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  1. ... badly wounded I set my parrot on straight and peek from underneath my eyepatch .... "Man, that was some cannonfire!" ... "Man the guns and tighten that top yard! .... ... erhmm, [looks a bit confused] .... we are still roleplaying, right?
  2. Awesome thread. Will read again.
  3. Although I appreciate your efforts to provide "someone to shoot", this messenger could as well be a pigeon. He/she has nothing to add what can be distilled from an amalgamation of opinions and alternate facts from other players that would like to be active as a spokeperson of some sorts and claim to have a foundation in the playerbase to warrant such a vocal activity. Be it a clan-offical, a represenative of the common traders or even a community-clown for that matter, just like me. With shifting clan-powers also within a faction and a good portion of the playerbase not even clan-related, it will be hard, if not impossible to speak from unity. As much I like the idea the for nations within this game, it is nothing more than "we wave the same flag, so we like eachother" and we can paint a map with little flag-like dots In fact, RvR is for many a restriction to play this game from a sometimes preferred Clan V Clan perspective. Within the Dutch nation SNOW, DAS or X cannot shoot those moronic captains of CABAL for example. Eventhough we warrant such aggressive actions with every forumpost I make. So, tldr, appointing someone to hand a message in the name of a nation is moot unless such van be done from unity. The game does not create unity on nation-level with, for example, common national goals. We therefore only create just one more item to squable about as a nation. ;-) Love this game though!
  4. And we are angry at the British because we keep forgetting them (because of the rum).
  5. We have an important unoffical statement to make about what we think is happening in the RvR sandbox from the Dutch perspective: We are angry with the Russians to call the rum "just funny tasting vodka"; We are angry with the Pirates for stealing the rum; We are angry with the Swedes that they used the good rum in their traditional "Glogg"; We are angry with the Americans for selling the rum too cheap due to capitalism kicking in; We are angry with the Danes for using some kind of Dwarven Runes on the labels to mislead us into thinking there was no rum; We are angry with the Spanish for serving rum in small cups to "better fit the tapas-style"; We are angry with the Polish for drinking *all* the rum; We are angry with the French for just drinking wine and not any rum at all And finally we are angry with the Prussians for being German; So, there you have it. A lot to be angry about. 😉 It's all about rum and drunk fleets! Have fun guys!
  6. Indeed, those possibilities would be great to be more effective as a trader. I just gave a few reasons in this thread that, in my tests with trading, the current settings of margins and gamemechanics in the OW will not stimulate trading or sailing with goods around the map.
  7. The entire concept and scaling in the OW is pretty bizarre if you ask me. Rendering distances/viewing distances are, compared to the ship speeds, way too short.
  8. I've been sailing around with the new trading goods and trying to use the freeports as deliveryhubs. Mainly moving peanutbutter from Willemstad and Yorkshire pudding from Port Royal. Why peanutbutter and Yorkshire pudding? Well, I happen to be a person that is still standing strong ignoring his diet coach. Here's a bit of feedback: So far I have been rather unlucky and I've been captured on most runs loosing money, instead of earning. My LGV or Indiaman was no match for the smart pirate raiders and national corsairs. Mind you, I don't mind loosing the freight or the ship, but what I do mind is the fact that the success rate or risk vs reward ratio is not in the remotest what I need to continue this kind of fun stuff. Mind you, doing this trading I provide content for myself, as well as pirate/corsair raiders trying to get me. Let me sum up the thing I found disappointing during trying out this gameplay: When you start sailing, the world around you is a total blank. No reports of piratesightings on the trading lanes, no intel, especially in allied territory or enemy territory. No incentives for piratehunters protecting trading lanes, margins are too small to pay off for protection and make it interesting for them. The rendering range of enemy ships/fleets is very short and the speed of the ships means you have a very short reaction time to set a better course for safety. The margins are too low for investment. it's a 30 to 45% margin, which on a limited cargohold of 3500 to 5400 is not very much; with a 1 to 2 or 1 to 3 ratio in getting caught as I am experiencing you are operation on a loss, certainly if you count shipreplacements. No trader of significance will outrun a warship as wind and sailing conditions are the same on the map, it's just a matter of time before you get caught or lucky enough to find a port. When I get caught it is easy to destroy the cargo quickly, so the pirate/corsair doesn't get a lot. Whenever I saw an enemy vessel I got caught, only on journeys without any enemy sightings I survived the run. This catch rate is 100%, so the means of escape are rather low. I'm sure I can do things differently, like sailing in groups or moving along with NPC ships or even stay under the fortress guns as much as possible, but nevertheless there is no way to reach destinations without exposing yourself, which is good. There could be some adjustments perhaps to the margins so losses become way more acceptable, sail trading ships on commisiion base for the nation, or make a bit harder to catch a trader. Whatever we can think up would be better as it is now. At this rate trading will be a rather unattractive profession in my eyes, which should be the other way around. Human content providers for PVP-ers. They key might be in making traders way better in fending off a boarding or something other smart stuff the community can think off. Stuff to think about for sure, hope the feedback will help. LP
  9. Interesting post. I still feel a need for a European consumer market instead of a European producer market. Our (Dutch) colonies were around the world to bring the riches to Europe, for nothing else. Incorporate a market to produce or trade for, so larger ships can become available to craft and buy because of European prosperity. Then things might go into the right direction also with the internal player market.
  10. To give a bit of a counterweight to most comments in this thread, I cannot get rid of a knacking feeling that the OP has a point. I know from previous experiences a game in Early Access sometimes has to get worse before getting better, but at the moment I find it harder and harder to get myself ready to log in and enjoy the game as much as I used to do. Whether it is a thing of fatigue for playing Naval Action or a resound joy I found playing a few other games at the moment is still a matter of internal debate within my grey matter. Don't take me wrong, Naval Action is by no means a bad game, far from it; For me it is just that the right balance between PVP, PVE, crafting, fighting, trading, and the intertwining of those subjects is just not there yet. I know I am sailing in the age of Wooden Ships and Iron men, but it somehow does not ooze that feeling yet in the gameplay for me.
  11. Don't know what you guys are playing, but I am playing the new patch already! ;-)
  12. Early access is a bitch, we all have to deal with it. Developers, admins, testers and players alike. So, stop keep whining you all. This game is great value for money as it is already. It just needs to be finished and finished is when the developers says it is with the content it wants to have in their game.
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