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  1. Didn't read the entire thread, but there were already good gameplay solutions made by some of us way way back on the whole concept of rewarding those who fight and discouraging ppl from constantly running. We suggested an honor system, where you would have some kind of honor status based upon how much you fought vs ran that would grant rewards. Admin then said there were no good proposals on the forums, so several of us made some detailed posts on how we thought the system should work, then they told us something like it would be too much work, so now we unsurprisingly are in the situation a lot of us knew would happen way back since the early days of OW. Hopefully the devs will reconsider the issue as more and more ppl keep making them realize this is a concern...like after they get the land in battles and officer/crew systems working. http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/6243-honour-code-to-discourage-ganking http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/5690-why-people-dont-fight
  2. Make the port battle victory based on 2 conditions: - Achieve a 2:1 BR difference. - Destroy 2/3 of the enemy's total # the ships (no matter what the BR difference is). Once BOTH these happen, the n you can declare the winner. And keep the 15 minute shrinking circle as propsed.
  3. Some of us already have suggested in the past Puchu that the game needs a built-in mechanic that rewards 'somewhat' honorable gameplay and discourages repeated ganking ala an honor/rep system. Maybe people with positive rep (that fight mostly even or underdog battles) have cheaper repairs and people with very negative rep lose 2 durabilities instead of 1. But the devs stated way back they did not want to implement any kind of honor system *shrug*
  4. I gotta be honest, unless you are the dedicated chase guy and you know you are chasing some other speed modded guys, I do not recommend ever going fir or teak. Ever since they nerfed fir speed bonuses, the speed benefits have been negligible compared to the extra planking/hull strength benefits provided by oak. Typically most vet players will go oak on 4th-6th rates and live oak on 1st-3rd rates. If you're looking to be a chase ship, having a Trinc with Copper Plating and long guns on the bow chasers should suffice 95% of the time.
  5. OP you should have seen how long our Trafalgars lasted when we had 3x hull/sail repairs, and planking mods stacked, like 1 ship out of 25 sunk in 90 minutes sometimes
  6. And the US are cramped around...the US. What's your point? How do you think playing a Swede feels, they are crammed in between the Danes and French
  7. It's like the Bellona is to the generic 74 3rd rate, it uses the same Cherubim model with a different dark green/turquoise trim. IIRC from the last pirate frigate I captured back in closed Alpha, it has the same exact armament, but slightly more crew (maybe 20-30 I can't exactly remember), and it has built in boarding models like grog rations/marines/muskets. TLDR version, don't let one of these guys board you if you are in a similarly sized ship and don't have a large crew advantage
  8. They need to make regional capitals be the main focus of port battles. How you do this? Make them the only ports where you can craft 1st - 3rd rates. Also they would be the only ports where you could buy repair kits for those ships as well. This would at least force real action to defend a port and add more overall strategy. So if you control the regional ports for an area and defend them everyday, then you can begin to starve another nation out of crafting and repairing SOLs on the front battle lines. In order to make it so one nation of larger size cannot so easily retain absolute power over smaller nations, increase the port battle window from 2 to 8 hours for regional capitals only. Maybe after a 1 week period without ownership change it goes up to a 12 hour window. It would keep things dynamic at least for sure I don't know if some mechanic like this would be added to regional ports with the port buildings maybe as I am not privy to their Skype shenanigans. Also I would hope as part of this port building content patch that you could also have 'port battles' over the OW resource nodes then hinted at adding (i.e. seizing control of a gold mine on the Cuban coast) http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/7978-development-plans-prioritization-proposals-and-feedback/
  9. Like I said before, they really need to add a bunch of hauler missions. Haul cargo shipment A from the port to another port. Destination port would most likely need to be a Free Town. Have longer hauler missions that go to towns that are further away in the region (higher risk/reward). You could eventually add some smuggler missions for pirates - deliver some cargo to another nation's port under a false flag. These missions should have higher gold/xp payout (more efficient) than doing normal search and destory admiralty missions. It will get more ppl flowing in and out of new ports which will likely increase the pvp and make port blockades an actual thing of strategy. Maybe if you get sunk along the way while doing these missions, the destination port take a cut out of your pay for damaged goods.
  10. If ppl aren't learning, it's probably because they're not asking for help. I have never really seen ppl asking questions in help chat not get answered. The game will hopefully get in-game tutorials and a better UI and tooltips that should help with the basics. I am mainly annoyed by the new players that see patch notes and start screaming on the forums like the whole world is falling down before they even test it or provide feedback. If you want to learn the game better, your best bet is to find a helpful guild to teach you the ropes. Some of us have been providing feedback for over a year to get the game up to the level it is right now, so yeah some of us are going to actually try and have some more fun this time around
  11. Propsals: - Every time you visit a new port for the first time, you get xp (promote exploring) - Every time you sell cargo to a port you get xp - Hauler missions (merchant x needs y cargo delivered from port z to port q) - Player bounties (would probably take some work). That way you could take a hauler mission, do an admiralty mission along the way, sail to the new port and get some xp, turn in the cargo and admiralty mission to get more xp.
  12. At a high level, I think pirates should be able to port raid at a very much reduced cost compared to other nations (maybe only 20% cost). However I think their conquest flags should cost at least twice as much as other nations. Basically Pirates should be encouraged to raid to get resources, and not to do as much conquest to get more land/influence.
  13. Just give the player who starts the instance a modal popup window when another player tries to join on their side stating their name, ship, faction. Give them the option to accept or deny, problem solved, anyone who wants help can accept, everyone else can deny, no more same faction griefing.
  14. If people want longer fights, the devs can balance around double shot being in the game. They doubled the 'hp' of all hull planking before, they can simply do it again if players think double was too powerful. They also nerfed the damage by 50% that one patch where they removed carronades from everything but the WDs. All that is needed are simple number tweaks which will make a difference. Personally I like double shot because it made long cannons more attractive. You aren't really going to do much significant damage from 500m+ out with the current dispersion model, so the added range of longs is kind of moot right now especially with the longer reload times.
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