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  1. @Wyy I do agree, so what I say nerf wood difference, nerf port bonuses, nerf super mods (some were partly nerfed before release, some got better like speed mods??) Idea should be mods, bonuses, they should be nice to have, not MUST HAVE. Now 55 point port bonus being OP, and some super mods, they are must have, killing the skill matters, to grind and mods and sometimes zerg matters. This is very important, yet looking for some devs to realize! Where are they, in may be in Pocahantas forums
  2. @Celtiberofrog I think loot is okay except capital zone. Only problem is, ai is too hard for new players. And some nations have tiny capital zone. Anyway here we just talk with each other, just enjoy what we have.
  3. You could do map reset if this game was WOT or WOW, where you do not lose your vechiles and your progression and wealth. But this is NA, you invest in ships, buildings, upgrades and you can lose all. So it will not fit into naval action. I will definitly quit the game forever. I will be happy to get rid of this time sink in my life. Dear @adminI advice you to first sort out the current problems, the problems we want you to fix, do not create new features that are not urgent which may create other big problems. Please sort current problems first, when community is happy, proceed with new wonderful ideas.
  4. No to any more wipes, hell no to xp or craft xp wipe. A total dumb feature, a meaningless, boring, ugly grind. I hated it for the second time, money grind a third time. I feel like, in this forum, we are trying to communicate with aliens by broadcasting tape recordings for 100 bilion times. No alien is responding. NA 2 ???? What can be different in NA 2, apart from being the next cash cow? What is NA missing and why the missing things can not be delivered to NA? I can not find any reasonable answers to these questions. Good luck with your bussiness, may it bring you lots of money and joy...
  5. This is still the best hardcore age of sail game until the next one. I can understand NA is very important for @admin. It is in a good state, but if he listened the right feedbacks, thid would be in fantastic state, easy 2000-3000 online. I feel like the dev team is a bit overwhelmed, and they gave up a bit. There is lots of pvp. They just made most ships capturable, not all of them are shitty. There are some good build and 3/5 blue or 4/5 purple ones. They made casual cargo missions which is very easy money. So most difficult parts are eleminated for having fun, it is easier now. I would love to see some less BR in port battles. I would love to see 55 point ports removed, or huge nerf to port bonus. A 55 points bonus ship is much better than a golden ship with no port bonus. Too much difference which kills the skill based pvp. Now if you lose a 55-45 shipyard, like Pirate nation, it is a bit of game over for nation players. Should not matter that much. It should matter less, it should be "nice to have" not "must have". @adminplease look into this. Cargo missions easy and good for casuals. But real trading is dead now, please revive real trading, more profit but much more risk. Increase good price, buy and sell, increase profit. But as all prices inceased, more risk, as you lose more money. This is high end bussiness, only for real veterans, only with escort etc. This is very important! Also as we requested many times, please increase capital zone size, but tailored according to capitals, you can do it, there are only few. For example Mortimer has big capital zone while KPR is tiny. Let capital zones to be easy areas. Do not forget real endgame NA is near 45 to 55 points ports, most veterans already there, so there is risk there, pvp etc. Let casuals, new players turn into veterans, but needs lots of grass and safe area, to start transforming into Wolf, they need to move to dangerous waters if they want the end game. Give them time and space, this won't hurt, but we all benefit. @admin look I know you do not like me and some others (the haters?) , but do not get confused, we all love the game, we want it to be much better. Game is good, but still lots of potential to be much better, dream to become real. You say top 200 game and seem content, this game can be much higher, and can be an EVE on its own category, or just better. Still we trust in you, and your beautiful game. (Sorry for mistakes, mobile Phone and super idiot auto correct makes it difficult.)
  6. It would be end of pvp server. That is the reason why some guys here are so aggressively negative about it. I think developers do not like the idea because of the same reason. According to me it should be already on pve (peace whatever) server, but it will swap current online numbers, 600 on pve, 300 on pvp 😱
  7. May be there should a another dlc? So you teleport all your belongings, shipyard, forge etc. to your nation of choice. So we can stop the drama? or another dlc, makes all nations for example Russian, you can keep your shipyard!
  8. Was it that easy to change identity, with all your belongings in that era? It is too easy in this game, no consequence! You at least should pay, some millions of reals, dubloons etc. for flawless nation transition, new identity etc. So people should think twice, @admin
  9. Who would not agree on 1/1/1 in each battle instance ? Let the skill shine, not the repair meta, not laser printing new ships out of about to sunk ones
  10. I have 3200, so 24 hours a day means, I have spent 133 days non-stop for this game, 133 day of a life. @rediii You have spent 4062, 170 day of your life, half a year. I think it is a bit unemployment thing.
  11. @rediii just wondering how many hours did you sink into NA?
  12. Let them use poods in Black Sea, not in the waters where they do not belong. Another op thing aside from other op things, killing the skill matters into my port bonus and op upgrades matters.
  13. Clan owns the port that's it, capture your own port and defend. On the other hand, how much resource/dubloons/reals/cm did you donate ? Do you know how much does it cost ?
  14. "Trade winds" are coming ! It will give faster travel speed on some routes
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