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  1. DazednConfused

    Change Clan Creator

    I know this one!! If the clan creator deletes his Avitar of that nation (if he has more than 1) the clan creator tag goes to the next officer down the list - list in this sense is the clan members tab above chat
  2. DazednConfused

    [WIP] La Proserpine 3D model of a french 18pdr frigate

    Nice model mate. i enjoy your projects - keep it up.
  3. DazednConfused

    The role of third rates in deep water PB

    Or limit the amount of 1st/2nd rates allowed into a port battle to perhaps 1 vs 6 3rd rates - easy. It would mean you would need to co-ordinate to make sure you have good players in the 1st/2nd rates or get reckd
  4. DazednConfused

    Officer perks - heavy moderation!

    DazednConfused - PVP1 Decorated hero - Perk for officer - gives morale bonus and attack bonus to boarding actions. Drummers boy - Perk for marines - increases attack/ defence bonus. Jonah - debuff randomly to an officer - decreases morale. Hand of glory - a sailor has a hand off a hanged man hidden away - morale bonus. Gunner's wife - buffs junior midshipmen. Shifty eyed cook - ship consumes rations faster. Skinny purser - cost of rations and cannon consumables is higher. The black spot - pirate debuff - one officer will die from crew. Ships monkey - crew morale bonus, rations consumed faster. Physician- buff for surgeon - revives % of crew over time in battle. Shipwrights son - buff for carpenter - Former revenue man - buff for an officer - sharper lookout. ill edit more in later
  5. Yeah testers got access to OW when it first came out before everybody else but for the most part were a closed forum group for when Admin needs feedback without RVR drama. Its usually mods who test things - go to mod list for their numbers
  6. DazednConfused

    Patch 9.8 & Demasting

    my point was that you shouldn't fire at the mast to bring them down anyway. It should be a chance based on rigging damage. lower stumps only drop in novels and movies. post patch is better because all modes of play are FAR more balanced than before - if everyone only goes for masts its because its too easy and the only way to win.
  7. DazednConfused

    Patch 9.8 & Demasting

    u know in rl when firing at a rounded object its really unlikely they won't deflect until very close right? New patch far better
  8. DazednConfused

    The Duel room

    Only if you are able to fight the guy you thought you would - i've gone in to duel a friend and ended up fighting somebody else because there's no way to see who's waiting - and you cant pull out when you realise this fact.
  9. DazednConfused

    The Duel room

    I was playing against some friends and some randoms recently in the Duel room and noticed that the modules that are on your ship in OW follow into the room. Can we change this so when duelling the ships are vanilla? (eg a basic oak ship with no modules or perks) The reason is someone could be new to a ship/rank and have a basic vessel and end up against an exceptional ship with all gold modules - pretty much fighting at a disadvantage even though the intent is to face a similar foe (leaving skill levels out for this discussion.) This would also tie nicely with group duels if they ever happen too - no excuses that one side has an extra advantage just because they have more time to acquire gucci upgrades. I can understand keeping the modules if your ship can be lost, but since nothing is lost why not even the playing field?
  10. I play limited hours but am thoroughly enjoying this new patch. We're back to skilled fights - where before players would just sit back and go for masts and first to get a mast wins. Now we have to get in close, use positioning skills, sail handling skills etc to gain DPS advantage - and masting is still possible but at a realistic range. Carronades have purpose now - although the broadside aiming with differing deck loadouts still seems off somehow. I agree that deflections should be lessened (by mabie half?) and instead have a scaling penetration dependant on angle from that halfway point.
  11. I had just jumped on when this battle was happening - as is my lot i always seem to jump on when a server reset is about to happen...I digress. To be honest i'm quite impressed that some guys are even attempting to try for ports in this current confrontation - it seems most of your guys are fairly fresh to the game or have lots of time - with that time you are able to amass a nice top tier battle group for these PB's (hate PB's soooo much). Well done. Haven't had the opportunity to meet many of your players May we meet at sea Dazed.
  12. DazednConfused

    Niagara Status!

    Its one of those ships that sit on the fence - too op in one and too weak in the other. It will be the same with conni with the new medium battles,
  13. DazednConfused

    Add 1 Crafting Note to pick speed/stiffness.

    You know sometimes i wonder if it would be better if we bin all these crappy modules and make it a skill game - but who wants that.
  14. DazednConfused

    Damage model 5.0 and feedback - heavily moderated

    agreed - the lowest section of the masts should take huge amounts of punishment - call it extremely unlikely to fall. could upper masts and crucially spars be tied to rigging damage somehow? so we dont get masts falling when rigging is still 70% + health
  15. DazednConfused

    World's First Pastafarian Wedding (in Pirate Costumes)

    My Avatar says it all