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  1. ... badly wounded I set my parrot on straight and peek from underneath my eyepatch .... "Man, that was some cannonfire!" ... "Man the guns and tighten that top yard! .... ... erhmm, [looks a bit confused] .... we are still roleplaying, right?
  2. Awesome thread. Will read again.
  3. Although I appreciate your efforts to provide "someone to shoot", this messenger could as well be a pigeon. He/she has nothing to add what can be distilled from an amalgamation of opinions and alternate facts from other players that would like to be active as a spokeperson of some sorts and claim to have a foundation in the playerbase to warrant such a vocal activity. Be it a clan-offical, a represenative of the common traders or even a community-clown for that matter, just like me. With shifting clan-powers also within a faction and a good portion of the playerbase not even clan-related, i
  4. And we are angry at the British because we keep forgetting them (because of the rum).
  5. We have an important unoffical statement to make about what we think is happening in the RvR sandbox from the Dutch perspective: We are angry with the Russians to call the rum "just funny tasting vodka"; We are angry with the Pirates for stealing the rum; We are angry with the Swedes that they used the good rum in their traditional "Glogg"; We are angry with the Americans for selling the rum too cheap due to capitalism kicking in; We are angry with the Danes for using some kind of Dwarven Runes on the labels to mislead us into thinking there was no rum; We are angry with the Spa
  6. Early access is a bitch, we all have to deal with it. Developers, admins, testers and players alike. So, stop keep whining you all. This game is great value for money as it is already. It just needs to be finished and finished is when the developers says it is with the content it wants to have in their game.
  7. I had an terrible dream last night sailing on my trusty frigate "Welgevaren": -Sir, the French are here with at least fifty ships! -Bring me my red shirt! -Red shirt? Why? -So you won't despair when I get wounded in battle and keep on fighting 't ill the end. ---- Two days later .... ---- -Sir, Lord Vicious is here! -Bring me my brown pants! ---- P.S.: from now on all my crews clothes are pink with yellow dots.
  8. Pellasgos, to win or loose a war, one has to fight it, I agree. However, if one party calls it quits does the other party automatically win? Jeheil, if one party declares a win does the other party automatically lose? Discussions like this are, like Jeheil suggested in his answers, mere biased opinions and, if I may add, the result of the game mechanics not providing good win conditions yet within the new alliance / war mechanics we needed to test. Admin, I hope you guys are willing to look into this mechanic a bit in the future/ before release to provide a win condition of some sorts with
  9. We must be living in alternate realities, Kierrip. ????????
  10. Omg Kierrip, you are killing me with your logic. ???????????????????????? You certainly don't need obfuscation to get a wrong message across. ????
  11. Although Sweden switched sides, they continued the fight against the pirates and avoided to join the gangbang around the southern fronts. It is something I hold in great regard and respect. o7. Danes came along to have fun fights as they were found around our coasts, something I won't hold against them and is what I would have done of I was in their position. The Spanish were badly hurt by our support of the British during our campaign against the Pirates with the Swedes and still had an old score to settle by our Venezualan campaign from the early game last year. No wonder they went
  12. Whatever it was what we did, we did it with confidence knowing we'd be facing victory or defeat and either way we all got what we wanted, and that despite the shitty game mechanics that are (thankfully) soon obsolete. There is no denying that we all have butter on our heads and are walking in the sun (if you are not familiar with this saying: http://www.kiffingish.com/2005/09/butter-on-your-head.html). Reading this thread learns me a lot, not about the game, not about the mechanics and how shitty they were, but about *you*. And I am thankful to you for allowing me this knowledge. S
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