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  1. Da ich in der HRE zeitweilig recht aktiv war, kann ich diese wunderbare Community jedem weiterempfehlen! Eine gemütliche Runde von Veteranen, die jedem Neuling gerne mit Rat und Tat zur Seite stehen. Weiterhin viel Spaß bei Schweden!
  2. Youre gonna hate me for this: BALANCE MASTS Because... ...especially on small ships, high carronade caliber makes mast sniping op as hell. 32pd carros do 108 dmg per shot, Surprise bottom mast HP is 421, Hercules 456, Pandora 410, Niagara 510. Just 4-5 hits needed. ...with the nerf in many upgrades it became nearly impossible to gain enough mast thickness to protect your mast, while mast HP upgrades do so little they often dont even matter at all for the number of shots needed We see that the actual problem is not the mast HP though (9pd cannons only do 65 dmg per shot which would be fine) but the high carronade dmg in this class and its ability to pen everything at up to 250m. Possible solutions: a) Playability > history. Reduce all shallow water ships to 24pd carros (88 dmg, changes to 5-6 shots needed for bottom section). Right now everyone uses carros anyways because theyre so much better than cannons (come on, 9pders? pls...). Maybe we can mix it up more a bit. b) Increase carronade penetration falloff by about 30%, making it easier to fight carronades at medium ranges. This might also affect higher rates though and needs to be tweaked carefully. c) Increase mast HP by 30% so you need more shots or increase mast thickness to make carros not pen until closer than 120-150m. This will make cannons even more underpowered for demasting, but thats not really a difference to how it is now. It would also increase survivability of light 5ths/6ths to heavy 5ths/4ths which i think is something theyre lacking for a while now. I prefer a) because theres no danger of affecting other ship classes, but i think c) is also viable.
  3. Good luck for the release devs! Cant wait for NA2 development to start.
  4. Typical KoC move, hijacking a recruitment thread with screenshots of the last century, then proceeding to rant about "EU superiority complex" 😛 Nice b8 m8 8/8.
  5. I dont really understand why we go for capitals first and then the small ports. It just feels wrong. Why dont we go for the small ports first and to attack a capital you have to own at least 50% of the small ports in that region? The current system has nothing to do with frontlines, everyone just tries to grab as many capitals as possible. I dont think all of this works without someone putting some thougts into the map and drawing some connections for hostility missions. E.g. the 3 closest capitals to Santo Domingo are Cap Francais, Port au Prince and Puerto Plata; but geography wise Ponce, Les Cayes and Puerto Plata would make WAY more sense. Im also not sure if hostility orders from Free Towns actually do more harm than good. It exposes a lot of capitals and works against the frontline design.
  6. Hi, i dont play much recently and noticed yesterday my Northwind paint vanished (it was installed on an Endy). Hopefully you can restore it for me too @Ink
  7. That sounds great so far. I dont understand this at all tho... If we can only get missions from these specific ports and only for the 2 nearest ports, how do you get missions for county capitals? Do you get missions for the 2 nearest county capitals? Dont you get missions for all ports within a region from its county capital and not only for the closest 2 because then we could always only capture 2 ports within a region? I think you need to rephrase 😛 Will we be able to place forts where we want in the future? Or are they in fixed spots? On a sidenote, could we rethink hostility missions after this patch has settled? I hate them and my needs should be most important.
  8. I didnt know chats are saved in steam folders, where did you find them? Will have to check that out...
  9. I am very surprised by this announcement and think it sounds amazing. A few thougts: - consider a strong buff (especially range) to fortifications, currently ports with more defenses are easier to take because of points - maybe fully stacked ports need several attacks (aka preparation raids?) to weaken/destroy defenses - could we have a 2nd look at the once proposed land lord mechanic the (vocal) community shat on (which actually would fit into a clan based system very well)
  10. Von diesen Inter... Intre... jedenfalls diesen Gralen hab ich bestimmt schon 5 für wohltätige Zwecke gespendet. Braucht echt kein Mensch!
  11. Wieviel bekomme ich für nen Wechsel? Hab schon ein Angebot 100k Dublonen für 2 Monate.
  12. Can you elaborate on this? I never really figured out how demasting through raking is calculated, even in the current model. While its obviously easier, what really happens ingame (mathematically) when a ships internal structure gets low?
  13. I think such reward should only be available after playing a certain time like 4070 hours. Eyy thats exactly my playtime, gimme free stuff pls
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