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  1. Its quite easy: You stay in this game longer if you have a group/clan/community to play with. The best thing to expand on therefore would be clan features, like functionality and clans having more impact on the game. You already announced placable structures and ressource hubs for clans, so i think thats a good way
  2. The problem of mast mods lies in the masts, not the mods. Discuss.
  3. I am very surprised by this announcement and think it sounds amazing. A few thougts: - consider a strong buff (especially range) to fortifications, currently ports with more defenses are easier to take because of points - maybe fully stacked ports need several attacks (aka preparation raids?) to weaken/destroy defenses - could we have a 2nd look at the once proposed land lord mechanic the (vocal) community shat on (which actually would fit into a clan based system very well)
  4. Von diesen Inter... Intre... jedenfalls diesen Gralen hab ich bestimmt schon 5 für wohltätige Zwecke gespendet. Braucht echt kein Mensch!
  5. Wieviel bekomme ich für nen Wechsel? Hab schon ein Angebot 100k Dublonen für 2 Monate.
  6. Can you elaborate on this? I never really figured out how demasting through raking is calculated, even in the current model. While its obviously easier, what really happens ingame (mathematically) when a ships internal structure gets low?
  7. I think such reward should only be available after playing a certain time like 4070 hours. Eyy thats exactly my playtime, gimme free stuff pls
  8. Can someone explain what happened? I dont speak carebear...
  9. WHAT?!?! I will destroy your nation.
  10. Bumse is just farming likes. Its a prank!
  11. Reverse Crying? Isnt that called laughing?
  12. I like it. It doesnt discourage solo players if you can only join the weaker side. If you as a lone wolf are struggling against 1 heavier ship or 2 lighter ships youre just bad. I summon @jodgi, who will squeak like a girl when reading this proposal.
  13. I like the general approach of more structural damage by raking. B U T keep in mind a drastic change like this can only work if all parameters are reviewed before this goes live. Mast damage, chain damage, penetration mechanics, damage falloff etc etc are all connected. Im not even sure if i want ships to sink only through raking. Id be fine for now if we just raised the maximum structure damage to a point where it severely cripples a ship. E.g. 20% minimum structure through raking means -50% speed and also lowers side and mast thickness. Cannon loss is fine but imo repairing cannons is too easy as it happens automatically together with hull repair.
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