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  1. AeRoTR

    FPS Limit for Port Interface

    It causes the graphics card to run at full load, causing heat and noise. Which is not so much needed, so some people requesting fps limiter or 2d port ui.
  2. Port UI to have, time of day / weather / wind direction. (1) and (2) are just basic examples. We can check wind / time just looking at the port ui. Good for planning a trip inside port.
  3. I have some suggestions for Fleet and Navy windows. Items with star in the front are the important ones. (1) Player info can be clicked and shows most information about you. Your PVE/PVP kills etc. (2) Fleet ships show 1/3, 2/3, 3/3 on upper corner. * (3) Ship trim, description to be added in the area. ( Brest Refit +%10x -%2y) * (4) Skill book information is added below permanent upgrades. So you can check time to time in OW sailing. * (5) Perk to be clickable and shows your perks. * (6) Currently auctioned ships shows first, makes no sense. Order should be Docked > Auctioned > Not Sold. Docked / Auction / Not sold words can have colour code, brown needs repairs, green good to sail, red auction, etc. (7) A good feature should be sort by Name or Class. Some times on Navy Screen, my double clicks to select a ship does not work properly.
  4. AeRoTR

    Basic cutters in patrol zone

    Basic cutters can not join PVP battle, can not tag players, so what is the problem? You go join a basic cutter vs ai battle and after that whine here ?
  5. I think now, it is time to adjust ai behaviour. Their angle of cannon fire must be adjusted, it is not good that they can fire from stern stern guns to enemies next to him. Their turning is super buffed, it needs to be adjusted. Agamemnon with %65 sails turns on a dime, can out turn my 5th rate ship. Sail damage should have more effect on them, they should be turning not so good. AI sniping super accurate must end. In a battle against AGA in my Frigate, my rudder was red for about 5-6 times. It killed around 100 crew of my ship by single shot sniping, this is very bad. I also feel in epic missions, some 1st rates are super fast, they can be fast but super fast, and turns very good, it looks like a sports car, driving around. Some ai traders do not fire back at you, if you hug them. They should fire some chain on you, they only chain trader ships. Safezones should spawn buffed ai, another Le Required for Le Troll, or at least uwpind ship like buffed prince, and yes they should chain, not unlimited but some. AI must make some mistakes time to time, they look like robots, like terminator T-800, very predictable and very perfect on performance. They are only better if it is a 1 vs 1 fight, they perform bad at group fights.
  6. AeRoTR

    Basic Cutter

    I am a Rear Admiral, why would you restrict me using a basic cutter, what is your position in Admirality ? Get real..., your are free to sink every basic cutter you come across.
  7. Some good pvp guys need to start the final game, few years after release, so newbies will not feel the discrimination. I can not imagine when they will lose 3 masts of their Aga, after a month grind, so unfair. May be there can be, book of veteran sailor, - 3 speed - 5 turnrate +%20 crew needed, book of veteran gunner. So veterans already equiped with these mandatory books. Total fairness and justice. I plan to start 2 weeks after the release...
  8. @Cmdr RideZ you have difficulty understanding what I wanted to tell. May be my fault. Art of Ship handling will not tack your ship for you. These books have no value for players without experience and good knowledge of NA. Just like a 1st rate sailed by a noob is super easy target, instead of being the stongest ship, that ship is worthless.
  9. A player with 300 hours experience, can equip his gunnery book / art of ship handling / book of five rings / and whatever is remaining. As an averge NA captain I am ready to face him in my ship without these mods. I am sure he will think I have some P2W books and items after he loses the battle. These special books are worthless if you do not have lots of hours / experience / knowledge invested in this game. A new player will aquire some of these books when he has many hours which is the time, these books will become useful. These books are not epic rings / necklaces which is giving you epic power or epic mana, so you can one shot enemies. I have seen many players in 1st rate ships, who could not know how to tack ! has no idea about boarding game etc. and art of ship handling won't help them much. Good thing that big ships require lots of dubloons and is very costly now. Best to learn this game in 5th rate or below. Less rage quits for sure , I try to shift my point of view for release of the game, for new players who will start playing the game. We still have to accept this is a beta, but people investing time into this beta (thousands of hours), with frustrations and with lots of joyful hours together, deserves to keep some books and ship knowledge as compensation. The latest patch is very good for the final product, decisions overall seems to fit, (my only negative is RNG pvp rewards, this has to be sorted out), and please @admin try to stay in your calm and forgiving and positive mood as the final product is on horizon.
  10. @admin what are the fixed pvp rewards for sinking a ship? Is the only factor the ship rate, just like before ? Can you give more rewards for sinking top 10 players of pvp leaderboard ?
  11. @admin please give us the option to see the build of npc ship when we capture it. It should be just like capturing a player ship, why is the difference ?
  12. We really need an update after the transition to reals
  13. Now we have to accept we are in a new era. There are problems, but it will be mostly fixed. Our money is denominated by 25, our pvp marks are gone, "1:1" is not a conversion they are gone, aside from that most prices have increased. For example Hull Repairs were sold for 900 old gold by npc, denominate it, it should be 36 reals, I doubt it is 36 reals now. Ship prices has increased by big deal. Navy brig from npc was 49k old gold, it should be 2k reals but it is sold for 7k reals by npc. 13k for shop frigate which makes it 325k old gold. We have to adapt to this new economy and move on. Fixes should be coming, I guess most difficult time for developers is now, to put things together, correctly. I still wait for hotfix which should fix "admirality pvp kill rewards" to be coverted to new system. 13 dubloons for killing a trinco, is like 13 pvp marks, but it is not, it is a transport fee. It should be multipled by fixed amount, plus the rng loot dubloons in cargo which we do not know who is gonna loot. But kills/damage/assists should be rewarded by Admirality. Building an Agamemnon costing around 2500 dubloons plus wood plus labour hours. If I risk my ship for pvp, I expect to get 700-800 dubloons at least, at least ! How I gonna know I can sink 6-7 pvp players without getting sunk? This is huge risk, no rewards system. @admin please check this matter asap.
  14. So the initial example can be shortening names. British Rig Running -> British Rig R. etc. Or can be something like below, a solid name on picture, maybe on a bit washed out picture. Reality is we need to see the names, pictures are nice but names are more important. Like you have 10 books and you have to hover on each to understand which one is the one you need etc. * I also think that there may be some colour coding around boxes, colour on names or numbers. Like for expample; Repairs - Brown Trade Goods - Blue Books - Green , etc.
  15. AeRoTR

    Pvp Rewards

    @Cetric de Cornusiac look admirality should give a fixed amount which is less than what pvp marks used to give, "finding dubloon or loots in enemy hold" is your "unpredictability". Admirality of a nation should cover more than one basic transport fee for sinking an enemy player's ship. That is my point.