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  1. i like this perspective...it seems that the hunters became the hunted!!! rediis video was a good one...but i think Gysendorfs video shows exactly what happened...from 14:00 and onwards its the crucial turning point...it seems some captains got stuck totally against the wind... i have to use my emoticons to describe how i feel about this maneuver right now hehe.... ...oh well o7 it was fun game ...the swedes a bit unlucky or maybe to impatient to spawn earlier than they should which resulted 4 of their 1st rates to be captured outside the port...if they had them in battle it would be a
  2. lmao the brits will probably make a statue of this guy in front of the port of Bridgetown...hats off for this guy....my goodness... it is the most effective explosion i ever seen in this game by far...i think he took down at least 10-12 ships...
  3. BATTLE OF ST AUGUSTIN BATTLE OF CARACAS http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/179412245837967965/FB1117A33A00ADD418176BE4073BE4F1DDD7CD2A/# BATTLE OF BRIDGETOWN http://prnt.sc/ddsy8v BATTLE OF BERMUDAS http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/112984151333240837/2C4F61C79CC49437891E9299A9D0EF427B118F4B/ BATTLE OF BELIZE http://imgur.com/a/sIRed BATTLE OF BLACK RIVER...ENEMIES DIDN'T ATTEND.... GG...AND O7 TO ALL THE PARTICIPANTS... we would like to note to our beloved enemies that we don't do discounts on Wednesdays ...tha
  4. only 1 loss...#skill...and Cartagena Dutch!
  5. i totally agree with this statement... we need this system...maybe this way will get rid of noobs and failures from this nation... you see ...this is our difference...some of us dont bend over and some others have it as a daily habit...keep bowing ...we dont !!! You need to think again of who is really embarrassing the dutch nation...the fact that you are a dutch in real life doesn't make you and the other dutch captains better or with more privileges in this nation...you should know that...its a game!!! So i strongly recommend to you and to some of your friends that with your
  6. First of all i would like to say Mr Jeheil thank you for you quick reply, I also need to clarify from the start that you haven't created an enemy ,neither with me personally and neither with the Dutch nation as a whole i want to believe ...but you did upset us and that is why i have been forced from your last episode to come here and write a thread-protest full of criticism. I respect the fact that you are a person with great experience and mature but so do we or at least some of us ...(from the period of Hyundai 16v and ms graphic solutions disks since you are from the ZX80 )... and
  7. Dear Mr Jeheil, Thank you for your informative episode 28...but you are forcing me to come here once more and declare it once more! We ,the Dutch nation haven't lost the alliances war ,we never lost a single war and you are really misinformed in your last episode. I am really curious why you claim defeat for the British and dutch nations and victory for the swedes,Danes,french,Spaniards??? Why?We know that you are gathering information's from sources from all nations but who told you that we lost??Was it the Danes who told you that?Was it the Spaniards?Was it the French or mayb
  8. THE DUTCH POSITION REMAINS UNCHANGED... PLEASE STAY TILL THE RESET...DONT LEAVE...and believe me....your ships west of cabo de la vela will not stay there either.... its a promise!!! PS.By the way nice screenshot! 2 kills 2 assists...and the photographer going down...ah...almost forgot...it wasnt even 15 vs 25...imagine that...hhahahahahahahahahah
  9. Me a forum troll?What do you use for brain really???Peanuts?...have you seen me posting many times...???You didnt even checked how many posts i have in the forum...me troll?? and half of those posts have been posted now the last 2 days...since you are trying to pass your propaganda...but wait...do you know the phrase...NO PASSARA or something similar??? and the answer to your question if french players consider me as a captain or not...well ...i have quite a lot...OH REEEEEEALLY TRUST ME ON THAT.. of screenshots who prove otherwise your foolish statement...mr reaaaaaaaaaaally..... REA
  10. Mislead by Pellasgos? This guy has a program...i can assure you for that...omg!!! Lets reveal the truth now to the ignorant trolls of this forum... Was it you shouting in the global chat..."looking for pellasgos"????yes or no??? You came ...we discussed and in the end i told you exactly this...."Feel free to come and find me and talk with me whenever you like if it has to do for the dutch spanish relations....".Does this phrase make me a diplomat yes or no? I think no and when i asked you in person if i have told you that i am a diplomat at first you said yes...and when i repeated
  11. Now if this statement is not a moral VICTORY for the dutch nation...what is it.....????THANK YOU FOR THE CONFIRMATION!!! I mean my fleet and my clan were not even fighting on the east....imagine if we would...we only came to the east to unblock the eastern campaigners from the stalemate...we did it and we went back to the west... Thank you for saying the truth ...but i will not agree with the words stupidity and arrogance for obvious reasons...
  12. i would actually olivier...but it seems you enjoy pointing at me a lot...i have read and ignored your previous posts but now i am keep reading your posts and to be honest i fell from the sky reading themf but since you decided to take this path...gg carry on...but dont expect me to be kinder when you are insulting me continuously and choosing taking the side of trolls who know nothing about this nation...ok?I would also suggest you to choose the phrases and words you are using more carefuly...do it for the common good.
  13. dont fool your self when you use for location "Location somewhere between dream and reality" i can assure you that you are in the dreamland dude...and learn to be human when you are writing in a forum...
  14. trolls mate...you cant win with them...now they are capable of writing 10 more pages ...with curses....they cant asnwer...or joke me with dignity ...even troll me...they are not worthy enough to reach me not even in my little finger.. but good moderation if they surpassed the limits of a proper discussion .
  15. So basically from all the posts i have read so far...only the leader of the pirate clan SORRY had the balls to describe what exactly happened??? The guy is a pirate and he plays the game from the pirate perspective and he clearly embarrassed all of you... Who do you try to fool??? Let me tell you exactly what happened ladies and gentlemen.... The war was in our favor and i mean in favour of the Dutch side the whole time and i mean the time i came back from my holidays and onwards.... Just to remind you we had 9-10 ports when i came back and we made them 30 in a weeks time...ACT
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