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  1. I don't see how everyone power leveling in small battles in their cutters makes any sense. Port battles are vs mortello towers. I find it quite boring tbh but I guess the community is good with it so whatever.
  2. Currently there are 4 different servers all basically serving the same purpose. Wouldn't it be more beneficial if something like this was done Server 1)Hardcore-no xp from bots, no small battles, all xp gains made from pvp fights in ow and port captures. Server 2)A duplicate of sea trials 1. You fight battles and you level up in ships (no open world here) Server 3)Like server 1 but more for casuals (would be like eu pvp sever 1 currently)
  3. This, this post brought me out of exile. Please! I've said all along that many people just don't have the time to grind up in ow and therefore don't bother playing. I miss the old pvp lobby battles. I know somebody is gonna post "it only took me 3 hours to get to midshipman" or something like that. If we had pvp lobby and allowed a certain number of each class of ship or a combined br rating, I think it would please many.
  4. How about Dropkick Murphys shipping up to boston?
  5. Admin you created a great game and the 40 dollars I paid you was well worth it. I love what you have done. In all honesty, I dont want open world I just want to fight like we did in the sea trials. While I understand this isnt part of your plans, you envisioned something bigger and greater and way beyond what I enjoy (something that would amaze me completely), I just wanna fight battles personally. I want to spend 2-6 hours a weekend in 2-6 battles having fun, using tactics, and sink the enemy. You have already given me more than 40$ worth of skilled entertainment but I really just want the sk
  6. Why don't we just go back to sea trials? Might solve all our problems
  7. I like that idea Chustler. Grapeshot-we could still have private conversations. Its not like anyone is currently discussing anything of importance in global.
  8. That looks awesome! Played a game called close action at a game convention once and enjoyed it very much.
  9. After thinking more on this subject, i came to the conclusion theres no good reason for 1)a brig class or larger to attack a lynx bc they arent going to get shit out of it. Not much xp or gold. And 2)Theres not good reason for a lynx to attack a brig class or larger because with 4 or 6 lbers you're probably not going to do any kind of damage to level up. There are exceptions to this rule but its a simple concept of not being a dick and wasting peoples time. Having said that, in earlier stages of ow we all may have thought it was proper to destroy an enemy ship no matter what they were sailing.
  10. Yeah Im sorry to say. Some of us have joined TDA. I feel bad for leaving some of you guys but it just seemed to be the most logical. Vander, LaFluer, Ulysses, and even Chromey...I will always show respect to you gents at sea. I would provide good word if you wanted to join us.
  11. In all honesty-unless u are in a lynx and u are tagging another lynx----you are wasting your own time and his. Hopefully all the "newbs" realize they can outrun any ship by sailing a 90 degree angle to the wind. I still say in the long run, ignore lynx. Let them do what they need to do. If they do attack you, give it a go. Then again...in a basic lynx-you dont have shit to lose! So attack everyone and get some xp as a lynx. Figure out how to outmanuever people while you are in a lynx. Its sort of a right of passage, puberty on the seas
  12. I honestly think that anyone in a lynx should be left alone-unless you are in a lynx. I am guilty of bringing a navy brig in an all lynx battle the other day bc I thought the enemy was many more than it was. It was a little shameful (for me) and I quickly went to port and gathered up a lynx.
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