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  1. Clinch

    This game could be so much more

    I don't see how everyone power leveling in small battles in their cutters makes any sense. Port battles are vs mortello towers. I find it quite boring tbh but I guess the community is good with it so whatever.
  2. Currently there are 4 different servers all basically serving the same purpose. Wouldn't it be more beneficial if something like this was done Server 1)Hardcore-no xp from bots, no small battles, all xp gains made from pvp fights in ow and port captures. Server 2)A duplicate of sea trials 1. You fight battles and you level up in ships (no open world here) Server 3)Like server 1 but more for casuals (would be like eu pvp sever 1 currently)
  3. Clinch

    Tournament Match Room

    This, this post brought me out of exile. Please! I've said all along that many people just don't have the time to grind up in ow and therefore don't bother playing. I miss the old pvp lobby battles. I know somebody is gonna post "it only took me 3 hours to get to midshipman" or something like that. If we had pvp lobby and allowed a certain number of each class of ship or a combined br rating, I think it would please many.
  4. Clinch

    Pig cloud

    Can we get a post from admin here?
  5. Clinch

    Big Waste of time

    Myself (to some extent), Tac, and Chromey are the last left of 9 guys who I persuaded into buying this game that still play. In sea trials-all of us were around. Now the other 6 cant be bothered. The numbers in my small group represent something thats happening across the board here.
  6. Clinch

    Big Waste of time

    I have felt this same way as well. I have been thinking of some sort of suggestions to help but i cant come up with anything. Providing us with unlimited durability will increase pvp but it will take away from the big picture. If you have nothing to lose, then it might as well just be skirmish mode and save us the time sailing around looking for each other. In my opinion the only partial solution to lack of pvp is to remove experience and gold achieved from beating ai. In addition to this i would not make it possible to capture ai ships. This will force players that want to level up and sail bigger ships to look for pvp. Right now the biggest problem is everyone has sailed to their own remote areas and farmed ai to death. Now that we all have big ships we just look at each other from across the pond. There is an exception to this, the guys that get together for trafalgar battles on saturday. Even these guys play a friendly variation where you "tap out" before you lose your ship. That is the cold hard facts of how people are playing at the moment. In my opinion, the open world needs to be adjusted so people will not lose much in pvp. I dont know exact answers and i wish admin lots of luck in doing this. Just my 2 cents.
  7. Clinch

    bagpipe music in boarding???

    How about Dropkick Murphys shipping up to boston?
  8. Admin you created a great game and the 40 dollars I paid you was well worth it. I love what you have done. In all honesty, I dont want open world I just want to fight like we did in the sea trials. While I understand this isnt part of your plans, you envisioned something bigger and greater and way beyond what I enjoy (something that would amaze me completely), I just wanna fight battles personally. I want to spend 2-6 hours a weekend in 2-6 battles having fun, using tactics, and sink the enemy. You have already given me more than 40$ worth of skilled entertainment but I really just want the skirmish function enabled (with organized battle rooms).
  9. 1000th arena game in age of sail? Ppl, most of them anyways dont really have the time for ow. This isnt about the worth of 40$. I know Ive already gotten that from the game. In my honest opinion at this point-were not going to get big numbers in OW! Im sorry to say this but its the truth. If I was making this game-Id focus on combat mechanics, new ships, and an abstract campaign that would last a month or so. Its not the fault of the dev team in any way. OW was manufactured magnificently! The problem is that in games ppl want action, in OW that action may not happen for several days.
  10. I honestly believe that the height of this game was in sea trials. We all sit around with 100 or so ppl in ow thinking "where are the people?". "Maybe the problem is the admin needs to open this game up on steam?" I honestly at this point believe (IN MY POINT OF VIEW) its just not worth it to spend many hours getting a bigger ship and spend more countless hours leveling up for a bigger ship for that rare pvp experience in the ow. ITS JUST NOT WORTH THE EFFORT. Maybe we got spoiled in sea trials but the reality is WE ALL JUST WANT TO FIGHT! I have never seen more than 150 in ow but ive seen way more in sea trials.The ganking, unfair battles, loss of durabilities, boarding combat problems, etc.,etc.did not happen in sea trials. And now that we are trying to figure out how to have fair fights and no ganking we are basically reducing ourselves back to sea trials. I know ppl wont like my sentiments here, thats understandable. But in my honest opinion...maybe the open world can be an abstract idea part of some long campaign. Rather than spend long hours of looking for pvp that just doesnt exist. I talked 9 friends into buying this game and only 3 of them play it at all anymore. The admin wants to talk about those ppl that only play for 10 minutes of OW, I'll tell you why. They are bored, they already feel they have put there time in getting bigger ships, the juice isnt worth the squeeze. So really this is a major turning point. Can the devs make this game fun and attractive to everyone that had purchased (or will purchase), will we be stuck with 150 regular players in the OW, or can we turn this game into fun action that anyone can spend an hour a night on and still be at an even keel with others. I know it hurts-but this is the truth
  11. Clinch

    Arranged Weekend Trafalgars anyone???

    Why don't we just go back to sea trials? Might solve all our problems
  12. Clinch

    New ROE discussion

    I still say a great idea would be cut experience and gold won in pve by 75% or more. If you wanna level up, you gotta pvp.
  13. Clinch

    NA political structure

    This forum is a little totalitarian, I admit. I try not to be myself and don't always agree with some of the moderators doings. Having said that, I also feel it is our duty to keep the bullshit that plagues many other online communities out of this one altogether. I think everyone has a right to say what they want and express their opinions but there are forum rules that need to be followed. If someone causes problems, they won't be a part of this community.
  14. Clinch

    NA political structure

    Some of these topics get a little craxy. You have to remember that you are just tossing out opinions. It very well could be the developers have already figured out how to handle all of these scenarios. For example-we tested the bot fleets and nobody liked it. The developers will maybe use that idea in some way (perhaps attached to traders) but I doubt the navies will see them again. Theres no reason to defend your opinion, just throw it out there and hope someone can see it.
  15. I believe the smoke is on the server side, so no way to reduce it. Now it would be even more intense if the amount of zoom from ship was reduced. I know most people wont like it at first but its gonna add more skill, planning, and teamwork