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  1. So not only did the Swedes get a bunch of gulible newbs to fight them, They made them sail the distance, And they even had them sail in slow frigates that can't outrun first rates. And to top it all off, they made them think they weren't at war. 10/10 would do it myself
  2. It's time for clarification on these rules Mr developer. It's getting boring watching these people try to justify reducing content, the blatently rudeness of this so called """"""""tactic""""""" not to mention how bloody pethetic it is.
  3. Typical boring tactic of boring people. Deleting Thier clan should be sufficient punishment.
  4. These so called night timers are actually fun timers. "Night" clans pve less and can't afford the mass collected bronze chests for bounties, they actually have to fight to get a port.
  5. Nevertheless the rules are if you join a battle you fight in it. So screening like this is breaking the rules. Simple.
  6. Let's be honest it is not screening tactics. 1 how is throwing snowballs at a steam train going to slow it down. 2 how blowing on a plane going to make it change course. 3 how is spitting on a Forrest fire going to change its direction. It is quite obviously an exploit. However if you used a ship that could realistically damage sails enough to make it slow down and have to engage you, then fair enough. But if it can just sail in a straight line ignore you and make it unscaved to its destination. Well its clearly just a tag to keep it out of open world. Soooooo let's be honest here.
  7. Pirates, stealing things, what a crazy world we live in
  8. Plenty of room for single player casuals. As long as they look at nation chat or global every now and again. Would be better if people still had the cahunas to form random armardas and sail to enemy ports, but it's still ok to just read chat. After they find out where the ai is to level up ofc.
  9. I wish I had a french alt, so i could freely sit outside wiliamstad and wait for the perfect trader to assault without any fear of being attacked while sitting their.
  10. The so called best woods are for sheep. Fir/fir with reinforced bow, Bridgetown, Kiri masts, planking, full repairs, is much better than these teak/wo dribble floating wrecks. But if ignore that, as this is about putting all GB players into the coliseum and making them fight to the deletion of their character, or victory by the destruction of their dearest friends and family.
  11. Would it be possible to add some "in-between" boarding mechanic. Some mechanic where you aren't boarding yet, but are in combat at close range and low speed. As an example : if you have boarding turned on and prep is high enough, have an option to fire muskets. This could kill crew depending on where they are located. I.e. if they have lots of crew on boarding then they are exposed and will be easily hit, or if there are lots of crew on sailing/ repairing sails, then they would be more exposed and more crew would get hit. The accuracy could depend on speed of both ships, roll, when you fire, angle of ships etc etc. Just an idea for improving the whole boarding experience. Of course this could also be things such as throw grenades etc. Then for the actual boarding instance it would be the same. Of course it is would be a big change in gameplay.
  12. Britain was still zerg when farmers raided Jamaica, noone cared about Jamaica except newbs. So all points about how the blacksmiths of Britainia were poor and ganked and crying and pleading because sheep would blockade Jamaica to sink newbs, is irrelevant, as they were still a minor zerg at the time, just a useless one, and inactive. Now ofc due to a lack of morality, simplistic level of skill, minor knowledge of pvp, inconcivable fear of the unknown: several other traitorous nations have decided to quit playing the game join Britain and zerg anyone who hasn't.
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