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  1. Big difference is that now it is quite costly to change nations, and upgrade your shipyards and buildings and stuff again..alot of people cannot be bothered to do that and just stay..
  2. Seems that atleast REDS and BF didnt wamt to steamroll the entire server, and had the intrest of the game at hearth, the other russian clans not so much it seems..(many of them defaulters from other nations) Seems They are just gonna conquer without regard for shipbuilding ports/ other players. If shipcrafting ports fall, people will quit simple as that.. Gb lost many 1th rates now and can only muster AI 1th rates atm..so easy picking for pb ships.. But hey well see, playing with 200 again is fun too right?
  3. Yeah port bonus system sucks, but well see, russia can attack truxillo now, if they take it, well surely see alot of people leaving the game
  4. Yeah now we will have gank squad with 1th rates outside kpr, as is already being proven..1th rate has been around kpr for days ganking newbs now. Also well have people scared of losing stuff entering pb with crap ships faking and saying " no its my fully upgraded pb wo/wo one" whilst being in an oak/fir grey one
  5. Ah yes so annoying..also when a ship is my main,please let me be able to tow it..instead of right click-fleet-right click docks--"are you hurrrdurrrr sure you waant it to sent to hurdurrrr docks YES OFCOURSE IM SURE- click ok- right click tow-click ok...
  6. Yes but if you want to.make a profit on a ship it should be high , caus the dubloon cost of an aggy is already 500k reals...(2500 dubloons x 200 reals is above 500k reals) so anyone selling an aggy below 500k is already loosing money..
  7. Also for a good stern rake set gun mode to "parrallel" every shot will hit then at the right speed
  8. o7, could you be so kind as to post another nation player % chart? Im quite curious to see the % this long after release..see the number of defectors ^^ 

    Fair winds,

  9. Why not keep it way simpler? @admin Spy mission Same as passenger mission but you have to do this with a warship, deliver a spy to enemy coast or port. Just have a small countdown 10secs or so to deliver in front of port or area in ow..means more warships sailing everywhere..instead of empty tbrigs as is now Trade fleet Few indiamans with small escort sail an announced route once a day or twice a day, people can just get a small group together sail there fight them and others that come to take the fleet. Small pvp raids. Have a random port raid you can pick up, sa
  10. God the way back from a big enemy port is gonna be such a gankfest.. Youll never be able to get that chest back in a slow indiaman.. With TP ing to ports and stuff, the attacking group will never make it back unless they come with 50line ships.. Once again its large group content in a low player number game
  11. 1mil dubs put in, and you can pick wich friendly clan the AI will raid, might help against internal struggles clan vs clan
  12. Maybe the 1th time a raid happen people will be curious and defend, after that they wont and will be annoyed by it happening agaim, after a while there will be only a few defenders and the port will get taken, then everyone will say f#ck this and leave the game..it will be fun once, but after that it will be annoying, people wont be bothered to defend and when the port get taken it will lead to people leaving the game.. Why so drastic again? Why not start with 10 5th rates attacking everything near te port? Let them carry good rewards for example. Why 20 buffed lineships?..why a huge
  13. And i thought raids would be that a group of players got some random raid assigned to attack/raid a port without capturing it..i guess i was wrong.. This is not a raid, this is cheating AI capping ports aka a pve portbattle.. @admin what will happen with te pb when a port gets capped? Will they be back if we take it back? I swear if my crafting port gets taken by cheating AI, im not gonna retake and rebuild it im just gonna quit the game. As will a lot of players, takes ages to fully up crafting ports, if people lose it most wont wanna invest all that time and effort again,
  14. Great job, keep it going, GB need more folks like you!
  15. Could you do a graph of population % per nation again? See if its roughly the same as at release, or if we have many folks who went to the easy side
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