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  1. Why theres only screenshots where Henry "The Mighty" Turner is allways "escaped"?
  2. Use "report" button, please!
  3. Can you tell me more? Thank god theres Russian player who sell cheap ship..alt maybe? No? Someone in Tomato soup clan?
  4. Dev's wont do anything because its just a TEST! 😘
  5. Please stay on topic and treat others with respect. H. Darby
  6. RIP the greatest leader ever...Pellasgos [2017-Aug-01 22:16:43.103414] Otto Kohl>pellasgos was not that funny [2017-Aug-01 22:16:43.127438] Donnerschock>to [PG Monkey] who? [2017-Aug-01 22:16:43.147957] Bout bij Nacht>we should make a pellasgos soundboard
  7. Why would i have to be a puppet of my nation? Why would i have to follow my nation "leaders"? Why should i stay in port if i dont dont care about my nation "leaders" proposal?
  8. I think this topic is for Great Battle Results. Ok, i understand that this is great battle for French.
  9. @Admiral Horatio HornblowerThanks for the info...Im leaving Spanish nation! @BeeekondaAnd it wont be US!!!
  10. @Jorge@Admiral Horatio Hornblower Really? We are allied with EU French?
  11. If Spain is allied with France, i will change nation!
  12. We are still waiting! Do it! Faster, harder!
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