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  1. Hello everyone, creative idea from devs to honor this veteran player. How you like the idea to make the book available for everyone in the pvp shop? A game should be fair, shouldn't it? cheers Don
  2. Please nerv the ai. How you should catch these speed boats??? With fir Fir??? That total bullshit!
  3. Hey Reverse, totally agree. It's now like when 2 Boxers are fighting in the ring. And one of them has a loaded shot-gun. So it dosn't matter how skilled the unarmed boxer is. He gets shot and loose... Cheers Don
  4. Hello Dear Devs, The game mechanic "fire ship" is a joke. Please put it in the settings it was before. Cheers Don
  5. Frozen loading screen https://gyazo.com/137bf50ccf834f7bd01d318637047a8e
  6. This is dedicated to all European Night-time-setters. Cheers Don
  7. There is something wrong: Indeed. I was in battlegroup with Knuddel. NAB-94082
  8. https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197974614064/screenshot/772853628409243569
  9. And I want here to emphasize that I only criticize things when I really, really like them 😉
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