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  1. Wow, if anything a snow vs a t-brig is about as fair as it gets, a tbrig with a tbrig in fleet can make a decent fight for a snow.. If we gonna complain about a snow hunting traders now..come on.. If the snow gets caught by defending trincs hes fish meat.. The problem is trincs hunting tbrigs, with current rules atleast the tbrig can get reinforced. A snow hunting like @Gregory Rainsborough is doing is very fair imo. Its the gank groups that are lame, and atleast with these roe the weaker side can reinforce..its not perfect, but whining about a offensive snow..lol come on listen to yourself..
  2. Thanks, this is all just what im looking for
  3. But what would a 2-2 timer change? Both sides can join now for 2 mins after that the higher br side closes..so its 2-2 now and after only the weaker side can reinforce..i think its fine
  4. Geez it changes nothing in OW so why all the posts about it being good for hunters..nothing changes, only in pz..
  5. Thanks guys, would a surprise stop and board also work? Or would you see that comin in general?
  6. If i intrept it correct ow rules stay the same.. lower br stays ipen and can be joined just as it was. For higher br its 2 minutes just as it was. This is now only applied to patrol zone aswell, so if 5 russians attack 4 brits, the rest of the massive russian gank fleet has to join in 2 mins or havee to wait outside, where as before pz battle stayed open, so even after 10 mins the rsst of russian gank fleet could join Ah see above ink made it clear,i was right
  7. Ty ill surely try that, anymore suggestions?
  8. If you take missions that go to friendly ports it wont change a thing,since there are no enemie ai around there..it will only make it easier caus hunters have to avoid the AI.. And if you get pulled by ai its incredibly easy to escape them since they are really dumb..it will only help against gankers..and yes if you want to smuggle to enemie ports you have to be more carefull..afk sailing into enemie ports with your alts are over
  9. As in title, in pvp i notice alot of people are really good at sterncamping, Now if im being sterncamped what is the best way to get them off? Im quite struggling to get a trinc of my arse while im in an aggy for example. Thanks in advance
  10. Razee

    Quote of the day

    “ I am the Belle Poule, frigate of the King of France; I sail from sea and I sail to sea. Vessels of the King, my master, never allow inspections Famous quote from the french captain of the belle poule when stopped by 2 brit lineships and refusing inspection ”
  11. Yeah its a sad circle, go to pz to get combat marks, get ganked by russians, wich suplies them with more marks, your ports gets taken over, means harder trade routes or almost impossible to trade (see how confined french/swedes/dane area is,all close to each other,while russians can trade safely in the gulf region) means its hard to make money to keep up, in combination with having no port bonus ports.. youll loose everytime, thus supplying the larger nation with more funds, wich makes them even stronger.. French people wont switch to russia or other nations (maybe a few,but take me for example if my ports get taken, ill just quit im not gonna go to the trouble to build again in a new nation) theyll just quit the game, its just not fun to keep getting sunk and having no space left to farm or trade..
  12. Lol they should never have added this many nations, we said it over and over but they didnt listen and now we reap the rewards.. 11 nations lol
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