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  1. As a long time fan of both UG: Gettysburg and UG: Civil War I am really excited about the two new projects. However, I am curious as to why there are not any plans to incorporate a multiplayer component going forward? I get it on UG: Gettysburg as it was the first in the series and probably limited somewhat in its design scope. UG: Civil War improved in so many ways and really advanced the entire game....just a superb title. I can't help but wonder about the untapped potential of adding some form of multiplayer to these new upcoming series....AoS and Dreadnoughts. If you have the same team tha
  2. I always kind of figured they were going to end up doing a full wipe regardless of what was said. One of the reasons I never liked the whole notion of having to grind out ship slots and grind for books. But plenty of people kept saying it wasn't a big deal because they already had everything and thought they were going to get to keep it. So, if the shoe fits wear it.
  3. I don't play NA anymore but I still like to monitor the forums to see how it is progressing ( or not ). I was very heavily invested from the time before it came to Steam up to slightly after the 10.0 patch. Game just went in a completely different direction with grind, gear, magic healing....wasn't for me so stopped playing. I don't expect them to revert back to the old days of NA even if I wish they would. However, on this topic I'd like to ask a simple question: Why? What was the purpose of multi repairs? We tested this game for a few years before they decided to go with the multiple re
  4. I quit playing long ago...that was pretty much my word on it. I still consider NA to be one of my all-time favorite games but it decided to take a very different path from where it started many years ago. I finally realized my complaints and concerns were not going to change anything and rather than be a negative all the time it was probably better to just stop playing. I still check in on the forums holding out that small glimmer of hope things will change....but I don't believe they will. I will never consider any game that depends on mindless PVE or worthless timesink grinding to be a serio
  5. Well point is really that you can grind NPC's and still completely suck in PvP.....the grinding out ship unlocks for EVERY SINGLE ship serves no purpose than add to the boredom of the game. Making something a timesink for no other purpose than to try to help newer players makes no sense really. Make leveling rank longer if need be but unlocking every ship is pointless.
  6. Any chance you could do something similar for all ships? Like when you have over 4,000 hours played but you still need to "unlock" every ship skill slots you want to try sailing....it really sucks and accomplishes nothing. Maybe, just have a ship skill unlock by Tier of ship? Like you unlock all slots for all 5th rates or all 4th rates.....instead of needing to do it for each individual ship in those classes? I''ll send you a Christmas card this year if you make this a reality!
  7. I might be in the minority but I believe the proliferation of ship mods and books has been one of the worse developments in NA. The more you add the worse things have become. Why? Because you are trying to balance things like cannon penetration, armor thickness, sail hp's, mast strength, ship speeds, even healing ability.....but its not being done using anything remotely resembling a stable baseline. There are so many damn possible variables it has become increasingly difficult to balance the game. Not only from a pure combat mechanics point of view but I would argue from a economy perspective
  8. Well even though I have brought the same argument up more times than I can remember I guess I will do it again. You simply will never have a successful game that FORCES people to PVP....the motivation has to come from the fact that it is enjoyable to people. I for one HATE PVE in this game....well most games truth be told.....like I absolutely detest it with every fiber of my being. I would gladly drop $100 tomorrow to avoid the need to do any PVE. It is complete and utter garbage.....even those words are too kind for it. Yet.....here I am looking at massive PVE timesink to get loot or to unlo
  9. I started a giant bonfire and tossed this idea and the OP in it......
  10. Hey I'm not too proud to admit I've been hanging out in the safezone plenty lately since returning. Why? Because of this stupid ass ship knowledge unlock grind. I don't feel like sailing out my 1 slot unlocked ship by myself to get ganked. Setting up those boring ass combat missions close to port is the easiest way for me to grind them out. Don't need to waste repair kits, don't need to pay attention to what I'm doing much....can watch TV while I engage in the soul crushing PVE grind to unlock skill slots. It is a complete waste of my time but some brain dead people claim I'm supposed to get t
  11. I did not say to eliminate Mods though.....I have NEVER called for eliminating mods. What I said is that they should be nerfed so that they do not play such a dominate role in determining the outcome of fights. This is exactly how NA was for it's first 2.5 -3 years of existence.....this dumb shit didn't go full retard mode till the 10.0 patch came out. I don't know what acid trip they decided to go on over in the planning room to go down this path. Nobody should be able to stack mods so many mods that there ship becomes virtually impenetrable to cannon fire....or ships that are going way faste
  12. Well they might want it but this game is becoming a joke of a pvp game if you ask me. I still will take that $100 bet with any pro players over on Legends.....5 average players versus 1 veteran....all in the same ship and all with the same gear and see who wins. Nobody became uber pro post 10.0 patch.....hell the same "pro" players were playing prior to the patch and were not even remotely close to pulling off the same "heroics". Anyone who is saying otherwise is full of shit..... The fix is not that complicated: 1. NERF THE HELL OUT OF ALL MODS 2. LIMIT THE ABILITY TO STACK MOD
  13. Well, I wont say I disagree with a lot of what you have suggested and agree that a lot of the grind and RNG loot is so dated they never should have introduced it. However, I don't have a huge problem with the safe zones and really they have made the game so skewed toward gear it almost necessitates it. The truth of the matter is that new players already have, and always have had, very limited chance of success against veteran players. However, this game has become so gear driven that whatever slim chance they had before is a million times smaller than it is now. In fact they have ZERO chance o
  14. Mods in general are completely out of control. The bonuses and ability to stack them have created a complete mess of balance. I've said the same thing forever now.....every time you add a new mod or wood type etc. it makes the ability to properly balance the game more complicated. We still have people who act like knocking down masts is difficult. I could literally train a NASA space chimp to shoot masts in this game....it's not difficult. If you cant hit masts then you really should never try playing any type of shooter for goodness sake. Sure some will be a better at it than others but to sa
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