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  1. i like this perspective...it seems that the hunters became the hunted!!! rediis video was a good one...but i think Gysendorfs video shows exactly what happened...from 14:00 and onwards its the crucial turning point...it seems some captains got stuck totally against the wind... i have to use my emoticons to describe how i feel about this maneuver right now hehe.... ...oh well o7 it was fun game ...the swedes a bit unlucky or maybe to impatient to spawn earlier than they should which resulted 4 of their 1st rates to be captured outside the port...if they had them in battle it would be a more difficult battle for sure .Always a pleasure fighting the swedes and my friend sveno! Cu soon folks O7 ps.redii the sound of your video needs to be adjusted a bit more mate...it really gave me a headache ...unless that was the intention...
  2. lmao the brits will probably make a statue of this guy in front of the port of Bridgetown...hats off for this guy....my goodness... it is the most effective explosion i ever seen in this game by far...i think he took down at least 10-12 ships...
  3. BATTLE OF ST AUGUSTIN BATTLE OF CARACAS http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/179412245837967965/FB1117A33A00ADD418176BE4073BE4F1DDD7CD2A/# BATTLE OF BRIDGETOWN http://prnt.sc/ddsy8v BATTLE OF BERMUDAS http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/112984151333240837/2C4F61C79CC49437891E9299A9D0EF427B118F4B/ BATTLE OF BELIZE http://imgur.com/a/sIRed BATTLE OF BLACK RIVER...ENEMIES DIDN'T ATTEND.... GG...AND O7 TO ALL THE PARTICIPANTS... we would like to note to our beloved enemies that we don't do discounts on Wednesdays ...thank you
  4. only 1 loss...#skill...and Cartagena Dutch!
  5. If you want to keep this system for the creation of port battle events then would like to suggest to the developers that a good idea to solve this problem would be the creation of a safe zone specifically designed for the port battles. I am talking about a zone similar to the ones we have in front of each capital but this time for a different scope. 10-15 or even 30 minutes before the battle starts a safe zone should be created. This zone should be 2-3 minutes of sailing from its border towards the port. A good idea would be to color the area of that zone or make it visible to a corner of our screen like you do it with the safe zones outside the capitals its up to you to decide what is better. A player who will spawn inside the zone automatically should be forbidden from joining the port battle.The player would gain the right to get into the port battle only if he gets out of the zone and come back in or simply being outside the zone when that zone is activated. Problem solved...the screeners and the attackers should be able to make plans in advance in order to capture a port.Coordination ,timing,numbers,quality ,skills, all will be on the table... Its a shame that more than 150+ players didn't have the opportunity to engage each other in screening battles...and only 50 players had fun...and that ones were the ones inside the port and the ones who spawned next to it...ridiculous in my opinion. I strongly urge you to listen to this proposal because the game is not going well and its not even released yet,if you are going to kill the hardcore community of this game...who do you expect to come and play or even trust you in your future developments...just saying... You clearly mentioned in your previous patch notes that capture of a port should be the whole nations efforts....well where was that effort last night??? If you want to ignore my suggestion do it...but it would be a big mistake for the game. I wish the devs team to realize the potential of such an idea and try to implement it. cu later o7 captains
  6. i totally agree with this statement... we need this system...maybe this way will get rid of noobs and failures from this nation... you see ...this is our difference...some of us dont bend over and some others have it as a daily habit...keep bowing ...we dont !!! You need to think again of who is really embarrassing the dutch nation...the fact that you are a dutch in real life doesn't make you and the other dutch captains better or with more privileges in this nation...you should know that...its a game!!! So i strongly recommend to you and to some of your friends that with your nationalistic approach to a game its just pure rubbish for us and you embarrass your nation with this behavior! after all...we still remember your embarrassing leadership back on time... stay here and add your name next to the trolls... who cares...we play the game ...so stay out of our way... we made an agreement and you are keep violating it ... ps. eksostrakismos is more right than ostrakismos... ekso = out! but what should i expect from a wikipedia reader... o7
  7. First of all i would like to say Mr Jeheil thank you for you quick reply, I also need to clarify from the start that you haven't created an enemy ,neither with me personally and neither with the Dutch nation as a whole i want to believe ...but you did upset us and that is why i have been forced from your last episode to come here and write a thread-protest full of criticism. I respect the fact that you are a person with great experience and mature but so do we or at least some of us ...(from the period of Hyundai 16v and ms graphic solutions disks since you are from the ZX80 )... and for this reason we or i came here to protest and inform you that your approach to the outcome of the this game so far is at least unfair towards the dutch nation ,the British nation and the American nation and i only mean your last episode. Of course I cant speak for the last 2 nations but i can speak for many dutch captains who watched this episode that we feel that the "helicopter "view you mentioned is at least unfair... The fact you used a "helicopter" approach doesn't make you our enemy ...its your way of viewing things but we the dutch since we are the victims of your approach ,we wrote this thread in order to state clearly what has bothered us and write constructive criticism by asking you specific questions...and on the same time to tell you loud that we strongly disagree with your helicopter.... We are not fighting in the clouds...we are fighting on the sea...in the ports ...on the ground...on the ships so you need to approach us the players and get a better understanding.I mean really you believed that the spanish beat us?That the danes and the french beat us?They couldnt do it for weeks and suddenly they captured all the ports?Really now...???I would propably be in a hospital with 2 heart attacks before if i would ever see the damned croissants outside willemstad with the spanish paejias!!! Not even in their dreams they cant beat us...!!! Yes we agree with you that opinions are like arseholes we all have one...and that's why we are upset with your last episode...because we never expected from you and we never before seen you embarrassing a nation so openly like you did in the last one...we respect your opinion and you personally but we strongly disagree. Of course you might want to ask why you are so offended...well the answer is simple...we have been targeted as a nation both in game and forums...we spend hours of our life in this game fighting sailing etc ,and we get the helicopter????? naaahhh we dont like that mate...opinions are like arseholes but sometimes a kick on those arseholes help to realise some things... I also find it weird that you are trying to compare a peace treaty and a cease fire (3 admirals treaty) with your statement about this war but anyway each person uses his or her own criteria... In any case even though we became upset with your opinion we have been enforced to come here in this forum and declare things once and for all ,we declared exactly what happened because sometimes its better to search more in depth than use the helicopter...you will discover more interesting things which can help you spot the problems in an alfa stage game...point them out publish them and make people aware!Some people might agree with your opinion or mine ...who cares in the end of the day...but the difference with you is that you use a tool to spread the news while we the players dont...so we wanted you to understand that you did a great mistake on your last episode! We would love and i more than anyone else to see you sailing with us,fight with us as you did in the past and even if you become an enemy in game one day we will treat you as a friendly foe with respect ,nothing more and nothing less! Finally thank you for informing me that you are fan and an enthusiast ,i have a better picture about you now... i really didnt know and i was always curious so the only thing i would like to tell you is that keep making the episodes with the letters to the king ,keep sailing and fighting , just listen to my advice...and dont use the helicopter...both we and you dont deserve it.Thank you for listening and replying. with respect Pellasgos o7
  8. Dear Mr Jeheil, Thank you for your informative episode 28...but you are forcing me to come here once more and declare it once more! We ,the Dutch nation haven't lost the alliances war ,we never lost a single war and you are really misinformed in your last episode. I am really curious why you claim defeat for the British and dutch nations and victory for the swedes,Danes,french,Spaniards??? Why?We know that you are gathering information's from sources from all nations but who told you that we lost??Was it the Danes who told you that?Was it the Spaniards?Was it the French or maybe the Swedes?Where did you get your information's from? Did someone from the Dutch nation admitted defeat and if yes can you please name the player who did that? Or did you check the map and you decided that since the Dutch have 2 ports then that means that they are defeated....???We would like a clear answer on these questions. Do you really know what happened?Do you know why the Dutch decided to stop fighting or you just make assumptions of what actually has happened? I respect your job to promote and show the history in this game in a weekly basis but unfortunately i think you got it all wrong here matey,,, We watched your episode and let me tell you this...you really frustrated a big portion of the Dutch nation!!! You used words that really made our day.... Let me inform you that we never lost morale or spirit...neither in the west or east...and on top of that you are using words like "collapse","pushed back","2 ports","leak the wounds",etc etc. Why are you trying to frustrate us? Let me correct you a little bit by writing one more time what has happened... We kicked their asses...this is what happened matey....We embarrassed them all 4 of them...and it wasnt even 4v2 it was 5 v 1,5 maybe not even 1.5 and i use 1.5 because the British nation except a specific number of captains who assisted us in the west the rest of the British nation was sailing outside Jamaica doing missions...and i say 5 v 1.5 because i count the 2 pirate fleets down here.. What have they done and we lost....apart from capturing empty ports???None of them could force us to stop fighting ...we haven't stop playing because we were loosing ... I am going to use my beautiful capital letters now in order to emphasize what i want to tell you and dont take it as a shouting and but i would like to show it to our enemies too big letters and finish this matter once and for all!!! WE STOPPED FIGHTING BECAUSE THE DEVS ANNOUNCED THAT BY THE END OF SEPTEMBER START OF OCTOBER WE ARE GOING TO HAVE A MAP RESET AND SINCE THAT WAS OFFICIAL WE DECIDED AFTER THE EXPLOITATION OF THE FLAG SYSTEM BY THE SPANIARDS AND DANES TO STOP FIGHTING... and let me explain you our decision behind that... When you are a dutch captain fighting vs 5 different enemies part of your strategy is to limitize the number and the capabilities of your enemies... So pushing the Spaniards back to one port(Baranquila) ,kicking out the Danes from the whole south and focusing to the frenchies and pirates in our waters was the right strategy do you agree or not?In any case either you agree or not...we did that!!! After weeks of constant fighting with so many enemies we ACHIEVED to kick out the Danes!!! We ACHIEVED to push back the Spaniards in one port and block them there for days!!!We ACHIEVED TO CAPTURE one port on the east and craft numerous flags against the French!!!We ACHIEVED TO DO ALL THESE THINGS WHILE fighting with pirates fleets too!!! WHO IS THE REAL WINNER HERE SO FAR?Is it them or us embarrassing them all???? We simply stopped fighting since the mechanics of the game allow the exploitation of trading the damn flags....That was THEIR ACHIEVEMENT!!! Do you understand how much you frustrate us with your ignorant video today? What else have they done? They captured our empty ports!!!That was THEIR ACHIEVEMENT TOO... and we let them capture them simply because we refused to spend resources and money for pointless ports which are going to be reseted and go back to Spain in less than a week... ...and you are coming today and you are using words to frustrate a whole nation...and i believe and all those British and American captains who spend hours and hours in daily basis to support out cause... How in hell you are awarding them victory??? I didn't see you awarding us victory when we made France 3 port nation...I didnt see you awarding us victory when we beat them in the summer in Haiti and Cuba....and who told you that the war is over????I can assure you ...its not OVER JUST YET! I really dont know if you are working or not for this company in order to promote the game...i dont know if you are just a youtuber , in any case i am fan of your episodes ,i am one of your subscribers but today you really made us and me personally crazy especially when i saw the crying emoticon...!!!Really now??? If you are working for the company then i need to advice you to be more careful when you are trying to describe the wars...if you are just a youtuber then please accept my criticism! I understand you are an australian captain and you are playing in a different timezone but please be more careful when you gather informations. Finally in order to end this post....i would like to send my message to the danes,spaniards and frenchies... YOU NEVER BEAT US...WE NEVER LOST...YOU HAVE BEEN BEATEN....AND YOU HAVE LOST.... Congratulations for the empty ports ,congratulations for convincing your communities that you beat us...but in order to beat someone you need to do it in battle not in THE EMPTY PORT CONTEST!!! If we were beaten you ignorant fools you would post screenshots with full 25 ships fleets lost ....we on the other hand we have plenty.... You need to say thank you to the devs for saving you from further embarrassment!!!! With respect to Jeheil, Cpt Pellasgos o7 PS1.The episode is here for those who havent watched it.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1v-FcotNf64 ps2.trolls and haters feel free to come and post your hate. ps3.and yes we have a big ego in the Dutch nation...and its not the only big thing we have... ps4.thank you my babies...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SywDBIAqpUQ
  9. THE DUTCH POSITION REMAINS UNCHANGED... PLEASE STAY TILL THE RESET...DONT LEAVE...and believe me....your ships west of cabo de la vela will not stay there either.... its a promise!!! PS.By the way nice screenshot! 2 kills 2 assists...and the photographer going down...ah...almost forgot...it wasnt even 15 vs 25...imagine that...hhahahahahahahahahah
  10. Me a forum troll?What do you use for brain really???Peanuts?...have you seen me posting many times...???You didnt even checked how many posts i have in the forum...me troll?? and half of those posts have been posted now the last 2 days...since you are trying to pass your propaganda...but wait...do you know the phrase...NO PASSARA or something similar??? and the answer to your question if french players consider me as a captain or not...well ...i have quite a lot...OH REEEEEEALLY TRUST ME ON THAT.. of screenshots who prove otherwise your foolish statement...mr reaaaaaaaaaaally..... REAAAAAAAAAAAALLY NOW???? LMAO... with posts like this one!
  11. Mislead by Pellasgos? This guy has a program...i can assure you for that...omg!!! Lets reveal the truth now to the ignorant trolls of this forum... Was it you shouting in the global chat..."looking for pellasgos"????yes or no??? You came ...we discussed and in the end i told you exactly this...."Feel free to come and find me and talk with me whenever you like if it has to do for the dutch spanish relations....".Does this phrase make me a diplomat yes or no? I think no and when i asked you in person if i have told you that i am a diplomat at first you said yes...and when i repeated the same phrase i told you the previous day you said "ah ok you didnt actually said that you are the dutch diplomat ...but i thought you are"...now the question is...why you were shouting in the global chat ...looking for pellasgos and not looking to speak with a dutch diplomat...????If you would use the second phrase we would put you in a channel with a dutch representative and deal with him...but you said...LOOKING FOR PELLASGOS...who do you try to fool?Me?You cant...simply you cant...you can fool the rest of the dutch haters and trolls who found the opportunity to target me because of your sayings...i take my hat off for this achievement but you cannot fool me dude.You did really well on this one...and i believe that was your target from the beginning! Instead let me reveal to the rest of the people what you did... You wrote a whole letter to the dutch council the next day after our conversation stating that i told you that i am the diplomat of the dutch nation...causing me a headache in the dutch council ...trying to explain to the rest of the dutch council that either you have misunderstood or you did it in purpose...i strongly believe the second case is more possible! Now let me describe exactly what you proposed and what you didnt... Yes you offered something but that something wasn't friendship...I tried to establish a good relation with Spain and that was the intention of the 3 Admirals Treaty too but what you asked from us was this... You asked from us to accept a ceasefire and accept neutrality (The actual meaning of the Spanish proposition was that we the Dutch we would accept cease fire and stay neutral if their coalition fight the british,all 4 of them...) against great Britain...this is what you offered...and what did i say to you? I said NO!!! A big no...because a ceasefire would automatically mean defeat for the dutch nation and you would be free to gang the british nation all 4 nations Spain Danes France and Swedes...Apart of this big no i proposed you something more fair and something more balanced for the game... I told you that we the Dutch we consider Dutch everything east of canalete all the way to Caldonas so i offered you the chance to go and fight the war against the British since you really wanted to fight them and i promised you that we will not intervene in a 1v1 war....west of canalete!!!On the same time i asked the Spanish neutrality in our war with France!This way we could both focus to our targets which for the spaniards was to fight the brits and for us the dutch the french and the danes on the other side of the map... But you said no...you said that you honor your alliance with the french and blabla blabla blabla....and i said ok...and WE honor the alliance we have with the brits! Actually i am more than sure that you havent even shared my proposition with your nation...I CAN BET 25 SANTISIMAS that you didnt even tell them a single word... I clearly told you that if you would agree on this proposition first it would ease the tensions between the 2 nations...it would bring balance to the game...3 we would do a brand new start in our relations as nation after the reset...but noooooooooooo you insisted for one more time that you want to keep faith to your allies...Your attitude towards the dutch nation was hostile from the beginning and even though both me and gavilan tried to bridge our differences as nations you became the obstacle for everything...i am glad you did...but does your nation know anything about this....I SEVERELY DOUBT about that...!!! Even your closest ally of yours the leader of Sorry clan and quite openly i appreciated his efforts to convince you...he told you to stop attacking us...and focus on the British ...he explained you in front of me what is the fair and the most balanced choice....and what you said....????Do you remember? Ill tell you what you said...i need to check with my nation and ill come back to you... YOU NEVER CAME AND YOU NEVER PLANNED TO COME...so who do you try to fool here???The whole game right now is blocked because of another incapable diplomat who used his ego as a criteria... you said... "During all these weeks, Spain wanted to stop that meaningless war and prepare the wipe by offering frienship to the Dutch as we will become neighbours, no matter what can spit PellasGoss, we always sticked to this simple target without any perfidy or lies. A Dutch neutrality was an option, considering Dutch nation had for long time this role of neutral power in NA, but the choice was tricky first considering current alliances and second due to the political unstability inter-clan Dutch nation with an obvious lack of consertation." And i say...Cut the bullshit ...the one who actually spits here is you ...and i can assure everyone even the trolls in this forum that you lie!!!Dutch neutrality was an option yes...but only if we had in our hands the spanish neutrality and that was never the case...so dont try to give us more bullshits dude...i know its your job as a diplomat to throw bullshits but you need to calm down a bit.... you also said.... " When we had our meeting, first time we met you, you came with that proposal to preserve basic ports where Dutch could store fleets untill the wipe. By that precise time Fort Zootman was already taken and the flag for Fort Oranje was already sailing... Had we have any earlier proposal from Dutch diplomacy, the coalition would have taken it into consideration and this gesture had been agreed without any doubts. Now our "cease-fire" allow you not only to preserve these ports but many more." hahahhahaha this is where i need to laugh...we all need to laugh...you really think that you are that smart...guess again... and lastly you said... " To PellasGoss: Please do not give to CeltiberoFrog so much power, I try for many month to speak on behalf of Spanish nation, it is not an easy task believe it or not as many clans have different views. So if you need to blame me be sure that there is no effect but blaming the whole Spanish nation. I'm not Spanish but they trust me, so please forget me and carry on spiting on the Spanish nation. You will not get what you expect but only disrespect from all Spanish players" Blame?I am not blaming nations dude...i blame the damned diplomats in this game because simply they are incompetent people...who don't have the right skills to be a diplomat...do you understand how difficult is to be a diplomat and a successful one?It takes serious skills to be a diplomat who knows what diplomacy is about ...you have to be diplomatic...and seriously...the people who have been given the right to negotiate on behalf of their nations are just failures...so far...i havent met a clever one...and a diplomatic one...you all put your damned egos and a serious diplomat doesn't put his or her personal ego when he or she negotiates and does diplomacy. I also blame the game for not having the mechanics to prevent egoistical actions from people who only ruin the fun and the game!!! Ah and i never spit on a nation...i have lots of spanish captains who salute me everyday and i have great relations with some of them...but i spit on some foolish spanish captains who dont keep their mouth shut since they are not gentlemen enough to make a proper conversation...eg Alex sd....no way to speak with a person like him...or maybe the drunkcard winky wonka...or mrs jorge dollores who only insults...You have my spit for guys like them but not for the entire spanish nation...same with the french ...same with every nation who has bad trolls like them. OK? GOOD...NOW that we all know the truth we can go for some real pvp...
  12. Now if this statement is not a moral VICTORY for the dutch nation...what is it.....????THANK YOU FOR THE CONFIRMATION!!! I mean my fleet and my clan were not even fighting on the east....imagine if we would...we only came to the east to unblock the eastern campaigners from the stalemate...we did it and we went back to the west... Thank you for saying the truth ...but i will not agree with the words stupidity and arrogance for obvious reasons...
  13. i would actually olivier...but it seems you enjoy pointing at me a lot...i have read and ignored your previous posts but now i am keep reading your posts and to be honest i fell from the sky reading themf but since you decided to take this path...gg carry on...but dont expect me to be kinder when you are insulting me continuously and choosing taking the side of trolls who know nothing about this nation...ok?I would also suggest you to choose the phrases and words you are using more carefuly...do it for the common good.
  14. dont fool your self when you use for location "Location somewhere between dream and reality" i can assure you that you are in the dreamland dude...and learn to be human when you are writing in a forum...
  15. trolls mate...you cant win with them...now they are capable of writing 10 more pages ...with curses....they cant asnwer...or joke me with dignity ...even troll me...they are not worthy enough to reach me not even in my little finger.. but good moderation if they surpassed the limits of a proper discussion .
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