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  1. Pues sinceramente me da mucha pena volver y ver el estado de faccion. Mas que nada ver como estamos el foro. @Juan de Lezo no hay verguenza ninguna en formar parte de una flota de pantalla, de hecho se ve de las fotos que las flotas de pantalla hicieron su labor y no entraron suficientes barcos a la batalla de puerto. No estuve alli ni formo parte de REDS y sigo en la faccion espanhola (sin clan pk apenas tengo tiempo para jugar) pero me parece una tonteria lo que estas diciendo. El RvR solo funciona cuando la gente hace el trabajo o coge el rol que corresponde o que mejor beneficia el cla
  2. I don't agree with your analysis. SOLs have been used in exactly one contested PB in PvP EU and that was at Cartagena and they were 3rd rates and both sides had them (yet there was no real fighting). They were used one to raise hostility near Omoa and were countered by Basic Cutters and were used to screen the Pirate attack on Georgetown and were countered by frigates and constitutions. From the little we've seen I'd say they're not as OP as you say they are. You're right, everyone is grinding like mad to get a 1st rate PB fleet. However maintaining a 1st Rate PB after multiple batt
  3. we never declared war in the diplo thread. I can't remember but it was something like hostile neutrality or undeclared conflict. Which is true we fought at Santiago and you guys sailed up to Louisiana (i was genuinely impressed at) to try and screen out our fleet. We also famously clashed at Isla de Pinos. That's not war exactly but it's not peace. I had multiple convos with guys from KINGS and ROYAL, they made proposals and we considered them. You guys also said that the Brits were having organizational trouble. We've waited weeks, now you've got CM producing ports. You have a lot of pla
  4. I'm not sure you understand what I'm saying. That's partly my fault as I haven't expressed it the best i that post. This isn't primarily an issue about marks. Also the way Basic Cutters worked before was also flawed. We used it, it was flawed, it got changed. Now there is a new flaw and it should be changed. The comment about marks is to further point out the absurdity of current system (where we have gotten marks from sinking a ship in a Basic Cutter but when we sink we don't give marks) and the absurdity of the recent tribunal decisions that tacitly endorse the use of a Bas
  5. It wasn't. It was fixed or at least an attempt was made to fix it. And there should be more than just the 'rules of the game' things should be done in 'the spirit of the game' this is a ridiculous loophole that seems to have been sanctioned by the devs. PS had you used lynxs, with 5 or 6 lynxs sunk that's near 100,000 worth of ships. That's a fair trade off. I'm not sure how much the British faction would be prepared to lose that way.
  6. The issue isn't fireships nor is it asymmetrical tactics. It's using a workaround to get a free ship meant for PvE into a battle it really shouldn't be in. Bring brigs or lynxs or whatever you want. the issue is that the Basic Cutter is absolutely free, you get no PvP marks for sinking it and so carries no risk. Seeing as your tactics have been sanctioned by the tribunal we intend to make it impossible for your puppies to do missions or operate safely doing pve and we will carry no risk. But we will get PvP marks, we already tested it out this morning on one of your captains i
  7. anyone who thinks the outcome of this war is a foregone conclusion is kidding themselves. The wipe wasn't long ago, mechanics and balancing are constantly being changed and there's a HUGE difference in numbers between one clan and the most populous faction on the server. The Brits just need to put in the most miniscule amount of effort and organisation and things will already be in their favour. So pull your socks up GB and give us decent PvP and don't look around for cheap exploits. Also for the record. Spain's CM lead came from defending Santiago, defending Cartagena and taking New Orle
  8. Sometimes it is better to seek forgiveness than to ask permission
  9. I'd think of this as a clarification of a previously nebulous state of hostility into a "the gloves are off" battle to the death.
  10. His Most Catholic Majesty The King of Spain And of the Oriental and Occidental Indies Announces Through His Viceregal Representatives The Most Noble and August Clan: VLTRA Henceforth and without exception VLTRA refuses to deal diplomatically with the any and all clans of the British faction except through means of war. There will be no surrender accepted, no quarter given and no line that will not be crossed in our pursuit of nothing less than the complete destruction of this faction's capacity for RvR. VLTRA had previously been at w
  11. Today while raising hostility in the region of Comayagua we encountered various members of the British faction, (screenshots below) engaging in what we believe amount to griefing and exploiting with Basic Cutters in the pursuit of making RvR difficult or impossible. When we engaged AI fleets (as is necessary to raise hostility) the Basic Cutters would sail as close of possible to our fleet in Open World and then be dragged into the battle instance (due to the ROE) or would later join the battle (we believe the created instance counts as a PvE battle) with the sole purpose of setting fire to e
  12. Neither. They tried and this time they failed but they still got a few of our ships and we were impressed they managed to get 35 captains to sail all the way to Louisiana. I think Jorge meant that it was obvious they didn't have success because Louisiana is now Spanish. Great Britain will always be the biggest faction and will always have PvP to practice with on its doorstep. Those two factors mean that Great Britain should be a long way away from being written off by anyone.
  13. ATLAS in keeping with our values and mission statement advises all stakeholders that we will be actioning a vertical integration strategy of our human capital with Clan VLTRA going forward. This will be a synergetic and goal focussed merger grounded with a focus on end user satisfaction and achievement making. As we push on to meet the challenges and opportunities of tomorrow ATLAS/VLTRA will always strive to bring it's core values of excellence and dynamic problem-solving to the table in these exciting times.
  14. Well it was discussed as a possibility in the Spanish faction and also brought up during some conversations we had with other factions as to the eventual diplomatic layout of post-patch PvE EURO. Obviously the idea isn't that farfetched. Personally I think it would be a mistake for the Dutch or anyone else (including the Spanish) to carry over pre-wipe or roleplay prejudices into the new server otherwise we'll just get bogged down in same old power blocks again. In Spain there is a good saying "don't ever say 'I'll never drink from this well' nor 'this priest isn't my father'". Yo
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