generate less points. This way there should be battle for big circle and 2 other circles are important but just for supporting. Kiting and using LRQs to occupy circles is not what a naval battle should be.
  9. @William Death we both know it is bullshit. Good luck enjoying your counter-strike skills. Rig damage can be simulated. Total sail damage to reduce mass hp. So difficult to demast with 100% sails, easier when sails damaged. Again enjoy killing noobs with sniping masts, good job, good skills, bullshit.
  10. Only possible solution, reduce horizontal accuracy of cannon for single shots, the ranging shot. It is supposed to be for ranging, not for sniping. So horizontal accuracy not that much needed. It is very but very unrealistic, a crew of a ship sniping with single shots, hitting the same section of the same mast, and demasting a mast. This crew sniping gets pounded by enemy broadsides, lots of crew dying and getting wounded, but still concentrates on sniping a mast? On the other hand I am all good with total rig damage, with aimed broadsides which may result in getting demasted eventually. Another factor should be when getting any broadside damage from enemy ship from close range should result in losing horizontal accuracy for a while. @admin is happy with current arcade approach, I think he will not bother.
  11. You already know, it is planing ahead and art of tagging.
  12. LRQ having a long profile should make her less agile. While it is still broken with 0-100km/h in 3 seconds. I think it is a more proper ship now, still op due to it being a 6th rate with 250 base crew and 32 pounders. Can sail near Privateer fleets and keeps farming newbies.
  13. Battles should be always open, late joiners will join far away. @Real Pit Pinsel aren't you the guy, who always sails with 1-2 more trincomalee and endymions, to gank the single players ?
  14. Can be a different part like WOT clan wars?
  15. The whole clan system needs lots of but lots of changes. From tax, to cwh sharing permissions, to different ranks etc. As well as chat interface to map interface. All needs to be handled, as we have enough money maker dlcs now. Time for dev team to take a deep breath and complete missing parts of the game. Sorry to hijack your post.
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