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  1. Dear all, Peace has been agreed between the Dutch and Swedish nation. The peace treaty includes the following: The Swedish insertion into the Dutch territory lost it's momentum and reached a stalemate. To prevent the war dragging on, the Swedish have approached the Dutch for a peace treaty. The agreed treaty contains the following: - Return La Blanquila and St Georges to Dutch nation - Macanao to return to the Swedish nation for 2 days to evacuate ships, and will be returned to Dutch after that. Let it be known the nations also agree the following terms: - Evacuated swedish ships fro
  2. A declaration from His Highness King Gustavus Adolphus, King of Swea, Goths and Wendes; it has come to my attention that a Rogue naval unit of the Swedish Navy has broken my explicit orders to respect our signed cease fire with the Danish Nation, by attacking and capturing completely undefended Danish Harbours. The Peace treaty with the Danes has been signed by all the major nobles and clans of Sweden. Breaking this cease fire, and the repeated attempts by the [DRUNK] clan to provoke a war with the Danish nation, has forced me to declare this clan traitors to the swedish nation.
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