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  1. there goes you chance of being a great military leader then...
  2. I'm trying but even with pasting it's almost impossible to get stuff in Brit, Alliance and Global chat without getting really confused - RKPR will be on next Saturday with a more workable solution I hope
  3. What is really needed is an easier way to do this. Pasting links into Brit, Global and Alliance chat is fiddly - I'm thinking about making a YouTube playlist But I'm hoping to find some sort of online DJ broadcasting app that'll I can use. Perhaps TS will do?
  4. For the moment I'm running it on Brit or Global Chat on Saturday mornings. Providing YouTube links for people to copy into their browsers. Can't think of another way to do it without massive licence fees. Might make a YouTube playlist tho. DJ Mouse
  5. I'd be up for it - click on the RKPR building in Kingston and tune in / chill out!
  6. http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/15900-radio-kpr-is-back-on-the-air-and-needs-your-help/
  7. Gentlemen and Players As you know Radio KPR has been off the air for a while. The theft of our record collection by a pirate smuggler has meant that we have not been able to bring you the ranking hot tunes that RKPR is famous for. But take a hand to bring back the Saturday morning show of the 'Station Across the British Nation' Send in your YouTube links to Nautical and Caribbean tunes Because DJ Mouse is back on the air! And we always welcome new talent so come along to our chilled-out KPR beach-front studios and take a spell at the decks! * RadioKPR - sailing the airwaves *
  8. I really like the diplomacy we have already and I fear any built-in diplomacy might ruin it
  9. It won't happen and the respect for the Danes is so high among the Brits that there's talk of providing them with ships as long as they keep on coming to Jamaica and giving us great PVP
  10. A testament to a mature and gentlemanly player base. The game is the thing - not grinding down nations
  11. Hilarious - lol If you want to be hated Bee, you are going to have to work a lot harder. How about practicing one of those evil laughs? How does it go? MhahaHA! (something like that anyway)
  12. You obviously don't like the other pirates and they have a similar a low opinion of you. How did this state of affairs come to pass when you are such a 'great' leader? I think it's time for you to consider the possibility that your failure might be something to do with your lack of leadership qualities
  13. How about... 1. Being able to enter ports in battle - It seems odd that your trader can flee right up to one of your ports during a battle and still get captured or sunk. Surely if you reach a friendly or neutral port during battle you should be able to escape the battle? 2. Logging off in battles should be possible for RL issues but like leaving a game of chess halfway through, the game be forfeit. Any XP or captured ships should be lost. I'm not necessarily saying that captured or sunk ships should be restored to their owners. And removing this as an 'avoiding the consequences of your
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