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  1. Why create such a PvE barrier into a mechanic that is directed at the "easy accessible small group pvp" crowd? We already have a barrier for the "impactful map warfare pvp" group called hostility missions and i hate it...
  2. Sure, time to lock even more of the core feature of this game (= battles) behind ecogrind, non-responsive open world HUB sailing, and moving around icons in port windows. I thougt this game wasnt clicker heroes...?
  3. Good point, deletion should be blocked in ports with PB set and contested ports.
  4. Could you add an option to delete port structures (preferably available to Creator and Diplomat)? Someone build a Tower defense even though we wanted to save the point for a shipbuilding bonus 😕
  5. Typical KoC move, hijacking a recruitment thread with screenshots of the last century, then proceeding to rant about "EU superiority complex" 😛 Nice b8 m8 8/8.
  6. I like that you can hire other nations for Hostility with this, fits a sandbox game perfectly. Adding foreign nations clans to friendslist when?
  7. I dont really understand why we go for capitals first and then the small ports. It just feels wrong. Why dont we go for the small ports first and to attack a capital you have to own at least 50% of the small ports in that region? The current system has nothing to do with frontlines, everyone just tries to grab as many capitals as possible. I dont think all of this works without someone putting some thougts into the map and drawing some connections for hostility missions. E.g. the 3 closest capitals to Santo Domingo are Cap Francais, Port au Prince and Puerto Plata; but geography wise Ponce, Les Cayes and Puerto Plata would make WAY more sense. Im also not sure if hostility orders from Free Towns actually do more harm than good. It exposes a lot of capitals and works against the frontline design.
  8. Hi, i dont play much recently and noticed yesterday my Northwind paint vanished (it was installed on an Endy). Hopefully you can restore it for me too @Ink
  9. That sounds great so far. I dont understand this at all tho... If we can only get missions from these specific ports and only for the 2 nearest ports, how do you get missions for county capitals? Do you get missions for the 2 nearest county capitals? Dont you get missions for all ports within a region from its county capital and not only for the closest 2 because then we could always only capture 2 ports within a region? I think you need to rephrase 😛 Will we be able to place forts where we want in the future? Or are they in fixed spots? On a sidenote, could we rethink hostility missions after this patch has settled? I hate them and my needs should be most important.
  10. I didnt know chats are saved in steam folders, where did you find them? Will have to check that out...
  11. If there are only 2 players online the game wouldnt be sustainable anyways. Also, they would probably chose PvE server if they dont find an enemy on PvP, right?
  12. I wonder... if a PvE server without PvP creates so many happy faces, what would a PvP server without PvE look like 🤔
  13. Its quite easy: You stay in this game longer if you have a group/clan/community to play with. The best thing to expand on therefore would be clan features, like functionality and clans having more impact on the game. You already announced placable structures and ressource hubs for clans, so i think thats a good way
  14. The problem of mast mods lies in the masts, not the mods. Discuss.
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