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  1. Yes the real trading has to come back. It is the most risky thing to do, yet you earn little thus bad decision to do real trade now. I would like to have the most profitable delivery missions to have some insurance. You pay %25 of cargo price as insurance. So 200k mission needs to have 50k deducted from your account. But 50-75k missions without insurance fee for worse times. This way delivery missions can have some risk/reward.
  2. Omg first time I do agree with @Vernon Merrill Just remove it from the game Nerf all the speed upgrades copper etc., knowledge has already been nerfed. Who wants exreme speed should sacrifice lots! Hard caps can also be reduced. Repair is very broken now, needs reduction in hard caps! Port bonus crew 4 + other repair mods = new ship. Example: I stern raked a very good trinco for a long time, at the point he was about to lose masts and start to sink, he starts hull repair undo whatever damage I did to him. His 1 broadside could finish me, or demast me easily, so it is not worth the extreme sailing and effort with these op repair bonuses.
  3. Omg is this a joke? The most requested feature comes to the WAR Server, thank you @admin. I still hope this to be a joke for War Server.
  4. Is this content for you? , but I know you like to make 14,5 knots and catch the noobs in your fir/fir and elite spanish cristian and wasa This concerns about big ships being speed boats had been adressed many time, yet admin does not care. Wish it was the other way around, so accept it as it is, and adapt.
  5. Elite Spanish and Pirate make them still too fast. Thus you need to guess if they have the elite sails, adjust your point of escape to their slowest angle. I would love to see elite upgrades to be removed from the game.
  6. This is the thing! Invest more and decide on your 55 point port... I would better like to see 45 points to be maximum achievable. 55 gives too many bonus, 45 means deciding and sacrificing some...
  7. AeRoTR

    IQ Test for NA

    I do understand it @Ink at least change the warning messages like "you have stuff and we know you are stupid, go destroy your stuff and try again" "know enter the code" "this is your final warning do you want to close this empty port ?" finaly "are you sure that you are not drunk today?"
  8. AeRoTR

    Can't close outpost

    I do not like this, lot's warnings... Yet you can not close the port. Why the warnings? Change the text please, wrong information. Why do I put the code, to not to close the port? Nonsense, if I get acknowledged by warning, I put the code, I wanna lose my stuff and close the port! This is a "released" game?? Yet look what kind of stuff we are dealing.
  9. I do not see any group missions with gold chests, only silver ones. Ninjaaaa Nerffff is here ! Patch notes anyone ?
  10. I do disagree, there are still lots of bugs, expolits which has not been adressed yet. One basic thing, what about clan message? We used to edit it before, what happened, why is it bugged now? When will it get sorted out ?
  11. How sad to see... I started to agree with what others are saying. They will keep milking us until they shut down the servers, guess what then comes the Naval Action 2 with much improved everthing ready to milk again. There is no way in earth this project can fail, yet they may have found some ways to ensure it.
  12. @admin are you doing something about it, because "it is a game breaker" As for pirates in NA, they are a broken game mechanic disney pirates nation? Limit pirates to sail 4th rate and below, limit their shipyards to craft 5th rate and below... Let none of the new players to start in pirates, let it happen after some rank cost of big dubloons and reals and some belongings and ships. Let pirates be the hardcore and show off place of real pvp kings. Let them prove they are the best with such disadvantages,.
  13. I showed you which battle is epic for me, in return asked you to show me which battle you think to be epic, but you are just troll, trying to fk this thread about great battles. I can see the his battles show me the great battle but you post me this, are you missing some nuts ? I am not gonna respond to you, and request these post to be deleted, please do not keep shitting.
  14. His Wasa sank 1 Wasa + 2 Belle Poule + 2 Trinco + 1 Mercury, it is not some frigate, you may be a bit short sighted, see an eye doctor. Ram is a very good player, can you show me his epic battle ?
  15. @Immersive Ganking wtf it has to the with BASTD, look at the fking battle results ??? Are some kind of troll? People are posting here shitty battle results, this topic is "Great Battle Results", the guy has killed a lot in single battle, looking at the enemies, I would call that battle to be Epic.
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