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  1. Now there is plenty of PvP? If there were plenty of PvP you would be asking repair kit patch. admin tried to have similar system for crew as there is now for repair kits. Many players on this forum told that they don't want to be sailing back to port all the time, "bound to port". Now you can still teleport crew to your ship, but if these PvP players had not been there I can promise that you would sail back to port to get more crew after every single fight. Everyone on this forum can defend the game and tell how good it is. The game is dying, maybe time to think why and not just deny
  2. Pretty much this. Would not be even surprised if they just let the game die. admin had "trusted" friends whose opinion he was listening. This was probably the biggest mistake as he was listening wrong people. When they started these radical changes, I think there were some people here on forum telling them to not ruin the game. They did not listen them, it felt almost like admin went in "block" mode and did not receive any input. If there is something to save here it is going to be done with action oriented game.
  3. They might actually get a game that is not dead. So whats your problem?
  4. Have been watching steam charts and slowly decreasing player numbers. 24-peak today 850, the last Sunday under 1000 players, Last 30 days 1097. Maybe time to get back to 2016 and give us another server called "Naval Action Classic". That more PvP oriented game so many of us wanted? Version to look would be the one before tournament. Of course this version would still need many obvious fixes done after. There are also changes that you have done that were already asked in 2016 but implemented years after. Also decrease amount of grind, easier economy, crew costs were insane this
  5. I was hoping less "grind, gear and gank" and more "PvP and skill" from the final product. It was a long early access journey, I wish you all the best with the launch.
  6. It was tested already. None crafted ships, stores were empty, nothing to buy. They have to make the economy to work before they can remove RNG.
  7. Can work without RNG but not if the economy is not changed.
  8. Well said Sir, well said. They cry only because they don't have. Once they get their new shiny muskets it is all l2p and gear does not matter.
  9. Everyone knows RNG is a bad fix but the economy does not work without it. Suggest ways to motivate people to craft ships without RNG? Everyone has their max craft XP. Everything is very expensive, none wants to lose ships. Sailing a trader is boring as hell, everyone do bare minimum to craft their own ship. Ship trade done in Doubloons. Decrease taxes for player driven economy. We are directors and AI sails our traders. If our trader gets captured by player we can see the name of the captain. Let us set bounties on their heads. Let us know where the sh
  10. Ships are expensive, none dares to lose ships. Turns out we then don't have enough PvP. People don't need many ships. Economy has hard time. RNG is a fix to create a need to craft, make veteran players to craft more ships, support player driven economy.
  11. In the end it does not matter what is the system. Just make it balanced and support competitive PvP. I am also dead tired to read when nubs with +10000% damage come to explain how gear does not matter.
  12. I am not playing as much as before and not too many new players. I can be wrong in this. 1. They can learn but it may need time to understand that from how far they can shoot. You may think you are bad when bot hits 50% and you miss all. Eventually they sure learn to get closer, at least when someone tells to them that they are too far. 2. They get focused at aiming that don't look where they sail, don't understand they sailed their ship directly upwind. New physics help here as they will eventually reverse. Cannot remember was there a tacking tutorial, if not, I don't think it could
  13. This is difficult as you know already how the game works. It is very hard to make yourself to learn and try new ways to fail. Here are some I know people had issues with. 1. They start firing from long distance. Flat ships that are hard to hit between waves. Bots are accurate, decrease accuracy even more for 6-7th rate missions? Bots also snipe your stern from long distance, they could start sailing towards you sooner. 2. They don't follow wind and soon in irons. They don't know how to use manual sails and bot is wrecking their ship. Was this in tutorial? 3. They sail too s
  14. I have all the best boarding upgrades, I win. Boarding is not about gear, it is about skill. Devs introduce Insane Muskets, I lose. Boarding is about gear and not from skill. I cry because those are Insane. I got Insane Muskets from a loot chest, I win. Boarding is once again about skill, l2p nubs! World is once again in balance for Veteran Naval Action gankers.
  15. When the current upgrades, gear, came out I think I might have said even day one that it sucks. Right now the game is gear based. It is actually sad that players don't understand this already. From your first post I can see that at least you know something. Remember also that we now speak only from speed, there are other pieces of gear that are simply stupid as well. You explain that make faster ship to come to you. Well what if the faster ship is also more combat oriented or like many say "tankier" than your ship? You tell to use smaller and faster ship to ca
  16. Am I blind or no sticky thread for gear feedback? Modules, Books, Perks, Wood Types, Cannons, etc. ? Wanted to post to that thread: There is going to be an upgrade patch, hopefully more like overhaul, as things are that bad. Wood Types are broken. With a rare upgrade or 2 you can swap Wood Types. Something like from Fir to Teak or LO/WO to T/WO ? Penalties of these lighter and heavier wood types are still there. Upgrades should have smaller bonuses and or higher penalties, when compared to wood type stats. Fir vs Teak: Teak with rare speed upgrades should n
  17. Gear is big in this game. You see how someone else does it and you do after. You don't have the gear you sink. If you don't have the gear you have to be much more gankier. If you have you can be more direct and gear may safe you from a mistake or even 2. Ask what gear they have before you evaluate how good they are at ganking.
  18. Another pro tip for Slim. Do missions, get the best books. Grind more PvE, get enough money to buy best upgrades. You can upgrade your Fir ship to Teak with better upgrades. Christendom and Wraith have all the best gear and they have been playing long. The best gear will remove their gear advantage which will greatly increase your change to win. At least you can first time really check how good players they really are or are they.
  19. This is a very good post. Very honest and goes directly to the point. Right now when gear > skill, signaling perk would give even bigger advantage for gankers, at least for some time. Why they really should balance gear. Gank + Gear players leaving? When they introduced this many players already left the game. It can be that more players would come back than leave. Like I said in another thread. Ganks should be in the game but the game should not be about ganks. They could also remove rewards and insurance from battles where your side has much more BR. You can gan
  20. Most good pvp players left the game. What is left are gank gearbears roflstomp everything. Signaling was not 100% bad, even tho it did not yet create good enough battles. It was also helping many to defend each other. Gank + Gear roflstomp > Skill roflstomp Something did not go right here.
  21. I actually like this idea. It can be that it is simply too late and devs seem to like that there are reasons to grind. This would clearly make the game a better PvP game and also help new players to get in the game. They could also change modules so that 5th rate modules are easier to get than 1st rate. All gear including ships should be cheaper and easier to get for 5th rate nubs than for 1st rate veterans. Bring back multidura pricing curve. I am actually against ship knowledge. It decreases ship variety. Everyone grind the best ships and the rest will be forgotten. Cou
  22. BR difference should never increase rewards. 1.5x BR difference, rewards are still 1x 1.5x - 3x BR difference, reward goes towards zero, reaching zero at 3x. 3x or bigger gank and you lose ship insurance. Signaling perk should be a feature that is on all the time. Both sides should be always open for X players (for example 2-3), even if BR would be else even. Multireps should be removed. 1 of each without global CD. Repair kits should be weightless like before, allow longer voyages and increase survivability when chain attacked. Gear should be balan
  23. Not able to dump cargo at all or it should be very-very slow. It kinda fails trader hunting, piracy, if players are able to dump. Becomes even more important when and if resources have value worth looting. If resources are worthless then doesn't really mater what you do. Long time ago there was a feature request, maybe years ago: Option to surrender in way that you do not lose your ship but instead allow your enemy to inspect and loot from hold. Economy has been pretty bad and resources been worthless. You gave PvP marks from traders. None was interested to loot traders,
  24. There are multiple points here. 1. They have been increasing damage after introducing multireps. Before ships did not get wrecked that fast. Today fighting without repair kits is much more fatal than before. 2. Exactly. This one is binding us to ports. We don't really need to manage crew at sea as repair kits are binding us already. We also have rum now, so it is double feature. I am not recommending this bound to port feature but that is what we have now. 3. Does not sound that this would be enough to fix it. 4. When things are this bad F*ed up, they really need to change
  25. If you have the gear you can do it. If you now try to say that it is not about gear.. I have to say l2p.
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