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  1. I do agree with you about false reviews etc. This is the point I am stuck at, "we don't have resources and wont get any until ratings go up" how do you expect the ratings to go up ? I know you hate to hear but clearly ship of the line DLCs will effect overall ratings negatively, just an example. Limiting chat will give you more negative reviews for example. May be I am wrong, we will see. Still this very unique game is one example of a still "huge potential hidden waiting to be unleashed" wish you had kept more programmers on this game instead of developing new games, but that is my wish, your reality, your company, your income, your decision.
  2. These negative people, do they play and review other games which these games have like more than %75 positive reviews ? Or they are not allowed to purchase these games, or banned instantly ? I never liked EVE online but it has %76 positive reviews (18k positive review), game of 2003, where are these negative people ? War Thunder 160k reviews, %80 positive Warframe 360k reviews, %90 positive NBA2k20 %46 and 23k positive reviews, hey the negative people are here !!! I found them. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx You can not blame people for their ideas, being negative, protest, nice, bad, this is the same people voting for Eve Online, NBA2k20 or our beloved Naval Action. So look some other thing to blame... I try to be honest and this makes me one of the negatives in this forum or community. Negative reviews and criticising players are the best assets for a developers, to perfect their product, that is what me thinks. I still love this game though haven't played it for 2 months due to corono and some other excuses (some decisions made in NA which I do not like)
  3. Very interesting let's see where this is gonna go, and the consequences... very interesting...
  4. Ahhh okay, that is the reason. The negativity on steam is much more effected by poor developer decisions, this "chat ban based" negative steam reviews must be minority. Your steam review of NA game is %62 , mixed. Lets assume 1-2 percent is coming from chat bans etc., what will it change? I bet you will have more negative reviews due to limititation of chat. When you implement that I will change my review to negative, due to new DLC ships of the line, never ending beta phase of a released game which results in change of core mechanics over and over, chat limitations etc. Do not take my freedom to curse and bitch on various chat windows, the best part of NA :), let me taste chat ban when I cross the red line.
  5. There still should be, "invite to duel" option in ow. Would make the game 10x better.
  6. Musket fire between ships, we do not need to see anything, a tiny sound, may be little bit of smoke, and reducing numbers of crew on enemy ships, that is what is needed, not more. @admin ?
  7. even in the hollywood movie, the rigging gets damaged first and mast falls later. And in the movie watch how calm the crew aiming, like they are concealed snipers in bush, aiming from 500 meters away, actually there is less than 100 yards between ships, and the other ship is shooting where the snipers are
  8. This is the solution which I also purposed many times, long before. It sounds logical and real. Other or additional solution which I also purposed before is nerfing the only horizontal accuracy of single shots of all guns. As we know single shots are normally for ranging, so somewhat vertical accuracy is good, but horizontal accuracy is not needed that much. So single shot mast sniping will be no more a meta but a luck, just like the old days. When admin stated that crew who could make a mast fall of the enemy ships earns 1 gold dubloon. Imagine in our game all the captains would be broke, cause most crew can do that mast sniping easly. Imagine a warship is next to you, unloading hundreds of cannon balls in to your hull at very close range, many penetrate, splinters, crew gets wounded, blood, body pieces, yet the crew is calmly concentrated for mast sniping, they do not care, oh where is my leg ? let me shoot this mast first !
  9. First of all, all accell. and decel. rates of all ships need a nerf. Look how broken lrq is, worse than snow. Even the biggest ships, and worse with spanish rig refit. So snow needs nerf to turn rate, and some increase to it is BR. Do not cry if you get tagged by snow, and lose your big ship with increased br.
  10. Repair System Overhaul Wrong: Overpowered repair mods with port bonuses, elite upgrades, makes battles uneven and advantage for rich and good players. Lots of kiting in battle instance with rinse and repeat. Ships with good mods are restored fully. Purposal: Limit number of repairs to 3 set in each battle for any hull or rig repair. Limit crew repair to 1 time in battle. Hull repair: Limit total repair to restore maximum %90 of the damage, for each set of repair. You always lose that %10 percent for each set of repair. No ship could be repaired perfectly like a new ship under battle conditions. Those repairs are temporary. Rig repair: After 1st sail repair, you can not recover %2.5 of your starting sail hp. So even if you repair 3 times, after 1st %100, 2nd %97.5, 3rd %95. Sails are easy to repair, but still it should not be a perfect repair. Result: More realistic combat, where players really need to think for best strategy of repair, mistake can be deadly. More fleet tactics, more effort for protection of your damaged teammates. No more heroes sinking 5 ships alone by kiting and repairing.
  11. The way DLC ships are presented; Currently; DLC ships can be redeemed everyday, can be redeemed with season woods, can be from blue to gold with trims. What is wrong, You can redeem very strong ships every day, regardless of their rank. They are always redeemed with season woods, so if you do it everyday, at the end you will have a very good ship with season woods with good port bonus. If you do not like, just break it down for special wood. It is meaningless to craft for example any 3rd rate ship, as there is a very good redeemable, and crafting it with season woods is very difficult, mostly it will be a blue ship, and you can not craft everyday like redeemable. A seasoned bellona is very valuable but meaningless when you can redeem better one, so why would you craft one ? I have golden lrq, hercules, pandora etc. and with good bonus, it happens My purposal, Redeemed ships are always blue with may be trim, with a maximum port bonus of 45 points. Instead of redeeming ship, you can redeem the permit, so you can craft it, if you like to have a better ship, even with your current shipyard bonus ! So this elevates crafting once more. This makes crafted ones on par with other craftable ships, they are not expandable. Also remove normal wood selection when redeeming DLC ship, because no one will select that, and it is a confusion. This will put DLC ship out of P2W status of what some people think. This will balance crafting. This will bring balance to combat.
  12. Make it so, a clan can set 1 fixed timer for all ports, helps a bit ? There comes the alt accounts into use, cancer of this game. Make it so, all the timers are fixed for each port. Like Us coast, us timezone, some other ports for for other time zones, according to active player base geographical positions. So the timer are distributed according to percentage of players in different zones. US / EUROPE / ASIA. The timers can change dynamically according to player base, when a port falls neutral.
  13. I think that kings and queens should get involved in these politics and war aspect of our NA world. They should decide to start war, set alliences, set extra fees for the cowardly running to zerg nations, give benefits and profits to protect the small nations. They should not be very strict on moderating, but they should help to steer things in a more healthy way. @admin we need our kings and queens to pay attention to NA world.
  14. Now this guy with little balls (of course cannon balls) and his little princess pet. He voted for war against sweden, but run away from GB. He got allied with sweden, sweden lost the war. Now guess what they are doing? Joining mother Russia!!! I understand the little ball problem, but where is the honour? You have won against Bastards in that little battle, but you have lost the WAR, you have lost your everthing, including little respect from other players, that also came from your nice little pet, the princess Bastey. Now keep looking at that screenshot, thats all left for you, as you are a confirmed big loser. Enjoy mother Russia, hope big clans won't take you in friends list.
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