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  1. there are very few players worldwide by dividing the seasons (1 year = 1 season) by announcing the winner of the season! redistribution of cities at the beginning of the new season. The European attitude is depressing and outrageous. the developers wanted history to be a fake caribbean, it worked !!! Play Russian players and fight with yourself. there is no change as long as 1000 online users are just a dream !!! 1000 players on the world server ................. no comment so this game is a waste of time, i am looking for another as many people have done it in front of me !!!!!
  2. glad to see Barranquilla has taken back MONX big battle - monk vs monx ....... when to book back the Monk again ??? the VM farm is not a scam. Just not the one who has the facilities there!
  3. Unfortunately, the game's mistake to exploit is to turn it around for its own benefit, unscrupulous No "Fraud" in this game rather accepted! the answer is always: - I fail to see what's wrong here.
  4. If you stayed silent, you would have been wiser. Your history ignorant: https://hu.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kurucok
  5. obvious: MONK and MONX clans, one and the same. Cheating Company, Double Account - Sold Port Battles? its own city (SANTA MARTA) is attacked by another account ........ ridiculous and pathetic. The cheating society, the developers, and the admins !!! Openly replaced by accepting !!!
  6. Fraud is that Barranquilla was only occupied by the lunar estate of Santa Marta. Former port battle to remove a clan from the map. to gain an advantage over other nations. Santa Marta why not many ships attacked like Barranquilla? Because they knew there would be no one there. You have sold PB (maybe a double account was there), this is not excluded. You are scammers, and ADMIN will turn a blind eye to it!
  7. tomorrow day, half of the steam will indicate my grievances. I ask for the price of the game back. centralized high level of fraud, I want to investigate the game and game masters!
  8. 2 nations are targeting a clan. nobody protects the harbor Why didn't Rio de la hach attack you? because you cheated and pre-arranged scenario the port battle. all your benefits come from fraud! port bonus ships, revenue ......... wondering why you haven't been excluded from the game. The Dutch admi knows why not do anything ???????
  9. battle to sell cheating !!!! A city of options between opening a harbor is legal! only Barraquilla is busy with the rest of the cities not being attacked why? Because you sold the cities of the nation because of your interests. destroying hundreds of people playing their own interests
  10. after a few months, there will be only 300 online players because you can cheat without penalties. the nation is CABAL on SNOW ???? it is ridiculous to admit your fraud here in the forum. you are still not banned. Are you Gods? Can I do what you want? Blackmail is not forbidden! sell the battle nor offensive fleet defensive (transparent cheating) then get back to farm the Viktory Mark to gain an advantage port bonus increase all nations face fraud !!! You are scammers! Why admin doesn't take a stand ???
  11. it was an open beta in the past ! I played it with 2000+ hours. the majority of double players It makes a ruin of the game that's why it plays so many people with it. because a small percentage of you can do what you want no punishment!
  12. Steam deletes the game from the toy sto Steam deletes the game from the toy store! Right up there. Central Fraud, Game Rules Non-Compliance Such Reason !!! There was a game that was down for their list! total DLC + game = 100 euro + steal people
  13. Only Barraquilla is busy. Sell the battles by discussing (viktory mark farm) Satnta Marta 5 ATTACKER ???? You got an advantage with fraud !!!
  14. Is it the interest of the Prussia to give you the port back? what policy interest is to give up and get back ???? Fraud you do. This game becomes meaningless, because a fraction of the population decides when to happen. who you have. Of course, if this is not investigated and the players are punished with clear fraud. I turn to STEAM to investigate my case !!!
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