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  1. Denmark-Norge Espana France Great Britain Pirates Sverige United States of America Verenigde-Provincien
  2. Admin doesn't do anything with this section and the mods usually stay out of it as long as possible. Pinned news is only pinned news for so long. As treaties come and go, so should the pins. We could use http://forum.game-labs.net/clubs/22-congress-of-vienna/ and manage our own pinning and moderation without bothering either devs or mods.
  3. Well, herding the British Bulldogs is relatively easy. I'm always open to provide more choices to the Horde. Feel free to propose them.
  4. "Let's go and grab West End from MARS!!!" SCAR is at war with MARS. And there we went, nicely sailing up north towards West End. After a mission of clubbing AI... "Oi! This port ain't West End! What's with this Skully?" "Ehr... yes, slight change of plans. MARS ran away before we got there. So we are now in fact attacking Bimini." "Whut!? That wasn't the plan." And the Horde scattered in search of other trinkets... Can MARS please stick up in a place somewhere so I can keep the Horde's attention on it long enough? Thanks.
  5. Aussies don't need the defender side to be limited to 15, they just need more time to deal with all the enemy ships. I keep trying to explain to Aussies how RvR works. "Good day chaps, you are going to need 25 ships to take over Islamorada." "Was the c*nt talking about!? We only need 13 to give'em a good spanking." "Well gentlemen, you want to capture the port right?" "Yeah, let's go!!!!" (ruffle stomping & unfurling of sails follows) "Hello? Hello? Anybody?" Ah crap....
  6. Naval Action Legend Closed Testing keys have arrived.
  7. Kontreadmiral Skully, Inquisitor of the Alpha Legion, First Envoy of the Free Empire, Officer of SCAR Logistics, 船体维修销售总监, Lord of Utilla and General Arsehole on chats and channels, also Grand Diplomat during 10-12.
  8. http://forum.game-labs.net/forum/84-naval-action-legends/
  9. I would classify this as "How not to RvR". I keep trying to explain to the Aussies that RvR is more than just undocking from port, getting into a good brawl, shooting the f*wits out of one-another and calling it a job well done... There should be something in between us to fight over!
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