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  1. Instead of merging PVE with PVP server, I would recommend more variety of missions and added quests / coop / story for pve server or as purposed many hundred times, low sec/high sec zones just like EVE and merging servers, which is unlikely.
  2. You do not want additional clan warehouse, but many other want or need it. So you do not build, do not sacrifice any slot or whatever. That is your decision. But how do you decide this to be a developer's waste of time? We do not decide on developers man hour etc. This is a beta, we want better features for this great game, developers call it is to implement or not. Thx for the feedback.
  3. Which is very normal, as it feels like a very natural feature. Hope @admin looks into it. Some single player minded captains, will not like the idea, like it is extra dockspace for clan players. That is why I purposed donating dockspace from player to the clan. So nobody is favoured, but realistic approach clans crafting SOLs should have dockspace as they are rich and strong. Aside from donating dockspace, it can also require reals and dubloons for building clan docks.
  4. I do not understand, it is mainly for crafting ships, where is the nation in the idea? It is crafting ships and giving them to members, made easier.
  5. @RKY definitly more pvp, more group play.
  6. Some of the problems can be solved by adding fame system into the game, a loyality system.
  7. This idea have been purposed many times but it is a logical, solid idea which in my opinion should be in the game already. In any port where clan has a warehouse (see additional warehouse for clans post), there should be dockspaces for the clan. I do not need to tell what are the benefits of this feature, it is obvious, a great quality of life feature and realistic approach. A clan/tribe/guild in this game, is a rich estabishment, holding ports around the map, crafting SOLs, capturing towns. So why a clan does not have a DOCKSPACE for crafted ships ? Works just like the warehouse of the clan, officers can take ships and give to others, or anybody can put a ship in. How does it work ? At the certain port, any clan member donates some of his dock spaces to the clan dock, and a clan dock is formed. It can be 2 slots for 1 clan dock slots or different, I do not care. Clan can have dockspaces where clan has clan warehouses. What happens, a clan will have 5-7 dock space at warehouse, speeding up ship crafting and distribution. I do not see any negative sides but only benefits. Please share your ideas...
  8. Hey guys, We are playing this game to enjoy, have fun, but sometimes this game tortures us I do not like it, most normal people will not like it. So we have a clan, we have our mainbase at a capitol. But we also have ports around the map. We have lots of resources around our ports. So I have a shipyard at x port, but I am missing lignum which I do know my clan mate has lots, but he is offline. I am stuck until he logs on. I have built my ship, but I need iron for cannons, my other clanmate has iron, but he is different time zone, hard to catch, I have to find him. I have some goods to be transported to main base, but I do not have time today, oh my friend will be on a trade run, I have to wait him, oh he is online but in battle, I have TO WAIT him, so we can trade the goods ! the solution to this problems and many more of them are additional clan warehouses so; "I DO PURPOSE ADDITIONAL CLAN WAREHOUSES" We are a clan/tribe/guild, we are not some random guys, we are working together, we are a trading company etc. We all have outposts around the map, some are common with our clanmates. We need trading goods to be transported, ships being built, cannons forged, we need resources. We have all of them but, not accesible to all. So how to do additional clan warehouse ? As we clanmates who has outpost on the same dock, which is a small settlement at the time, we all have warehouses. So anyone having an outpost donates warehouse slot from his own warehouse. At the end the donated warehouse slots works as additional warehouse for the clan. So the officers can and players can put stuff into warehouse and take stuff from warehouse. * Easy to organise crafting and trading, easy for logistics. Less time is lost, more time is left for fun. My clanmate can have his ship immediately, an officer can find required staff immediately. * What can be the downside ??? I can not find any, but huge benefits, great quality of life feature and it is realistic and historical. * Another feature will be the clan dockspaces which works like this warehouse, will be purposed in a different post. These are very small details but very big effects on quality of life, enjoying the NAVAL ACTION more ... Please criticise. Note: this was probably purposed before but it should be in the game as release is coming...
  9. Yes it should be like that. An instance at PVE/PVP server, away from hunters. New starters on same instance, can not attack player ship. Finaly transfer to pvp server.
  10. I seriously think it will be great to have a starter nation with a story mode, which may be in the PVE server or PVE only instance. Starter nation can also be any non-hardcore nation like Spanish / British etc. in a PVE only environment. Story mode will transition into PVP server / instance when the time comes. Heavy use of battle instance graphics as intros into game, into battles etc. Nice additions of cartoonish story modes, selections into game. Creating a structured introduction to make the experience more immersive. * Starter nation is also a tutorial, which has a nice small story. In this story there are quests to teach various aspects of the game. * Players come from Europe to this new land, they already have some experience in sailing. * A nice cinematic intro, where the adventure starts, arrival to new lands. Shot with beautiful battle instance graphics, a merchant ship arriving the port, sunset, nice sea, nice ship visuals, some nice text on screen. * Some basic background, some story and starting the job as basic cutter captain. * Few easy delivery missions, trade missions, few easy combat trials. Just to get familiar with UI, map etc. Current in game tutorials to be placed inside the initial story mode. * Promotion to 6th rates and a bit more challenging missions. Escorting merchant ships, getting attacked by pirates . During this missions there is no battle timer ticking, and ships waiting. Instead there are always cinematics first and battle starts afterwards. This game just has the beauty so cinematic part is just ui turned off (ctrl+h) and free roaming camera. But will be very immersive for new players. After some 6th rate action, transfer to a new base and PVP instance/server. * There may be simulated RVR mission, just to introduce RVR to the new players. Just npc fighting scripted, but commands coming from the admiral to the player, go capture C circle, sink the mortar brig etc. * Simulated ganking, just to show how to call ai Reinforcements, use chat windows and call help from nation. This is really important * Story advances and all the tutorial missions are blended into story mode. Story finishes with 6th rates, captain stays with current initial nation/faction. * As the player is already playing on PVP server, after final exam successful, Captain has a final option to choose to serve another nation or stay with the current one. This can be postponed for some small time, but decision has to be made. * The whole story mode can be skipable but strongly not advised for new players. ---------------------------------------------------------- This is one of the missing parts of the NA. I hope they implement something like this. The ideas are just sketches of how it can be, to be further developed. After this kind of story mode, many new players get much more immersed into the game. The OW part of the game will be more desired after finishing the story mode. Note: This is not entirely my idea. There have been many similiar ideas on the forum. The fact is, this is not an idea this is a reality of gaming. In many games this has been done for many years. I am just reminding "a missing core component" of a good game. In a technical game, in a difficult game to learn game (this is not a FPS that you can start playing instantly), this kind of introduction/story mode is surely needed.
  11. The game at least needs a "STARTER NATION", easy nation. After M&C rank, to decide on which nation they wanna play. New guys starting on hardcore nations can be pushed away from the game. So hardcore nations only after M&C rank, or even rear admiral as being rearadmiral is in fact nothing.
  12. A sinking enemy ship, ai crew should only try survival, not trying to load iron balls into cannons, what about it boards you with %100 prep. when sinking
  13. 1. Establish outpost at La Tortue. 2. Start battling, do not expect fair fights. 3. Enjoy pvp. ---------- You do not wanna fight against wolves, only looking for sheep? Travel around Mortimer, La Navasse etc. Light version of La Tortue is Shroud Cay. Good luck.
  14. I am still suprised admin does not talk about cannon accuracy ...
  15. I understand the purpose of the post. To keep wind it may be considered not to depower, but sometimes it is required to faster tack into wind, not everyone sails trincomale , so depowering is a valid way to turn faster for bigger ships.
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