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  1. https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197974614064/screenshot/772853628409243569
  2. And I want here to emphasize that I only criticize things when I really, really like them 😉
  3. Would be nice getting a statement from devs team
  4. Dear Admin, I bought your DLC Naval Action Paint. And I have to realize that some of the ships are not craftable anymore because there are no permits to buy for in admiralty store (for ex. Bellona). But there are still paints available due to the DLC which I cannot use by these circumstances. I hope that you will bring in the permits into the admiralty store back asap. Greetings Don
  5. Hello Ink, yesterday at above-mentioned Patrol one of our Clanmates tagged a 5th rate ship into battle though it was clarified that only 6th rate ships are able to do solo patrol. What we basically expected that we get a usual team fight in the zone. As a result, our teammate found himself in a 1v1 and nobody else was able to join. I suppose that the description for rules of engagement in Patrol zone was not changed yet. You can imagine that our mate was not amused cause he missed a really good team fight. Cheers Donjuan
  6. Hello admin, I want to know this as well. Who is able to set these kind missions (officer, diplomat or just the creator). Please be more precise. Thx Cheers Donjuan
  7. REDS vs Former REDS... when you leave that CLAN you get soft maybe? Cheers to the real sportsman Hullabaloo, please come back to us again😉
  8. Hello, special thanks to Liam who shows that he is a real sportsman. For Sure the Devs have to fix the issue. Cheers Donjuan
  9. Hello Devs, yesterday we did an epic event. I got two golden chests which bore: . british gunners, ceramic grenades and other crappy loot I don't want to mention. I think the risk and benefit are not matching at all. Why are you demotivating your community? Cheers Don Juan
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