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  1. I disagree 100%. Has nothing to do with tactics or damage or accuracy. Just makes the game arcadish and battle of repair mods. I do not see any tactic in kiting, repairing, fighting and repeating. Limited repairs is the way 2 or 3 sets maximum. Play smart.
  2. They should be always purple or gold, hey it is a PAID ship, I mean real silver not pixels. I share your vision!
  3. I wish it automaticaly popped up whenever there is new change, when once read, it will not pop but stays in important announcements tab. @admin I think it needs to be like above.
  4. @z4ys I mean there was a pause at development. I mean they were may be developing many things but we players did not feel the change aside from balancing and tweaking mechanics. So it felt like a finished game with some shortcommings. So people were playing not testing. I love the game like all who spend time here on forums. But I am not blaming negative reviews. Hope the reviews to be wiped after release, expecting NA to be over %70 rating if some easy but important things get tweaked.
  5. Spot on! This point of view is exactly same with mine. Make it an EA out of steam and do not worry about reviews. But you are in steam, selling the game for a good price, plus lot's of dlc, plus alt. selling approved. So people aside from sinking hundred or thousand hours into the game, they have paid some good money with dlc and alts, when things do not go well for them, they react big. This is very normal. People are reviewing the development process which they are paying for. Imo every alt. who can play the game and we even see some hundred hours on alts, have every right to leave a review on steam, bad or good. Main problem with NA steam reviews, game took too long to finish, still. Many big changes happened back and forth. So players started to play this game like a finished product and got upset with big changes and during long development. My honest feeling, game did not improve for a long time, I do not know the reason! Suddenly improvements started to come ui/missions etc. but also big chances to what players did not think to be broken. So overall this is the summary of steam reviews. The reviews is not about the game, it is about development process and decisions during development.
  6. That is why it needs moderation. Any port needs to spawn, at certain intervals, repairs and rum for 2.5xcrafting price. So you have to sell at reasonable yet profitable price. What is funny for me, a ship crew has carpenter right? So he only needs some wood to repair. Wood comes from tree, so ridicilous prices for repairs is unrealistic.
  7. You are correct. Long range gunnery is not possible in this game, one side needs to get close, or other runs away. Repairs should be limited, able to repair up to 7 times in battle instance, is stupid. After 2-3 repairs back to where battle started. Start over, repeat till battle ends, this is what happens in big ships.
  8. I would prefer battles always open, provided late joiners join far due to how much time passed outside battle Up to 2 minutes normal joining spot, starting from 2 minutes, you can join but with passing time you will be further away from where battle started. Fastest ship 15 kt per hour, so 15 min. later, it is around 4 nautical miles which is 7 kilometers So 15 min later a ship can join 7 kilometers away from where battle started. Numbers can be tweaked, and there can be a maximum fixed distance after 20 min. for joining battle. My other idea was, in OW, as time passes circles start to move away from swords.
  9. Hmm, as you are showing off... Meaningless to discuss anything with you, you are a waste of time. I do not give a shit how good pvp you are, trying to make ROE better for all. With this mindset you keep playing with same 50 pvp guys, but you will not have mercuries, pandoras and snows to sink. May be you fight against drone and moscal, and put screenshot of how you do not mind few br more, sinking their 2 first rates in your fat L'Ocean. Keep going like this...
  10. And why is there a 20 min. timer? It becomes trap for single guy. @--Privateer-- I give example of how I was against 2 first rate, one joining like 17 minutes, and battle closed 2-3 minutes later. So you must be mostly on stronger side, to trap an enemy and you enjoy it. Another issue when random people join your side, they increase BR points and they exit the battle, but their BR stays on battle. This is how in my Bellona ended up against 2 Bellona+1 trinco +1 pandora, what about this?
  11. Okay I do understand. I have a L'Ocean, I get tagged by Bellona. 900 BR vs 490 BR, enemy side is open? Another Hercules join enemy. 900 vs 590 enemy side open Pandora joins enemy 900 vs 690 enemy side open 17 min. from battle starts, Enemy is missing 210 BR, their side is open, my side is closed. 900 vs 210 is %23 difference. Now it is 18 min. from battle starts, enemy 1st rate joined. Battle will be closed in 2 min. Correct me if I am wrong? How do you like this ROE, do I have any chance to call a friend after 20 min.? Even if I had a chance to call, I will already sank and he will be ganked next. This is a good coordination of how to gank with new ROE, a sure win for gankers. @admin is there anything wrong with my fictional scenario? Real experience I chased Moscal's 1st rate, he tagged a 4th rate. I joined, the 4th rate started to run, moscal tried stern camp my Ocean, did not work, he went for 4th rate, I chased for long time, 4th rate trying to escape. When 4th rate exits, I thought nice 1 vs 1 duel for us. I noticed drone with another 1st he joined few minutes ago, and battle was closed due to 20 min. I did not like it.
  12. I hate 20 min. timer. Also aside from Pvp, Pve being subject to 20 min. is such a bad move. This 20 min. only favours coordinated groups. They will tag you with small ships, later join with force to destroy you. You can not underestimate a Hercules or Pandora, when you are fighting a strong and big enemy, those little ships with 32 carros will stern camp you to death. Battle has to close for ATTACKER only defender should get reinforcement if has lower BR, but who gives a shit? I prefer 3 min. timer all day all night compared to what we have. Line of sight plus 2 min should be the way to go. So sad that such important part of the game has been a big problem for such a long time, and has not been even close to acceptable solution.
  13. You really give us big pain :), and then some painkillers. 1st rates are used in PB, but please no rng permits for them. Make them even more costly but please no rng. 6th and 5th rates make them easy craft, we wanna craft them, pvp and sink them. Please reduce difference between woods, give oak some love or make sabicu/cag/mah common woods again.
  14. But they should be crippled, now they are not.
  15. What I understand SOL require more hp buff or it is like pre-damage patch except carronades are more powerful. May be buff 24 pounder cannons and bigger cannons. Do not buff carronades.
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