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  1. And, i'm going to say it again. Unless something drastic changes the game is completely dead. Might as well get rid of the OW and go back to Sea Trials because that's how many people are online at once. The devs have repeatedly stated that they make the game they want to play. Apparently they don't want to make a fun game AND be successful. TBH, at this point the game doesn't warrant logging in to, and this from a very committed, albeit realistic player.
  2. Personally, I think it's ridiculous that all of this off-topic forum pvp is allowed to persist in our thread from adversaries to our clan, but i cannot post in the American Council thread. Not really conducive to attracting new players. We can recruit in game based on our accomplishments, but there are very few new players. And, devs wonder why people post in steam reviews about chat bans. LOL. pretty obvious. I have never personally never been chat banned, but have also never warranted one. However, I have seen others chat banned for the most mundane and common expressions. The biggest influences for the devs that post on the forums and are moderators in-game have the thinnest skin of any group i've ever seen in a pvp game, and likewise don't like to backup their talk. That's the problem. They want authoritative control to say who can and cannot speak, when and where. It's simple. Until this changes, expect pop to keep declining. You can blame it on SORRY all you want. But we are keeping the pop numbers high. We are active and we are dedicated. It's clear for all to see. Johnny Reb, you are in no position to demand terms. As i have said to you and many others, WE will do what we want, until we decide to do something else. We WERE willing to grant you mercy based on the cries in the forums, but you have once again rebuked us in a most uncouth way and unfortunately, your country shall suffer the consequences. . Let this be known. Georgetown will be given back because a reasonable US clan paid a bounty for it. But none south of Charleston will be had. We are not angry nor do we hold a grudge. We want the US nation to rise against us. We want those players who have been burdened by the US council to experience the excitement that unbridled fun and liberty have to offer. But, remember US players the council has steered you wrong too many times. The council and more specifically TF/TDA have steered you into your current fate. Do not abide them. If you follow them into follie, no one will feel SORRY. NOW IS YOUR CHANCE. Join our coms. Negiotiate terms. And, depose the council. There are still ports to save! 5 man and 10 man clans rise up in resisitance, depose the US council, and have fun. Unite against us dirty pirates and cleanse the US homeland of our hoardes.
  3. [sORRY] is a high activity, heavily PVP focused fleet. We have over 120+ active captains from many different countries. We have many high ranked captains and level 50 crafters. Anyone who is active and wants to participate in PVP will be welcomed. Here a man get what he earns when he earns it. Our only requirement is that you must be in TS3 when you are online. Our TS3 server is: voice.darksoft.tech If this sounds like something you would be interested in contact Lord Vicious, RockNRollMachine, AWDWheelChair, Toast, Admiral Rachira, Nos Patris or myself in game and come sail with us. 18+ only please Archive of battles here: http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/11616-sorry-stars-and-skulls-pvp-1-eu-pirates/
  4. Today's effort A captured British Victory And a British Pavel donation: Before And After
  5. Sorry if you've seen these screens before. They were taken down without explanation, but we are happy to add them back.
  6. So, if I go on vacation, I can become a Brit. Sounds awesome. And, if we cap a town, it becomes a freetown so the nations can't cap it back! That sounds awesome. Let's do it!
  7. It was a fun fight and a worthy prize. Thanks for being good sports. Most honorable brit players I have played against.
  8. Don't worry. When the map reset happens, we will be more than happy to conquer the east coast of Florida again. Perhaps, from Sweden this time. It really doesn't matter to us. Truth is at the moment you guys can't offer a fight and that is what we desperately want. We're tired of clubbing seals on the east coast. GB offers a brighter tomorrow. However, if you guys pay enough, we'll be happy to do your bidding for you. Or, we could always be US again. The opportunities abound.
  9. I'm fine with the 1st rates being more expensive. But, i have to say, I don't like the single limited production on BP's. My captain does not have alzheimers. But i didn't put 1,300 hours into the game to not be able to sail my Santi into battle. Or to invest a massive amount of real time to have it degrade even after it is an exceptional build, that is just ridiculous. I started playing the game with a group of friends. I'm the only one still around. I feel if these ideas become reality the game will officially die. I don't want that to happen. Honestly, how long does it take now for a casual player to get their hands on a 1st rate? The truth is they probably never will. Only the dedicated captains will ever have them as it is. People that have put 800+ hours into the game. Quineloe: As a level 50 crafter and max level player, I sail my santi maybe once a day fwiw. I don't think it's worth the risk of losing to sail it around the OW willy nilly.
  10. Pirate coalition, including SORRY just took US east coast to San Augustine. Cabo Canaveral is now under the Black Flag. US players have been warned. We've only killed 2 of their Santi's in OW. 3 in battle and we know there are more for the taking, should they choose to undock them. We encourage all pirates to move to Cabo for great PVP vs. US role players.
  11. I added video to OP. But i will place it here as well for any that may have missed it. US nation vs SORRY
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