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  1. I really wish they would somehow add the ranks/xp levels and ships/max crew in-game. This could be the #1 question players always ask...can I crew x ship at y rank? How many crew would I be missing then?
  2. Hey guys, I've marked (most) of the Regional Capitals and added the new Free Town and other ports. Note regional and main capitals are the only ports where you can buy assault flags to do port battles. As of right now the regional capitals are not capturable but the rumor is that will change next week. Lastly, while I might occasionally update the port ownership (once a week maybe) if uncontested parts of the map stay more or less static, but I will not be updating the port ownership on a daily basis. You can use the in-game map for that. The in-game map will update once per day af
  3. I just updated the map with all the free towns...sorry I liked the Sierra Leone freetown better (need to keep with vintage flag theme)
  4. Hello again everyone. Apparently there were more than a few things wrong with my map. I have finally fixed all the Pirate Ports that are supposed to be Neutral and added 5 or so new ports that were missing and have verified the data against others. The map should now be accurate for the current patch finally. Sorry it took so long. Still looking for a few brave souls to map port resources, send a PM if interested.
  5. Please send me a forum PM with your email address registered to your google account and I will add you to the editor's list. I currently am looking for some nice ppl who sail in the lesser Antilles to update the resources produced for those ports. I am hindered in my ability to update things quickly without an alt now to do my exploring If you are talking about Kidd's Harbor, no there is nothing really secret about it anymore, I just need to add it. I keep forgetting to add it
  6. Yes, I have not had time to update everything 100% as I need to do another pass (probably a few more hours of work). Things have been pretty crazy with the crafting patch. Please note, resource listings should be ignored unless you see a U (for updated) next to the in-game coords.
  7. Hey guys I updated all the capital ports and a majority of the ports that went from pirate to neutral and vice versa. There's still some more work to be done. Also, if you see a port with a capital U (stands for updated) next to the coords, it means I have updated the port goods produced listing since the crafting patch. Currently I have done a majority of US and bahamas and am starting on the neutral ports in Cuba. If there is no U, then then those are old production notes and should be ignored.
  8. Well thanks Barberouge, looks like there is some work to be done. I've had several ppl tell me since the patch they still like my map due to it having coords and (partial) resource listing. But now I see there is an in-game map, I guess it is only a matter of time once you guys implement a moveable compass and grid lines, there probably won't be too much use for these outside maps anymore. Although I assume the in-game map will be covered in fog of war at the start when the game goes to EA?
  9. Last I counted I had 355 ports, doesn't look like you listed 14 corrections so still wondering on that difference, but anyways thanks for the update. I'm sure our maps will get butchered with the upcoming data wipe! ><
  10. Someone asked me for an updated port count. We now have 355 ports discovered. Good luck finding anymore
  11. All ports that have been listed on page 11, I have now added to the map
  12. Hi guys, I have heard the feedback some have sent me and if you see a port you want listed please make a post in this thread instead of PM'ing me because I will forget to add it later when I actually have time. Having all the updates in on a single page on this thread is a lot more convenient for me. I work full time and have RL stuff obviously, so sometimes I do not have the time to make updates until the weekend... Thanks
  13. No, because it appears to change daily after each server restart
  14. I extended a few lines, I tried to keep the lines proper relative to port coords, you guys give it a few days and let me know if you want me to revert it or do it with the rest of the lines... As was mentioned before, the game map is based off historical maps not google satellite maps, so it is hard to line everything up perfectly...
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