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  1. As a long time fan of both UG: Gettysburg and UG: Civil War I am really excited about the two new projects. However, I am curious as to why there are not any plans to incorporate a multiplayer component going forward? I get it on UG: Gettysburg as it was the first in the series and probably limited somewhat in its design scope. UG: Civil War improved in so many ways and really advanced the entire game....just a superb title. I can't help but wonder about the untapped potential of adding some form of multiplayer to these new upcoming series....AoS and Dreadnoughts. If you have the same team that did Civil War working on these projects I know they will be great regardless but man multiplayer/co-op would really be outstanding. Oh, and lastly....please for the love of all things holy please tell me that the NA dev team will not be sticking their dirty paws into these two upcoming projects.
  2. I always kind of figured they were going to end up doing a full wipe regardless of what was said. One of the reasons I never liked the whole notion of having to grind out ship slots and grind for books. But plenty of people kept saying it wasn't a big deal because they already had everything and thought they were going to get to keep it. So, if the shoe fits wear it.
  3. I don't play NA anymore but I still like to monitor the forums to see how it is progressing ( or not ). I was very heavily invested from the time before it came to Steam up to slightly after the 10.0 patch. Game just went in a completely different direction with grind, gear, magic healing....wasn't for me so stopped playing. I don't expect them to revert back to the old days of NA even if I wish they would. However, on this topic I'd like to ask a simple question: Why? What was the purpose of multi repairs? We tested this game for a few years before they decided to go with the multiple repair kits and I don't remember a single tester ever asking for it. In fact I remember testing when we had 3 repairs and people thought that was too many. Yet for some reason this change was brought about which actually ran counter to what the original hardcore fans wanted. The only reason I recall reading was a money sink for the economy. A money sink. The single most important aspect and mechanic of NA was to create a realistic age of sail game and this change was made for a money sink? Something to spend resources on? Does anyone besides me find that to be a completely flawed thought process? This wasn't instituted after months and months, or years, of player feedback and testing calling for this change as a way to improve the PvP experience.....nope this was because they wanted something for the players to spend resources on. Not only do you put multiple repairs in the game you introduced magic gear and abilities that work to exponentially make those heals even more powerful? The whole premise is asinine. It isn't historical....it isn't realistic....it's DUMB. NA is way closer to magic than it used to be. Magic heals....magic gear....magic books....it's all crap. Somehow grinding out NPC's for gear or books was meant to placate the PVE crowd by giving them the 10 year old "magic on a stick" generic blueprint of how to build an MMO. Anyone who thinks NA should follow the old blueprint of MMO'ing with a niche crowd that NA attracts I think is mistaken. Simple fact of the matter is this game still doesn't know what it wants to be....that or it has no idea how to get there. I remember very early statements from devs when they said NA was meant to be a PvP focused game. That simple mundane things like repairs, ammo, crew replenishment were not to be focused on because they took away from what was fun....yep PVP. I wish I had saved those early posts and responses from them. Well to be honest I'm not sure the original team is even still working on this game....it's changed so radically I have a hard time believing someone new didn't come in with a new direction to take. I sincerely hope for the best for NA. I will also say that if it ever moves closer to what it used to be I would happily return. I don't expect that to happen though.
  4. I quit playing long ago...that was pretty much my word on it. I still consider NA to be one of my all-time favorite games but it decided to take a very different path from where it started many years ago. I finally realized my complaints and concerns were not going to change anything and rather than be a negative all the time it was probably better to just stop playing. I still check in on the forums holding out that small glimmer of hope things will change....but I don't believe they will. I will never consider any game that depends on mindless PVE or worthless timesink grinding to be a serious PVP game. Took a game that was supposed to be skill based, historically leaning, easy access to PvP, and turned it into magical gear grind and what build counters what. Bleh....
  5. Well anything that could improve the boarding combat in this game would be welcomed by me. I really dislike the ram into the guy to slow him down to get a board off.....I mean ships running into each other is a really bad thing. Of course I know they did away with ramming damage for obvious reasons but that just led to other issues. So, yea I really would be willing to try anything that changed boarding because its a massive steaming pile of shit currently.
  6. If you wanted a real "test" you take two equally skilled players and you give one a 5+5 ship with upgrades of his choice and his opponent nothing. If you are trying to quantify the impact of mods/skillbooks/cannons/ship rarity then the other variables of the test need to be as controlled as possible. Thus you take two equally skilled opponents with the only difference between the two being the "gear". I'm not sure how or why people struggle to understand this. I will try to give an analogy: Two race car drivers are going to compete in a H2H time trial. Both drivers are considered to be of equal skill levels and both are familiar with the track they will be competing on. Both drivers will be using the identical car except driver A will have a stock car and driver B will have a custom modified version of that car. They will both drive the course say 5 times and compare times at the end. Who do you think wins at the end of the test? I'm pretty sure we would all agree that driver B will win hands down. They both are equally skilled driving the same car....but driver B will have a huge advantage in modifications and he will win every time. Now if an average driver was put behind the wheel of that modded sports car and he raced the professional driver in the stock car.....yea the average driver is still probably going to lose. This doesn't mean that the gear doesn't matter....it just means that the skill level of the pro racer was able to overcome the mechanical performance advantage. Every time we get into these debates the other side always uses the argument that an experienced vet will trounce an average player thus gear doesn't matter.....but they never do a test among two equally skilled vets with one being decked out and the other not.
  7. I guess it's just a fundamental disagreement on what role I think gear should play in the game. I'd rather see cosmetic upgrades that were rare but combat upgrades easily available to everyone I guess. I do struggle with how people can say "oh this stuff doesn't matter" yet not want to make it easier to obtain for the average NA player? If it doesn't matter than why not just eliminate the argument by making it easy to obtain?
  8. Yea....well I can make the same argument when I'm driving around town in my $100k sports car....technically everyone has access to the dealership to buy one.
  9. Yes Hachi I'm with you on the multiple repair kits that's for sure. However, I would still prefer a system that allowed everyone to have easier access to the various mods/books as well. Most who seem to be against this idea say that the mods and books dont make a difference.....all I'm saying is that if they don't matter than why not let everyone have easier access to them? I just want good fights where the determining factor in battles is coming from player skills and not gear.....that's all.
  10. If it's not the mods or the books...if they play no role.....then why not give access to ALL of them to everyone?
  11. Could it be possible that the problem with thickness was in part due to the abundance of mods and the stacking of those mods?
  12. Yes, but most of those I'm seeing a bunch of smaller ships getting wrecked by some much larger ships. I'm completely fine when you're looking at groups with Santi's fighting numerically superior opponents who's biggest ship is a bellona or possibly a second. I'm too lazy to actually calculate out those BR's in the various vids. But before we derail on a chest thumping exercise.....lets stay on topic and simply discuss why people are so adverse to making mods/books/4+5 slot ships not available to everyone? For the record i don't like 4 or 5 slot upgrade ships even being in game. But I don't understand why people wouldn't want everyone to have an easier time accessing this gear? I mean we want the focus to be on skill not gear right?
  13. Well Tommy is a good player and we have fought a few times and always was enjoyable.....but i don't think anyone could pull of the stuff that goes on now post patch 10.0..... If we look at things logically.....and can agree that very skilled players have existed throughout all periods and phases of NA.....then we would have to look at what has changed that is leading to some of the situations that we see now? I'm not a detective by trade but the variable to me seems to be the mods/books/multiple repairs.
  14. So for the record that's a no?
  15. got a screen shot of 7vs15 of equal ships before the introduction of all this bullshit stuff in game? Prior to the 100 mods and skillbooks and multiple repair kits? If so I'd love to see guys post them....Overcoming 3:1 BR differences in the old days was much more difficult i believe than it is today.
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