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  1. That my friend is a good question that's really a matter of taste and a few things like local carry law. For instance, I live in Idaho I can open carry any weapon I choose, I can conceal carry any weapon I choose and there's no silly rule about "printing" meaning if you see a bump or catch a glimpse of my handgun it's not illegal. As for taste, I always suggest more than 9mm, but for some that's what they can best handle and I'd rather you have a gun you feel comfortable with than no gun at all. Do you want a single stack 9mm so it's ultra small and comfortable? I'm a big guy at six foot five
  2. Since I am basically retired (23 years U.S. Army 19 kilo) and now just do National guard duty I have lots of free time. Love my gaming (since my Commodore 64 and 1541 disk drive) but my mistress (my wife says another woman would be cheaper than the guns) is my shooting habits and firearms. I've got a bit of everything ranging from long range gear like an Accuracy International .338 Lapua, an M14 in DMR configuration to your standard "assault" and battle rifles like the FN Fal with an L2A2 scope, 3 AK74's (my fav is the Tula stamped 1986 Krinkov) 2 AKM's (one Russian and one Bulgarian) and SV
  3. Ended up going shooting all day today. Living in a sportsmans paradise I'm usually hunting, fishing or shooting but I gots ta have my ship game groove man! My buddies and I regularly stay prepared to invade and defeat Kommiefornia so we did a gear check today.
  4. The potbs message board was a vile place. It was filled with some of the biggest D bags I've ever seen, it seriously rivaled chan4 in pure f*#k wittery and ugliness. I hope the NA board stays fairly civilized and doesn't have that message board combat silliness.
  5. I just got witcher 3 for free when I bought a GTX980 I can download it now. Good idea
  6. So I'm going to explode.....I cant freaking wait to play open world, I cant wait to buy every premium ship I can get my hands on not to mention flags and anything else they are hocking. I'm playing old games right now and I'm so boooooored! Wardunder....blahhhhh....world of jerks.....ghhhhhhhhh....I'm even dragging out TF2!....I was this close (picture my thumb and forefinger half an inch apart) to reinstalling World of Warcraft or some other mindless mmo....I almost stooped to playing mech warrior....I said almost. I bought ultimate general from game labs and finished it in 2 days....I'm o
  7. I was going to go socket 2011 v3 but the DDR 4 ram was a sticking point. I'm waiting for the next socket to arrive and a new chip set and cpu before I drop 600 bucks on ram. The DDR3 I had from the i4770 rig works great at 1600 MHz with the new cpu and I just figured I'd wait for for the next gen socket and chipset. I spent about 1500 on this set up, I had a lot of parts from the last build. I'll be selling most of the old gear on ebay for money to spend on NA...premium ships baby! That and I have a bit of a Wardunder addiction. My son uses a dual 290x rig, not the 295 but the devil 13 video
  8. So I thought it was time for an upgrade so I did the newegg thing and this is what I ended up building as my new NA gaming system. 1. Went from a i4770 to a 4790k 2. MSI X79 GD65 MB to an EVGA x97 FTW MB 3. Sapphire 290X toxic to an EVGA GTX 980 FTW 4. Mushkin 128 GB SSD to a Samsung 850 EVO PRO 250 5. 32 gigs Ballistix ram...yea love the LEDs that show activity 6. Wrapped in a really cool Corsair Case that looks like a 40mm grenade launcher ammo can. I reasoned with my wife that I can spend another 3000 bucks on another firearm or spend less on some new gaming rig parts...I'll end up
  9. Just checking in to see if any of my brothers are playing. Just drop a note and maybe we can get a group going. DEADTIME actual out.
  10. Nice of you lads to forgive the wayward among us. I enjoy that the devs expect a more mature better acting customer than many other games.
  11. Joe

    World of Warships

    WOWP was amazing in beta, then poof turned to crap almost over night and the toxic WOT players moved in. WOW will do the same thing, beta is great (for what it is) then they will release it, add a patch that changes everything and the WOT players will arrive...the uber leet haxors will rek you bro. I give it 2 months live before a post Mortem and time of death will be listed.
  12. I was thinking oooohhh ahhhhhhh cooool...then I noticed that and I cocked my head sideways like a dog when it's trying figure out just what the hell it's looking at....
  13. I suppose if my German crew and I lent a hand you might win a few battles.....just a thought.
  14. Just reading about the negative effects the French Revolution had on its officer corp and that it was one reason they had a weak leadership chain on board ships. Many of the of the officers we royalty, related to royalty or just connected through friendship and this brought them into conflict with Jacobins who loved their guillotine. Entire fleets lost their officers only to have them replaced with unqualified sailors or even men who had no expierence at all on board a ship. I also found it interesting that the Gunners had what would losely be called a guild and this made them suspect as we
  15. The NA equivalent of a Rick roll.....
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