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  1. Please nerv the ai. How you should catch these speed boats??? With fir Fir??? That total bullshit!
  2. Hey Reverse, totally agree. It's now like when 2 Boxers are fighting in the ring. And one of them has a loaded shot-gun. So it dosn't matter how skilled the unarmed boxer is. He gets shot and loose... Cheers Don
  3. Frozen loading screen https://gyazo.com/137bf50ccf834f7bd01d318637047a8e
  4. This is dedicated to all European Night-time-setters. Cheers Don
  5. There is something wrong: Indeed. I was in battlegroup with Knuddel. NAB-94082
  6. https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197974614064/screenshot/772853628409243569
  7. And I want here to emphasize that I only criticize things when I really, really like them 😉
  8. Hello Ink, yesterday at above-mentioned Patrol one of our Clanmates tagged a 5th rate ship into battle though it was clarified that only 6th rate ships are able to do solo patrol. What we basically expected that we get a usual team fight in the zone. As a result, our teammate found himself in a 1v1 and nobody else was able to join. I suppose that the description for rules of engagement in Patrol zone was not changed yet. You can imagine that our mate was not amused cause he missed a really good team fight. Cheers Donjuan
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