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  1. I know this one!! If the clan creator deletes his Avitar of that nation (if he has more than 1) the clan creator tag goes to the next officer down the list - list in this sense is the clan members tab above chat
  2. Or limit the amount of 1st/2nd rates allowed into a port battle to perhaps 1 vs 6 3rd rates - easy. It would mean you would need to co-ordinate to make sure you have good players in the 1st/2nd rates or get reckd
  3. I had just jumped on when this battle was happening - as is my lot i always seem to jump on when a server reset is about to happen...I digress. To be honest i'm quite impressed that some guys are even attempting to try for ports in this current confrontation - it seems most of your guys are fairly fresh to the game or have lots of time - with that time you are able to amass a nice top tier battle group for these PB's (hate PB's soooo much). Well done. Haven't had the opportunity to meet many of your players May we meet at sea Dazed.
  4. Its one of those ships that sit on the fence - too op in one and too weak in the other. It will be the same with conni with the new medium battles,
  5. You know sometimes i wonder if it would be better if we bin all these crappy modules and make it a skill game - but who wants that.
  6. Im not saying take demasting away - far from it (old school demaster talking here). Im saying if demasting has become the dominating strategy it means it may be a BIT to easy.
  7. Cant say im a fan of the current meta to de-mast opponents before closing in - doesnt bring much skill into the game. A wipe or two ago there was a good balance of mast and hull hp but masts have become a little too weak since the new hull values were added - hence everyone is using this strat. May bring it up in the testers forum.
  8. IMO the reason small battle rooms failed is that as some people touched upon, is that free basic cutters are allowed in and just became a no loss troll fest on anybody wanting a legitimate battle. To the people who say dont allow dueling rooms of whatever size as it will decrease OW participation, id tell them there are already people working the system to acheive this anyway. also remember that the game has bled people who want only pvp and this could induce them to return. Allowing only same nation duels unless competition will only make people join the same nation. Training room
  9. Loving the action when ive been on. I dont have to hunt for enemy!!!!!
  10. least this will purge us of fanboi pirates
  11. Well hello there Mr. WC/Prussian

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