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  1. @admin that is why tutorial and exams should be seperated. Please remove exams from tutorial, and put them under another navy exams/trials etc. section. I advice you to give few rewards for completing normal tutorial, navy brig etc. and few repairs. Make rewards visible before taking tutorial and exams, my best regards, I know you are around
  2. What is he gonna do, if he has more outpost, use train? I think will bring more sailing. It is your free will, you can only have a few outposts, and sail all around, I do not care, but people have lives to live.
  3. Suggested lots of lots of times , the idea is very very logical, but not gonna happen. He wants you to buy alts... only logical reason I can see.
  4. Just teach me how to make one million reales in an hour, I promise I give you half. I find the building prices to be silly and unbalanced. Non port bonus shipyards should cost much lower. We want new guys to start crafting small ships, buildings should be more accessible. I agree that rare wood farms and port bonus shipyards to cost much more. I do not like simple farms / mines etc. costing high. I do not like the fact that there is no real trade is left, but all generic or cargo missions.
  5. @Capsize More sorry if I sounded offensive. I do not know any MMO where a new guy gets jumped from 30 seconds out of his starter town and lose everything. I only know naval action which had a population of 300-500 online, being mostly veterans before release. I do not wanna see this again which means servers will be shut down. One guy says above, he brought 5 friends to the game, 3 -4 left the game quickly due to being farmed, 1 continues to play on PVE. Should we need to discuss more? I do not know your XP in this game, I have every potential to farm your capital all day alone or with my friends, yet I am talking about this problem still, only reason is I love this game, to make it clear.
  6. What you say is irrelevant ! In world of tanks you do not lose your tank, which you worked hard or crafted, you do not lose your coated optics or other upgrades. So do not compare apples to oranges.
  7. Just put both exams out of tutorial, problem is solved 👻 Tutorial tab and additional Navy Exams tab.
  8. @admin‌‌‌ very sad to see you silent about the subject, hope you have great success with Pocahantas game. Please do something, we want a game with healthy population. As port bonuses and rare wood farming, the real pvp will be outside capitals. Capitals are only for new players now, please increase area of capital zone. Let more new players enjoy and stay in the game. Up to 50 hous is important, as they will tend to stay when they start to understand real NA. Otherwise excessive hunting will make them flee.
  9. Will be a big mistake as both cards have similiar performance, at least 1070 or Vega 56 seems worthy upgrade over rx 580. I have i5 4690k, Rx 580 which is undervolted and underclocked (1300 mhz instead of 1366 with 1.000 volt instead of 1.150 giving me 90 fps in mediorce crowded battles, which I even limit framerate to 60. I did a port battle with same settings frame limiter off, 30 ships in battle at bluefields, I got minimum 72 fps and maximum 90 fps, which I think is very good. My gpu with undervolting consumes around 88 watts instead of 130 watts, runs 10 degrees cooler with little fan noise, my settings 1080p with most settings very high in Naval Action. I find rx 580 and freesync to be very good team
  10. This is the obvious and easy solution, as Capital Waters do not give port bonus, do not give place to farm rare woods. They just need to enlarge capital zone to may be total of 3 cities, capital and each city on boundary, let newbies farm 5th and 6th rates there, as they will drop only shit loot and give very little experience when players have bigger ships with latest changes to xp earning. If it is gonna stay same, I do agree easy nations should be called the Hardcore Nations !
  11. Are you joking us or are you serious? Is there any hint in game giving info about capital zone to new players? For example KPR has a little capital zone, did you know? It is always a circle, in KPR half of the circle is covered by land and islands. If Carlisle was capital, zone should be bigger than 3 times in area ! Are you farming at KPR ?, you are a happy farmer aren’t you Mostly veterans post in forum, so please do not say like “there ARE capital zones” which is not funny but sounds really silly to say, like we have no idea.
  12. Solution was easy but developers did not want to work on it. Their precious pvp players were unhappy as there was less prey with falling player numbers. So they could not resist the wolves and opened the farm doors for them. Rzone being useless is just a lame excuse. Now they will make the new players run away from the game, developers does not have the vision to understand the consequences. One final measure can be extending capital zone, but not a generic circle but a custom designed area due to coast shape, giving enough play ground for new players. Safezone of KPR is much smaller due to position of land and islands compared to for example La Habana, which is at flat coast, giving more area to newbies for hunting 6th rate and time to time 5th rate ai. So it is not being polite to players. I did half of my pvp, defending KPR noobs when nobody cared for them. It is difficult to defend new guys as they will do weird things and this job is a no reward job, time consuming. Even 90% of pvp guys being good to newbies, 10% can do excessive farming. Licinio Chiavari and his friends were farming hundreds at KPR with le cancer. So same is being done just look at combat news. It is developers job to sort this out, which they did not, they do not. One thing they miss out, after port bonus and rare wood farms pvp was everywhere, so our great streamers do not need to farm capitals! @admin Make capital zones bigger for new players or we are back to 500 players in a short time.
  13. So is it our job to keep new guys happy? King of something and many others are laughing at your gentle thoughts while preparing noob raping Hercs and LRQs for capital noob farming. I do respect you gentleman and commanders, but it is the duty of developers to keep newbies safe and happy.
  14. lol, why would they? Capital zone at least should have been doubled, but who gives a duck?
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