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  1. Personally, I think it's ridiculous that all of this off-topic forum pvp is allowed to persist in our thread from adversaries to our clan, but i cannot post in the American Council thread. Not really conducive to attracting new players. We can recruit in game based on our accomplishments, but there are very few new players. And, devs wonder why people post in steam reviews about chat bans. LOL. pretty obvious. I have never personally never been chat banned, but have also never warranted one. However, I have seen others chat banned for the most mundane and common expressions. The bigges
  2. [sORRY] is a high activity, heavily PVP focused fleet. We have over 120+ active captains from many different countries. We have many high ranked captains and level 50 crafters. Anyone who is active and wants to participate in PVP will be welcomed. Here a man get what he earns when he earns it. Our only requirement is that you must be in TS3 when you are online. Our TS3 server is: voice.darksoft.tech If this sounds like something you would be interested in contact Lord Vicious, RockNRollMachine, AWDWheelChair, Toast, Admiral Rachira, Nos Patris or myself in game and come sail with us.
  3. Today's effort A captured British Victory And a British Pavel donation: Before And After
  4. Sorry if you've seen these screens before. They were taken down without explanation, but we are happy to add them back.
  5. So, if I go on vacation, I can become a Brit. Sounds awesome. And, if we cap a town, it becomes a freetown so the nations can't cap it back! That sounds awesome. Let's do it!
  6. It was a fun fight and a worthy prize. Thanks for being good sports. Most honorable brit players I have played against.
  7. Pirate coalition, including SORRY just took US east coast to San Augustine. Cabo Canaveral is now under the Black Flag. US players have been warned. We've only killed 2 of their Santi's in OW. 3 in battle and we know there are more for the taking, should they choose to undock them. We encourage all pirates to move to Cabo for great PVP vs. US role players.
  8. I added video to OP. But i will place it here as well for any that may have missed it. US nation vs SORRY
  9. LAWL. Sounds like you were in the wrong place at the wrong time. SORRY I can't speak to what every member of the clan is doing every minute. But, Keep sending your ships to get sunk. The bigger the better. PLS
  10. I have honestly never played a game with so much whining and QQ on top of the holier-than-thou, self righteous platitudes. This is a PVP game. And not everyone is going to always be cordial and gentlemanly. Sometimes people get salty. It's okay. We're all human. But, play the GAME instead of whining to the devs. They've got more important things to do than wipe away your tears and put the tissue under your nose. We're sailing pixelated wooden ships. It's not that serious. The whole point of being a tester is to find grey areas and help the devs refine the game. So, maybe instead of crying
  11. Hi admin, Just for clarification. This topic is now a recruitment platform for clan [sORRY], formerly known as the US clan [sTARS].
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