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  1. We need a game which rises on shoulders of casual masses whom plays in a comfort zone, but when one leaves the herd and becomes the wolf, he can find enough wolfs and sometimes sheep to eat. You need a living and succesful ECOSYSTEM which has not been yet estabished in this game. The more the sheep, the more wolves rising amongst them. Sheep need a real safe and comfortable areas so they eat, get fat, breed. When they think they can be a wolf, they accept the consquences. What becomes they will gid gud, some will succeed (most will) and some will fail. But nobody will whine, cause choice is made by them. We need safe PVE zones, safe where you get in groups, enjoy killing AI ships ( not the current stupid ones, like mobs/bosses, each can have different strong or weak sides). They need singleplayer instances to learn the game more, unlock and learn your ship, learn boarding, trade etc. 1-2 hours instances which gives satisfaction and feeds the singleplayer minded guys, guiding them to COOP and finaly PVP. We need art style, we have little. Game is already visually stunning to create nice cinematic sequences in battle instance. Like there is the battle timer and you see 2 enemy ships in kill mission, NO NO NO, you have cinematic view, showing your ship sailing, (you can select ammo etc. just like battle timer), and you see enemy ships sailing to you, nice angles from far, close up etc, focus on your ship few seconds before finish of timer and battle starts. So the people they get fascinated, just start of the battle / nice intro music puts them in mood, and they enjoy the battle after the starter. Players can accept lots of the changes, like more expansive ship costs, stupid labour hour requirements etc., but they need to have fun, this is a game, this is not a simulator.
  2. AeRoTR

    FOOD for thought

    What is the cost ? will there be any dlc in future ?
  3. My clan mostly stopped playing, few guys online. I will not quit, but I struggled after last patch. * I bought all dlc except flags, late happenings prevented me buying flags, I am not optimistic about the game. I bought Le Req dlc for just commenting on steam. * DLC ships, in my opinion are pay to win. They broke all balance in shallow waters. Why Le Req has like double the crew, best upwind speed, best broadside weight, smallest sail area ? Which 6th rate is the counter to it ? You can not win against it cause it will run when it may lose ! The boarding mods of 6th rate becomes very much more powerful with 250 or more crew !!! Muskets/Musket numbers and add new musket mods to it... * Devs keep introducing not needed stuff like stupid musket mods, I can not understand ! Mod stacking already bad. Now muskets doing nuke damage, what we needed in boarding mini-game ! Takes too long to hotfix stuff. * Mods are too powerful / Mod stacking is op, favours veterans and kills casuals. I remember casual speed mod Gazelle was nerfed from 2 to 1, while other expensive ones nerfed much less, yet Devs introduce stuff like sextant / naval clock etc., so what happens they are always nerfing newbies and causals ! Like they nerfed normal muskets/shooting, but not so much nerf on the new super OP musket mods which are M16/M4 carbines, why the hell would you do that ! * KPR defence, I loved it, PVP out of port. Great pvp with many better players visiting us alone or with fleets. 1st rate fleet battles, big battles, it used to be great, but no more. DLC ships and latest patch totally killed that. Only requins with musket mods visits KPR waters to farm newbies and still spawning 3 navy brig in reinforcement will not stop a le reqin who is laughing hard. How hard can it be to code, to spawn better upwind reinforcement for upwind ships. * OMG the Patrol Zones, how hard can it be, to adjust the freaking patrol zones !!! Why won't they fix the ROE ? Hundreds of times suggested and asked, Nothing they do nothing about it. Fix the prizes why the same damage in Nassau and Hispaniola gives the same rewards, first one you use 6th rate ships (of course Herc and Le Req !) but the second one you bring big guns, so doing damage is easier. Why not give us the rewards automaticaly before server maintainence time, but I have to claim it ??? Why ? what year are we in 1989 ? * Pvp marks system could change into dubloons but too little dubloons from admirality, I do not like looting dubloons in crowded battles, would prefer more from admirality according to damage sustained. This kind of killed group pvp. * I was slapped in the face to see my pvp marks turning into dubloons which I can earn in one night at patrol zone. I was robbed hard, I could buy all the upgrades in admirality, lots of ships from admirality to a poorness level of only buying 1 suprise from admirality , this is not so good behaviour. * * Game took long time in alpha/beta. So lots of people are playing the game like a finished product. Devs make big changes effecting comfort of many players, what players used to do. For example removing that dumb Combat Mission / Fleet Missions, that was a big great mistake, it really killed the causals, aside from removing enemy ships and fleets from friendly teritories. THAT WAS THE MINDLESS FUN FOR CASUALS. One big mistake too kill casual and pve clans, with a fking easy solution (give us fleet and combat missions again with little rewards, but some xp to grind ship slots. ) We used to have fun with lots of people during that mindless FLEET MISSIONS, teach new guys a few things, lots of talking going on during that stupid missions, Lots of FUN IS LOST. * How do you expect anyone to grind 4th-1st rate slots ? it is like impossible. I can grind it, I can not think grinding the ships if I started the game now, I would not play the game, too boring, too grindy, too much time consuming. * Introduced missions currently are failure, give us Combat Missions and Fleet missions back, until you figure out how to make new mission good. I am not going to Hispaniola to kill 20 first rate AI to earn 1500 dubloons, exposed to all PVP threats in my PVE moded super expansive first rate. * Admin told that building 1st rate with oak costs 60.000 reals, I laughed hard at that, very funny. Why would anyone build an OAK 1ST Rate. This shows he does not know about his game. You will not spend all that resource, LH, dubloons to build a loly OAK 1st rate ! Which the woods bonuses are too high, should be more closer, why would lo/wo ship is %18 more thicker than any ship ? Teak is the ultrasuper space age ship coating... While oak is used only for fishing boats... * What happened to mixed Fleets (3 bellona + 4 frig + 2 privateer), it was much more real than 10x1st rate 10x4th rate stupid fleets, why did they do this ??? * Admin admitted that he does not know about positional join ability of enemy in reinforcement zone (lets say the gankers), that was the whole thing to do for long time? Does not know the game. * Still needs group tab function like other MMO ( I do not care about super hardcores who needs to know everyone in their group) Casuals need this. Not happening by chat window. Create Group > Definition: Nassau Patrol / PVE hunting / PVP hunting / Capitol Defence > Ships: any ship accepted > Chat or TS > Additional information. You can make it private or public. If public nation players can see the group information, group leaders, players inside, aim of group, ships needed, open slots etc. Casuals need SOCIAL game but for short periods, they do not need clan shit, they do not need RVR, they want to sink stupid ai ships etc. Clan/RVR (it is time consuming/difficult etc) is for the guys posting here * Still needs lots of good additions from games like Sid Meir's Pirates, map collecting, PVE fun missions etc. Which may even start an instance, it is totally safe for player to go to enemy capital capture some ships, take map, try to find that epic/gold/silver chest, that leads to other adventures. He may be invisible to enemy players, and enemies will be invisible to him, total safe mission from pvp, he can resume later etc. Or PVE/PVP mission mix, one pve can lead to some adventures, where it comes to similiar level players fighting 1 vs 1 for a chest. This game is like minecraft you can build anything, but not the go kill 2x7th rate for 9 dubloons ! *** GAME STILL HAS THE BEST SHIP COMBAT, game has every chance to become one of the best Age of Sail games in history. Game is very open to new stuff/tools to make it epic. But all the respect struggling with managment of development process, has no structured plan, or it changes too much. * I still believe Developers somehow will manage to make this game great... That is why I will not quit this game. Sorry for the long write but this post seems like a group therapy, so that is what I did.
  4. AeRoTR

    Patch 29. Preliminary information

    Waits for more players, to rage quit the game may be ? Servers may have problems with current peak numbers
  5. AeRoTR

    Patch 29. Preliminary information

    Did they capture it with Le Requin?
  6. AeRoTR

    Patch 29. Preliminary information

    I still keep saying Admirality of my nation should give more dubloons for sinking enemy player ships, to be higher for military ships. So when I reach a friendly port, instead of 40 dubloons battle reward, I should be getting at least 250-300 dubloons from admirality. The loot should stay and can be reduced the amount the admirality gives us, so whoever participates in pvp should get some fair compensation for dedicated time and efforts in the battle, cargo loot is a bonus. @admin please make these changes, it will generate much more pvp. It is currently dead aside from Patrol Zones. Some good working mechanics were broken (admirality to give pvp rewards), it does not seem good looking at the online numbers.
  7. AeRoTR

    Patch 29. Preliminary information

    I purposed same long before, a good idea.
  8. AeRoTR

    ALOHA+BF exploiting game mechanics..

    This is the point and a very good one !
  9. AeRoTR

    ALOHA+BF exploiting game mechanics..

    Interesting, but patrol zone is for fighting and doing damage. When you enter a battle, and not fighting you are filling up needed space. In Nassau I fought against many, while 4 more joined the battle on my side, but as they were friends the did not fight each other. So they blocked my reinforcement chance filling up space in my team. Patrol is a zone where only 1 side survives, other sunken to finish battle. You go to patrol knowing you can lose a ship. So this is at least unethical behaviour. There is no sportsmanship in this. This however if happened in OW battle, I would say nothing, it is normal, but in patrol not the best behaviour. Reverse is a fair guy as I know, on behalf of Banishedz this is a very expected behaviour (but do not worry, I like your posts in forum)
  10. AeRoTR

    Perk Re-Work

    I agree %100 with some perks should not be a perk like "Some of these include; Fleet 1, prepared, Double shot/Charge, etc." I also like to see some skill books save slots, for quick perk set up. Like many hundred other games. Like you can rename them, use quickly on any ship. When for example I select the loadout 1, which I renamed Boarding 1 : AOS / BOFR / Shooting / Marines 15 / Reparing , that loadout automaticaly applies to my ship.
  11. As compared to previous case I got around 5000 dubloons from ai traders. Killed 5-6 ships.
  12. ??? Meaningless as you can buy labour hours. Only hurts casuals again.
  13. Seems like dubloons will not be a problem anymore, case is closed
  14. I attacked some traders yesterday and I have looted around 1200 db. If this is the case, dubloon prices will not be a problem. Before the previous patch, I sank around 20-25 traders including the ones in enemy greenzones, I got may be 500 dubloons total loot, so for me it was not worth it. *** One of the biggest problems in Patrol Zones for me, they are too spread out over the map. So you have to dedicate some outposts around map to effectively participate in patrol zones. Adding another shallow water patrol zone is a very good idea. *** I like Nassau patrol, you can use cheap ships, and repairs spawn at higher rate, so you do not see stupid high repair prices. One concern for me, Shroud cay can spawn more 6th rate ships, people buy and stock 6th rate shop ships to sell during patrol event. So Shroud Cay can spawn up to 5 ships (6th rates) , if the quantity in shop is 0, every 15 minutes. So there will be maximum 2 snow + 2 brig + 1 navybrig every 15 minutes, so nobody can stock them as it would be meaningless, but players buy them to fight in patrol event.
  15. Casuals and 1st rates, I do not think so. If it was built, it is just sitting at the docks. If he is gonna spend 9000 db. the ship won't be a sabicu/sabicu I guess, and put that big guns on. Do not forget the level 3 shipyard. So what is the real cost of a 1st rate? I think 4th-1st doubloon price needs to be halved.