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  1. Thanks for all replies - Guess I'm done, for now. After dropping over $1.5K on two laptops in past few months (first Dell Win10 played fine, broke power jack, killed laptop - bought second what seemed to be even nicer Dell Win10 laptop - but you know the Intel 520 graphics story)... Can't realistically justify dropping more cash on another machine just for NA. Well, I could, but then I'd be yet another sad, lonely divorced old guy with only virtual wenches to keep me warm at night... and it gets too cold in New England for that folks. So, I'll bow out of testing, and come back when next I get another machine with better graphics capability than this. See you all again in the future. Regards all, Bob Williams (Muttley), Bristol, RI, US
  2. Been part of the test team on laptops exclusively since Sea Trials - Last one was a Win10 Dell 13 inch, played no probs. This one is a brandy new Dell Inspiron 13 - Win 10, Intel i7-6500 CPU @2.5Ghz w/12GB RAM 64 bit Graphics Intel 520... But now, the sea graphics in OW are staccato - broken and jagged (ship looks fine). Tried: - Changed every 'in game' options > graphics setting I could find - no joy. - Changed compatibility mode for client.exe and client_exe in Steam folders - no joy. But with the sea graphics all jittery, the game is unplayable for me. Is there something that I'm missing here? Unless you folks have some other ideas / recommended settings, I'll (sadly) have to find something to play/do. By the way - laptops are how I play (and must play). Desktop gaming machines are not an option for me - work and travel demand laptop play only. Thanks in advance for any/all suggestions... as I will sorely miss NA if I have to bow out. Regards all, Bob W (Muttley), Bristol RI, US
  3. I play in the same fashion (no clan, play when I can, currently only at Frig level), but I think many of the latter ideas posted in this thread about finding ways to ease the multi-hours investment per session should be seriously considered now. A combination of these (really good) ideas might be in order... a modest bump in OW transit speeds, relaxing some of the TP issues (bring TP cooloff down to an hour or so?), enabling traders to be either TPed with AI captains or TPed with player btwn outposts). After (what seems like months of) casual play, finally at frig level and wanting to lend a hand to nation mates on my server, if you're not already next door to the fight - the hours long transit times essentially means a full day wasted simply to reposition - just to get near, maybe drop an Outpost, join in and PLAY. At this point it's pretty obvious that regardless of rank and playing hours, we're all pretty passionate and want the game to grow and succeed (feed the monkey.) I'd personally prefer to 'give a little to get a little' if we need to.. UI mods? Some modest gameplay compromises to marketability? Not all - not 'arcade', but some?... as opposed to seeing the game fade due to level of difficulty and declining numbers over time. Lastly - after all of the time (year+ since sea trials) we've enjoyed from an initial $40, I too wouldn't mind if they need to come up with some sort of ante to keep it going. This is already the cheapest addiction I've ever enjoyed - by FAR. Regards all, Muttley, Bristol RI, US
  4. [Not new - been here since sea trials, casual player] Regarding "If you want a quick, relaxing, easy fight, then do a lower level mission".... Then what's the point of having missions called out for particular ranks? [CONSTRUCTIVE SUGGESTION ALERT:] Maybe remove the rank connection to missions and just list them in a numeric scale of difficulty? That way, for future dev adjustments to AI and player combat effectiveness, no further adjustments to mission-rank alignment would be required. It would seem that (previously) the missions were reasonably well balanced with the most recent AI versus average player capabilities. That is no longer the case with the AI corrections. Regards all.
  5. Very helpful thanks. Hoping others share the wealth too.
  6. Fair enough, I get it. But I still think the lack of mission variation zero in-game info is frustrating and hurting the new folks. Now off to find that crew XP tidbit. Regards all, Muttley
  7. Sorry - but had to comment on this - after casual testing for close or over a year, and digging through the forum guides, and still in the grind as a casual player (only at 2nd LT sailing a Niagara with 122 crew - at 1200 of 2500 XP for next rank), this post showcases one of my most aggravating issues... Had absolutely NO idea that there are different XP rewards for killing crew vice damaging the ship - only heard anecdotal comments that sail shredding yielded next to no XP. This post (above) was the first I'd actually heard or read of differences in XP results from focusing on killing crew. I had previously thought that the reasons for graping down the crew was to reduce crew size for boarding (and expecting that the reduced crew would be slower turning/firing - like I am when undercrewed.) I hear CONSTANT complaining from other new players about assundry gameplay elements and controls in the game ("How do I [ insert really simple game function question here ]"). And like many others, try as best I can to help when possible (within reason - Help Chat is a huge time sink in this game. I also want to play, not just spend endless hours answering beginner Qs - but I do what I can.) What troubles me currently are two things (1) Still no real help, tutorials, sea trials, how-tos in the game, or any word from anyone that we can share about when any of this will be added.... (this lament is partially about the "I've got a secret..." approach to educating new players on how to play), and basically letting them fumble around endlessly - which would seem somewhat shortsighted if we want a long, vibrant community of players with new blood, fresh meat, whatever you want to call new players. (2) The veiled "We figured it out the hard way, so all of you new players can too, or good riddance" tone of so many responses to (what seem to at least me) fundamental and thought provoking suggestions in forums posts that should be seriously considered with an eye to make most important the new player experience. Having evacuated my digestive contents so annoyingly (sorry - got a bit 'rant-y' there....) now I've got to go find a shovel and dig out of the forums by repetitive boolean searches to find out what the Crew XP deal is all about, Alfie. Which NO PLAYER SHOULD HAVE TO DO. Seriously?!? [END OF RANT - Regards all, Muttley, Lower US PvP Level Server]
  8. Which is exactly why (probably most of us) players now only put outposts in free ports. Even the neutral ports are subject to being captured and losing all your stuff. Personally I think the neutral ports should be also placed in the 'no-capture-possible' category - else you eventually wind up with only the capitals and free towns actually with ship traffic other than trader visits. Just my 1 1/2 centavos. Regards, Bob W. (Muttley) Bristol, RI, US
  9. While I realize that the pirates found this crack in the system (and it should be sealed), I personally thought that the fact that they found and used it to sneak past the powerful foe and use this tactic to take the port from under their noses was effing brilliant. I believe that this is often referred to as 'assymetrical' warfare in the present lexicon, no? Well done pirate lads. The loophole should be closed - but well done nonetheless (makes the game better and fixes holes at the same time.) Since I am not big on joining 'clans' ("I don't care to belong to any club that will have me as a member" Groucho Marx), while running around as a low level Yank and slowly ranking, this tidbit makes me rethink pirating... maybe. Not yet... but maybe. Regards all, Bob W (Muttley) Bristol, RI, US
  10. Depends on how much cash and crew you have. [CAVEAT - These are only my opinions - Save the scorchings please.] Option 1 - Yacht or Privateer type ship. A lot of folks jump from cutter to privateer or yacht - both are nimble capable vessels, capable of wreaking havoc on larger target vessels from astern principally. This will also enable you to hone your stern camping (shoot and scoot) skills. However, these smaller vessels are still very vulnerable to damage from getting caught out and tagged by a broadside from a larger vessel (player or AI vessel). But the skills you learn shooting with these two will not fail you later. Option 2 - Pickle etc. (Insert larger fat ship here). A number of folks opt to go for a vessel that 'looks' larger, even to the point of sailing a Pickle or Brig significantly undercrewed. I've done it myself. The problem here is that these ships - while stout and maybe capable of taking more damage and carrying an extra gun or two - are very vulnerable to being 'hoisted by their own petard'... meaning that they aren't all that nimble, (and with you being new to them and manual sails) - this leaves you vulnerable to being sterncamped yourself. If you're undercrewed, they are slower than snail turds at EVERYTHING (speed up, slow down, turn, shoot, reload). But they look cooler. My advice... depending on your cash - grab a privateer and drive it, along with a couple of fleet cutters or lynxes - shoot it, make a few $$$ and XP with it doing missions or capping traders... for even just a day or two - Then use that cash to also buy up to a brig, Navy brig, or Snow (whatever you can afford - but only if you can run it at 75% crew or better.) To drive it at less crew than that is really a waste of your money and your time. Some don't agree with my undercrewed advice, but I've personally found that once you get within 75-80% of crew with hammocks, power monkeys, etc. upgrades... the next size up of ship is fightable and usually has WAY more firepower than the one you were sailing at the last level. Helps you mush up the Mission XP grind path easier, as the battles are quicker when you punch harder. Lastly... the manual sailing thing is a simple keyboard exercise. The only things you need to know are: - Left (Port) Turn - Use (together) keyboard keys Q-A-C - Right (Starboard) Turn 0 Use (together keyboard keys E-D-Z - Only do manual sails turns when the wind is at or aft of your beam. If it's forward of your beam, use rudder only. - When done with the manual sail turn, remember to hit the F key to return to auto, as your little boat is faster with your sails in auto when sailing in a straight line. Hope this was of use - see you at sea. Regards, Bob W (Muttley) Bristol RI, US
  11. Hopefully I don't cross any gunsights or reticules with this (or run afoul of any forum rules)... but after reading, I just updated my prof picture to include my in-game name in the image. Works simply for me (for now...I've not encountered a lot of nastiness online with any games - so not really too worried about this personally - If this were my livelihood however... and I had to deal with too much angry stuff - I'd probably also have to defer to a safety-security disconnect.) If this is not ok, I can revert to the previous prof pic, ya? Regards all, Bob W, Bristol RI, US
  12. While on work travel, I had the same problem - was able to connect using my cell phone as a hotspot, but not from the hotel. Turned out to be a firewall issue. Check and recheck your connection (something changed?), specifically your connection ports etc. When it happened to me, the admin here connected me to the devs who helped me identify the problem. Send a PM to the Admin - at a minimum they can quickly direct you to the right posts on this forum that has a rundown on what to check. Best regards and good luck - see you at sea, Muttley (Bristol RI, US)
  13. Lt. Scallion - I fully get and agree with every one of your points. My frustration stems from the fact that I want to see the game succeed commercially, so it'll be around for awhile (say... a Windows version or two - selfish, I admit). But as I'm sure you are continually seeing in game chat, there is an ongoing barrage of complaints and blasts from the new folks trying it on Steam - obviously expecting a much higher level of polish and completeness in a Steam released game. That's it. I'm now thoroughly addicted and in it for the long haul But I hate to see folks trying it and being so frustrated that they quit, ask for refunds, badmouth the game, hurt it's chances for long term viability and success. Regards, Muttley. Diomedesbc - Just be aware that ( I think ) if you start over you lose any redeemable ships (if you have any), as well as any XP, gold, etc. But yeah, you can re-do, change names, factions, etc. One thought (that I a actively pursuing now) is the multiple 'games' method with the different servers. Essentially... with the your name & faction of final choice... use the different servers to try different things (one trade heavy, one craft heavy, one straight XP battle heavy) Best of luck - Enjoy! Regards, Muttley
  14. [FULL DISCLOSURE - RANT WARNING] Personally, I'm kinda dumbfounded at the server issue. As a Steam game, this is an amateurish situation. When 1 server is overloaded at 3-4K players? Open a second one, but only let XP transfer? This basically forces the player to decide to essentially choose - pretty much permanently. Really dumb. Not a good situation. Hearing a lot of pissed off players, new and old. PvP One (to me, a casual player, tester) is not worth the effort (what universe are you expecting folks to wait 30+ minutes in a queue to simply log on??) I'll just spend my time on Two or Three or Four and build my experience there. But this 'solution' to bad server load planning - pretty much forcing players to have to fairly well choose permanently which one(s) to play on? You gotta be kidding me. As a Steam blessed professional game software company, wasn't this already planned for, game-planned, red-teamed, white-boarded, worked out, and settled in terms of server load, code balancing, and software functionality long before Steam access? If not (as it amateurishly appears at the moment)... instead of making the usual ad nauseum excuses for the game like those unending ones make for the lousy UI, no Help, no Tutorials which would have tamped down the immediate, constant complaints about these (and the server non-sense) deficiencies from hordes of new players finding the game in this state after plunking down their cash)- hopefully someone's doing some serious damage control? Am I throwing rocks? Ya. Mostly angry because I love the game, loved being a tester, and expected more professional polish and smarts applied before release. We (even us casual folks that love the game and want it to succeed) are now continually having to try to defend these crap problems in chat. I love the game. It's beautiful, fun to play, supremely challenging - but rushed with just a primer paint job that I fear will never be fully finished properly. With this problematic server issue - in addition to the UI, no Help, no Tutorials... It always to me seemed to be a fairly small passionate community (like American Civil War game nuts), but there are some serious things here that need to be fixed immediately - not just launch it, get the cash flow going and hope for the best, we can fix all that other stuff later, oops oh-yeah the server... Just start a second one and only xfer XP (which is what this looks like to me from here, sorry.) At a minimum - someone with any marketing smarts at all - could have 'framed' the server issue and organization into a much more tasty message, for the UP side to the server issue is (since we removed the different character choices/nationalities): FEATURE You now can have your game name with your nationality and XP, with completely different lives on each server - Different outposts, ships, money & crafting on each server separately! If you try an approach on PvP Two and it doesn't work, try a different tack on PvP Three. You game name and XP is transferred - but you get a completely different game set on the other server! A Bonus to being an Early Access user! Nuff said, rant over. Regards all, Muttley
  15. Sounds like a bug, but until then, hunt snows will long guns & aim for lower middle (HA). Has this been passed on to devs?
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