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  1. traitorous mctraitoro

    Pirate on Pirate action

    Pirates, stealing things, what a crazy world we live in
  2. traitorous mctraitoro

    Price of the Night Timers

    Plenty of room for single player casuals. As long as they look at nation chat or global every now and again. Would be better if people still had the cahunas to form random armardas and sail to enemy ports, but it's still ok to just read chat. After they find out where the ai is to level up ofc.
  3. traitorous mctraitoro

    blame prussia

    Prussia stopped release
  4. traitorous mctraitoro

    Duch nation doesn't respect deals

    I wish I had a french alt, so i could freely sit outside wiliamstad and wait for the perfect trader to assault without any fear of being attacked while sitting their.
  5. traitorous mctraitoro

    Death to the non-believers

    The so called best woods are for sheep. Fir/fir with reinforced bow, Bridgetown, Kiri masts, planking, full repairs, is much better than these teak/wo dribble floating wrecks. But if ignore that, as this is about putting all GB players into the coliseum and making them fight to the deletion of their character, or victory by the destruction of their dearest friends and family.
  6. traitorous mctraitoro

    Boarding mechanic

    Would it be possible to add some "in-between" boarding mechanic. Some mechanic where you aren't boarding yet, but are in combat at close range and low speed. As an example : if you have boarding turned on and prep is high enough, have an option to fire muskets. This could kill crew depending on where they are located. I.e. if they have lots of crew on boarding then they are exposed and will be easily hit, or if there are lots of crew on sailing/ repairing sails, then they would be more exposed and more crew would get hit. The accuracy could depend on speed of both ships, roll, when you fire, angle of ships etc etc. Just an idea for improving the whole boarding experience. Of course this could also be things such as throw grenades etc. Then for the actual boarding instance it would be the same. Of course it is would be a big change in gameplay.
  7. traitorous mctraitoro

    Death to the non-believers

    Britain was still zerg when farmers raided Jamaica, noone cared about Jamaica except newbs. So all points about how the blacksmiths of Britainia were poor and ganked and crying and pleading because sheep would blockade Jamaica to sink newbs, is irrelevant, as they were still a minor zerg at the time, just a useless one, and inactive. Now ofc due to a lack of morality, simplistic level of skill, minor knowledge of pvp, inconcivable fear of the unknown: several other traitorous nations have decided to quit playing the game join Britain and zerg anyone who hasn't.
  8. traitorous mctraitoro

    Death to the non-believers

    Honestly. I was bored. But it is true.
  9. traitorous mctraitoro

    Death to the non-believers

    So I think we all have a small problem. There is this 1 nation that everyone seems to be leaving to join. It has created a zerg of quitters and gankers. This nations of peasants and sheep needs dispersing before this small problem becomes, undeniably, unstoppable. Therefore, in my infinite wisdom I an decreeing: Britain must be forced to fight itself. It has overextended. Lost control. Become diluted with poisonous fear inducing farmers, with the shear will of treasonous baby chickens. The time has come for a civil war. I suggest, and I'm sure you will fully back me, a civil war. Randomly select players 50/50. Half fight for Jamaica and belize, the other fight for the rest of the useless ports that Brits have. Death is permanent and all who don't participate in the privelage will be murderously slaughtered by a super powerful unstoppable ai brig. I believe this to be more fair than allowing the treasonous blacksmiths to go back to thier nations. I believe an I or nay in comments should suffice as evidence of support.
  10. traitorous mctraitoro

    Game is too hard to press play again.

    I happily sell repairs 1-2k each. Bankrupting newbs since 2k16
  11. traitorous mctraitoro

    Caribbean Invasion News

  12. traitorous mctraitoro

    Discussion: got enemy AI buffed too much ???

    This is what happens when everyone keeps saying teak/wo is the best, Use wo/teak, save lives
  13. traitorous mctraitoro


    Sometimes I just fireship my ship to kill my crew. Even against ai for no other reason but to hear the screams of agonay and writhing, painstriken crew. #SaveTheWhalePixels.
  14. traitorous mctraitoro

    PvP rewards

    1. its not a great way to search, as my lowly peasant mind still has not found what you have quoted, using search anyway. 2. they went for some version of number 2 people. Ignore everything I said, as I'm sure these "rare rewards" will mean profit for pvping successfully. if only everything wasn't so secret, I would be struggling to hold in my anticipation if I knew what that meant. hopefully soon this is implemented, and hopefully it works. spare a prayer for us poor pvpers who are struggling to feed our families in la tortue in the meantime.
  15. traitorous mctraitoro

    PvP rewards

    Would it please our benevolent Devs to add some kind of actual viable reward system for partaking in the antics that is player. Verses. Player. Personally I'm getting very poor in game due to the lack of any actual ability to generate income from PvP - in the PvP server. Atm the only true profit from PvP is if you capture the enemy ship, which, let's be honest, is only useful if they have a good ship,,,,, and to point out: the ones with good ships, 1 aren't alone, 2 aren't stupid, 3 will probably sink you anyway (most of the time) The dubs kind of reward is meh, not worth the risk, looted by the enemy more than you, and hardly worth what the ship you sink is (mostly never even close). I propose ::::::::::: 1 .something like player created bounties in the mission section, or admiralty created, specific to those who sink players in your nation, or those participating in port battles against your nation. 2. The missions already there, but adjusted for pvp ships and rewards in the form of ship notes, to make up for extra risk, i.e. sink 5 british player 5th rates - reward 2 suprise notes. 3. Add RNG drops on PvP ships when sunk, ofc this can be anything from notes to mods to books. I would not like this, as again enemy would loot more. However it is something. 4 ..........post in suggestions. Now grill my stupid idea.