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  1. Havelock

    Reverse Crying in the Stream

    Reverse Crying? Isnt that called laughing?
  2. I like it. It doesnt discourage solo players if you can only join the weaker side. If you as a lone wolf are struggling against 1 heavier ship or 2 lighter ships youre just bad. I summon @jodgi, who will squeak like a girl when reading this proposal.
  3. Havelock

    An Experience with the Patrol Zone

    I like the general approach of more structural damage by raking. B U T keep in mind a drastic change like this can only work if all parameters are reviewed before this goes live. Mast damage, chain damage, penetration mechanics, damage falloff etc etc are all connected. Im not even sure if i want ships to sink only through raking. Id be fine for now if we just raised the maximum structure damage to a point where it severely cripples a ship. E.g. 20% minimum structure through raking means -50% speed and also lowers side and mast thickness. Cannon loss is fine but imo repairing cannons is too easy as it happens automatically together with hull repair.
  4. Havelock

    Bot fighting safety guide

    Have my babies!
  5. Havelock

    Bot fighting safety guide

    Probably the best guide ever made. I thougt jodgis fishing guide was the ultimate tutorial, but jodgis safety guide arises as a new standard of guide quality. Unique features: posted in the right subforum has tags written by jodgi, best author ever dank ASCII meme obligatory GIF meme great formatting very helpful visualization from the maker of "jodgis fishing guide" uncovers superior tactics used only by the best players such as "use wind", "use eyes" or "use memes" it just works Cant wait for jodgis next masterpiece.
  6. Havelock

    Suspect alt/friend farming

    If that hasnt changed, boarding a ship and sinking it will always give the kill to the max damage dealer. Your friends on SOLs board AI and you go around shooting every ship once before boarding is won.
  7. typical scrub, always choosing the ez mode
  8. Havelock

    ALOHA+BF exploiting game mechanics..

    We do ♥ Battling your friends is the best. You guys never played mario kart on a couch? On the subject: Even though not shooting is not against the rules, its definetely not honourable to leave your teammates to die. You guys are in patrol ships, why dont you fight each other? ALOHA und BF have a reputation of "pvp clans" but are scared (and this is what it comes down to) to battle it out? One rule of this game is red = dead. If others are relying on you in a battle, dont leave em hanging.
  9. Havelock

    Better Ships for All!

    Can you name a 40 gun ship fulfilling these requirements that can sail the shallows? Can you name a 6th rate outclassing the Requin in the same way? (HP, mast HP, crew, thickness, mast thickness, sails, broadside weight)
  10. Havelock

    Patrol ROE

    Current problems i see with patrols: BR limit is meant to even out battles, yet is never met under current player numbers. If you really want to advertise even battles, the old "you can only join with x1.5BR" rule would work fine (especially since its not based on fixed BR numbers and therefore play activity) 1st rate patrols are kinda pointless because nobody risks lineships there atm. However it can lead to situations where large groups of lineships block the whole zone It offers easy loot stealing Damage values for different rates are not adjusted to rates. In shallows, when i need 1-2 battles for 20k damage, i usually quit after that because i wont reach 70k anyways. Pretty much the same goes for 70k in 4th rate patrols. For example, in shallows, you could add stages 10k - 1000 dubs and 50k - 3000 dubs and delete 200k and 500k stages.
  11. Havelock

    zwei neue preußische Flaggen...

    Well, i guess ill keep using my own modded clanflag then 😢
  12. Not quite related to in-game issues, but... It would be very helpful if the store page told me which flags are available for which nations. I dont see me (or anyone) investing money if he doesnt really know what he gets.
  13. Havelock

    Emergency Repairs, Fires, and demasting!

    (sry @rediii) Are we playing the same game??? 13 mast hits, all 3 masts gone. Took out 2 masts while passing his stern, about 10 shots needed (medium 24pders with double shot), then finished the front mast with 32pd carros on the weather deck. Absolutely no skill involved, just pointing my guns at an almost not moving target. No brilliant maneuvre required, masts are vulnerable from every angle. Going for masts doesnt seem to be very fashionable these times, but its OP as hell.
  14. Its quite easy, you just sail fir/fir Rattlesnake with elite spanish rig and escape all that nasty AI. Then you go to shallows and hunt player trader brigs (prefered low ranks). True story! Regarding mast balance, theres one simple rule for duels: Use elite french rig or get rekt. Dont have it? Either you get demasted right away or you get demasted after your enemy sprayed 4 random broadsides into your rig after losing in hull damage. Musket upgrades added a new rule: Dont board if you dont have them. I dont think you can disengage in time even if you board someone at 100vs25 prep and he has the upgrade. Even if you disengage once he will be able to pull again instantly. Good luck surviving 4 of those musket volleys...