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  1. Just give the player who starts the instance a modal popup window when another player tries to join on their side stating their name, ship, faction. Give them the option to accept or deny, problem solved, anyone who wants help can accept, everyone else can deny, no more same faction griefing.
  2. Yeah I don't board much anymore, but when did they change this rule on prize ownership? I always thought whoever wins the boarding gets the ship, and you have to shift+rclick->release to all for another player on your team to take it. Are we are talking about someone from the enemy side took the ship? I feel like I'm missing something here...
  3. admin, I created a character for another nation first, then deleted it before starting my US character. I assume when you run your scripts it will not try to give them out to the first character?
  4. What time are servers up? My fingers are getting tired...
  5. Okay well I have decided to take off work tomorrow, it better come out on time!!
  6. Admin, In the heat of all the technical things, have you tried to line up any press related interview stuff? From what I heard talking to the Infinity Battlescape devs during their KS, it's pretty hard to get any kind of media coverage nowadays by big name 'game journalism' sites unless you're from a major studio AAA studio. What is the email address press can contact for more info? Have you considered at least doing a copy/paste job of your main post here to your front page's blog? I assume some kind of bulk email reminder you will send out? I don't know what's been cooking wi
  7. We should not have to Home Cam below the water to see shallows IMO b/c the water in the Bahamas should be clear enough to see through. Take a look at the first 60 seconds of this video:
  8. This is what happens when you listen to Pagan Pete's suggestions about this game being an 'arcade shooter'
  9. Start your own French faction based guild and recruit some new players that play in the US timezone...I am sure there would be some interested ppl, might have to wait on EA though.
  10. Booyaah

    TDA connie

    Conquering the pacific (btw can't see the OP's pic)
  11. I would like it if the wind stayed static the first 15 minutes before it starts shifting. Why? You need time to close the distance with your opponent initially. It just doesn't make for good gameplay balance if the wind shifts 90° in the first 10 minutes and all of a sudden one side is completely stuck downwind unable to move to their enemy before they can even close distance first. I do however like the concept of the wind changing drastically later in the match because it can stop endless runners.
  12. I really wish they would somehow add the ranks/xp levels and ships/max crew in-game. This could be the #1 question players always ask...can I crew x ship at y rank? How many crew would I be missing then?
  13. You mean like a custom lobby? http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/7473-trafalgar-event-room-improvements/ If you really need video recording for a cinematic De Ruyter's YouTube already has A TON of cinematic film without any UI elements from every Trafalgar. https://www.youtube.com/user/brandonchat/videos
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