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  1. Some Russians going low on 1st rate numbers, just a joke . Alt accounts will be happy.
  2. I think they should add China to the game. We have Russians, Prussians why not China?
  3. Kill lgv traders with your snow Do kill missions where there is one npc only and at least 1 rank higher than you. Do the most damage. @admin I find this the most stupid, I do not sink npc but I try to do most damage, waste of time. Why do I need to milk the damage for more xp? NPC is strong now, very hard to fight against 2 npc, or 3 npc with smaller ships, those are useless missions.
  4. No it won't. Veterans should be sailing with gunnery 4 + 1 or 2 penetration mod (french gunners, guacata superior or others), if they want demasting, and they will demast the newbie. I am all okay with broadside demasting but demasting with ranging shots because captain would pay 1 gold guina (nice support for this nonsense). IN THIS GAME THE CAPTAIN WOULD BE BROKE !
  5. Trading permits ? but wait the problem is the alt accounts, and there is no solution to that biggest problem ever. (I still remember that russian guy with army of alts having 800 million reals before the trading patch)
  6. This is really needed @admin give us that crew warning when enemy ship is half way of view range ? at least a warning just before getting tagged, you have to accept sometimes too much afk sailing, so let us watch that netflix a bit more comfortable.
  7. You craft ships until 4/5 or 5/5. As you have alts, strong clan or stronk nation, it easy for you. Now you put 2 best repair upgrades, use remaining 3 for whatever you like, you can still print out a new ship while you can have lots of speed, gunnery or boarding mods!!! Watch some Russian streams, enjoy the repair meta. HARDCAPS needs to go down or stacking needs to have penalties.
  8. It seems like a good addition. (btw this Hulla whatever, can write and speak like an educated man, but do not get fooled ) But as a Brit I see lots of Agressive Privateer Fleets, I can see 4-5 of them at the same time. Isn't it a bit too many ? Also it says trincomalee and fleet has 8 large + 2 medium. I find it a bit awkward. @admin It could say Privateer Fleet / Coastal Guard Fleet as fleet name, may be a special fleet figure, and shows 8 large + 3 medium as usual.
  9. Can you please announce latest hard caps, all of them including the changes. It is really difficult to find anywhere aside from some old outdated posts.
  10. Watch from minute 38, do not forget this ship had fireship mod on hit, and we kept shooting it to make it explode. Music on the stream perfectly fitting the scene "good jjob good jjob boy, dizz iz epic"
  11. You can not judge from that Bobzilla Nuke, cause it was a fireship, could not fight, only fireship, it is a risk I guess normal fireshocks and explosions can be balanced.
  12. Why are the good clans accepting new players? Which good clans are they?
  13. @Raekur what about a nice endymion from that dlc wood? I hope it will battle you first
  14. @admin I want extra ports and buildings and dockspace dlc which costs exactly as game itself, I do not want buy an alt, but I want to enjoy the game like the guys with alts is that possible? As I still want to play the game? Make that free to play NA, with limited docks, ports, limited up to some 5th rate ships. Silver edition which is the current game, golden edition which is same with having one ALT, titanium edition which is golden plus all dlc? Just pump 2000 more free to play players, good for veterans, good for everyone. I wish you could prevent this alt account thing which becomes more needed with your newest inventions and patches. Btw please Hotfix the dlc dropping seasoned woods thing. I would love to pay dubloons for my seasoned wood dlc ship redeeming and 4th rate crafting price dubloons to select 50 point port bonuses on it, instead of random drops. I am still reminding you that we love this game and sometimes you may think it is toxic. You have to except you are making big changes to a released product, we have no clues, we learn it from some other player, cause you post the patch notes very late. Of course, there is a big reaction.
  15. I am having hard time enjoying the game, lots of limitations were already restricting my enjoyment of the game. I need to produce teak, iron etc. and I do not have enough outposts or building slots. I used to have no problem in the past, when I had enough iron I used to shot down my iron farm, close that port so I can use another port for my pvp. Now the building prices are insane, I can not close my buildings and my ports that easy, I am stucked in few areas for pvp, population and some nations are dying. Sometimes I wonder around, and log off. My friends most of them who invest serious time in this game have alt accounts. So they put their production buildings and production ports on alt accounts, store many ships there. I feel like I am playing the basic addition, restricted addition of the game. I owned all dlc except 3 ( profolic, flags, hermione), still I am playing the restricted addition compared to my friends with alts. I do not buy flags cause I am a bit angry while I can buy 10 times more dlc, or many alt accounts. I find alt account to be unfair, stupid, but not buying one may be makes me stupid because I invest so much time in this game. Now there is the new building, new big time labour hour requirements. I will be even more restricted in this game. @admin‌‌‌ should I buy more accounts to enjoy your game? and yes I can buy many so I can have many pvp ports, lots of resource, lots of dock space. So my main account becomes such poweful, isn’t it the definition of PAY2WIN? Tell me I am stupid, I should buy more accounts...tell me to accept it is what it is. I never cheated or exploited in games, may be it is time to make a decision. 1. Suffer 2. Go dark side 3. Just quit help me decide.
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