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  1. I think the topic merits discussion. This far, Naval Action and POTBS have mirrored each other in both game play challenges as well as population declines. It seems accelerated with NA. I'm not saying that an EVE-esqse format is warranted, but thinking outside the box is. I think NA hit gold with the arena based combat personally.
  2. It is the lone wolf player that funds the game, to allow development. Meaning, he p(l)ays it as he wishes.
  3. Trader Snow vs Frigate & Bellona. Good fight tonight to British GNF clan. I thought my bounty was up. After a long chase, and being severely demasted, my Trader Snow "Stern Camped" the Frigate (Bellona was left downwind...the escape-o-meter does not yet have the Frigate or Bellona on it...so I guessed upwind incorrectly). Due to inactivity, the fight was broken off (The frigate forgot to fire I guess, after chasing me for 15 minutes...so I exited). None the less, good fight GNF ... good fight. GRIM PS - France, all this happened right outside Grand Anse The Brits are HERE!
  4. At some point folks have to agree that this thread will find no solution or resolution. The is no right or wrong, only biased opinion. As there is no construct within the game, all players are within "the rules" setout by the developers. As councils are player driven "meta game", there is no obligation on "all players" of a nation abiding to said "meta game councils". I'm uncertain why this thread is still open. Best locked.
  5. Good point. In either scenario, those persons haven't made a thread but they'll spend alot of energy moaning here that no rules are broken, but their made up ones.
  6. What is everyone going to do when they actually go back to war with the Danes!? Lol Ohhhh noooooez. You'll have to work together!
  7. Not bad. Certainly a far cry from "people are traitors for not following our rule" (as this ridiculous thread suggests). I'll even give it a like
  8. Still no thread in the suggestions forum. Does anyone have conviction in this idea that players MUST follow the popular majority?
  9. We'll thought out logic. Herein is the flaw in your logic: that consensus is required. It might be "desired", yes. It is conceivable that a single group of like minded individuals can become the majority. As there are no game mechanics to do so, there is no limitations on Drunk's ability to RVR, EXCEPT for the number of like minded individuals they have. If they're a clan of 5, taking a port is probably impossible. If they're a clan of 18, taking the port is possible, but holding it is unlikely. If they are a clan of 36, 50, 75,150... Do I need to list all the permutations? I'll end on this note as it is key to your well thought out argument: There is no limitations to their desire to RVR. Consensus with the "popular majority" is not required. Their only limitation is the size of their group and ability to take action. You've self imposed your belief that minority group must abide by player made councils.
  10. Us. DRUNK and RNON. We could make a "h-e-double-hockeysticks" of a group together.
  11. I can tell you how other historical world leaders have "dealt with" minorities... This is not a game philosophy discussion. This is about power and the "right" to wield it. Had anyone taken stock of the impact 2 small groups have had? Very little. "But Grim, they're starting to take ports now! What if they become strong enough to hold them too?". Power. That's all this is about. A few "elite" groups trying to maintain a power base - and to have gone so far as to create tribunal threads. Using fear and bullying. Abuse in national chats. Abuse here in forums. And only because they have a different vision of game play. A compliant should be lodged. If anything, I should hope that the development team makes a strong statement about the treatment of Drunk and RNON. Overall, very unacceptable by "the majority".
  12. I've personally closed nation chat and global. I haven't been reading national news. My game play enjoyment had tripled. Les Abaisse is now 9 members. In a few months, taking ports will be possible. If "France" complains, I won't know any better. Enjoy your games respectively
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