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  1. Why would i have to be a puppet of my nation? Why would i have to follow my nation "leaders"? Why should i stay in port if i dont dont care about my nation "leaders" proposal?
  2. I think this topic is for Great Battle Results. Ok, i understand that this is great battle for French.
  3. @Admiral Horatio HornblowerThanks for the info...Im leaving Spanish nation! @BeeekondaAnd it wont be US!!!
  4. @Jorge@Admiral Horatio Hornblower Really? We are allied with EU French?
  5. If Spain is allied with France, i will change nation!
  6. We are still waiting! Do it! Faster, harder!
  7. Port flipped, they drop the port = Avoids the fight or they dont have gold to pay timer
  8. I did BS fight in Little Cayman? And you think i can set timer to Little Cayman? Keep it up Mr.SaltyPirate
  9. I can make 1,5M. in 20-30min...so whats the problem?
  10. This topic is full of....BlaaBlaaBlaBlablaBlaa...NA is my life...BlaaBlaaBlaaBlaBlaBlaa...
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