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  1. + What will happen with the Tutorial rewards after wipe. Do we get them in Reedemebles or do we have to do it again?
  2. Yeah prices for Ships from players looks overpriced 60k reals for a NavyBrig is like buying a cheap 1st Rate in old currency. 60k reals NavyBrig is a 1.5kk Gold NavyBrig. But hey someone will think its cheap.
  3. If i press ESC to leave the Game there shoud be a Option to get back to the Server selectionscreen. I jumped first on the PvE-Server by exident. So i had to leave the Game complett.
  4. SRY was my mistake was thinking i got taken a hunt-mission.
  5. @admin @Ink @slik Okay did a Hunt-Mission on Testbed. Kill 3rd Rate. All fine after a few days i decided to do the Mission now i found a Fleet 3rd Rate with Renommee and Cerberus inside after 1h of Battle in a undercrewed Endymion i managed to kill the 3rd Rate after i killed the other two Ships. Went back to the Habor but the Mission stays uncompleted. Did F11 it.
  6. Why do we not go back to gold for done damage? Like it was befor wipe. Woud be not so complicate. I have brought up this some time ago. Give players a small reward for participating in a battle even if they lose. Gold for done Damage and Xp and if it is from PvP a Mark like in the Patrolzone. Reaction was more like go away with this if someone lose then he loses and shoud not get rewarded for losing.
  7. I dont belive Insurance will change anything. I can remember times where Players get at least gold and xp for done damage. But devs where saying it brings to much gold in the game. Now we get some xp even if we fight your butt off.
  8. Crew management sometimes get wired. I coud fill up my max.280Crew to 310. After i reached my new rank i coud not buy my crew that i shoud get in the first moment.
  9. With PvP-marks and gold for done damage we woud not need a Insurance i think. But it is to easy to make so lets make it more complicate.
  10. I have made a second steamfolder cause my download is @+/-340kb/s i can sign in on the other steam for testbed and if i want too play on live server i can sign in on the other Steam without download everytime. Is Testbed online? Still at work cant get on like yesterday.
  11. @admin @Ink Okay Rank is safe Crafting xp aswell. But what is with the Tutorial-Stuff? Have we to do the Tutorial again or do we reseave the Tutorial-Items to redeem? What i see what we have after Release/Wipe: Map reset - Is logical/ confirmed? Ranks-Crafting Xp - Safe/ confirmed? Money resources - getting Wiped confirmed? Ships - get wiped/ confirmed? Buildings - get wiped/ confirmed? Upgrades - get wiped/ confirmed? Shipknowledge - ?decision open? Skill-Books - ?decision open? Ships we have after Wipe free Pandora DLC. When bought the L'Requin and the Hercules DLC-Ships and the Basic-Cutter. - Logical/Confirmed? Tutorial and the Items - ??Open??
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