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  1. WTF😫 We will be dropping ports quicker than .. whores knickers
  2. what a hypocrite ... i guess your going to try and tell us youve never attacked and sunk a new player
  3. it may seem like a bad idea now but you want to start going down how long a guarantee should last you need to start looking up a few facts a guarantee is for the lifetime of a product unless stated otherwise ... i dont see when you said xp is guaranteed to remain on release that you put an date or timeline on that guarantee my main bone of contention is you sold us DLC knowing that you were not going to honour that guarantee
  4. I will wait but I will be complaining to steam and wanting a refund on dlc purchases if game is released with a full wipe of xp
  5. the last wipes were fun but this is different you have to rank up again to crew bigger ships ... you cant get bigger ships because you have to rank up your crafting xp again and the biggest change is with the new damage model you will be sunk if you attempt to attack any ship bigger than the class of ship your sailing ... the grind will be far harder and longer than the first time around
  6. see this as an end of NA Vets will stop playing ... those that come back on release will log in find they have nothing and leave again ..why do you think they left in the first place people who havent played before will see new game release read reviews and not buy result 0 playerbase game dead in 2 months but devs have made their money so alls good
  7. fair comment ... however Napoleon believed he made the right choice on marching to Moscow seems there are many players who are calling the full xp wipe BS i have played this game for many hours and although it will be a shame ... its not a life changing event to stop playing .. the devs can do as they like I feel I have been conned with false information when DLC was launched .. i may have been stupid to buy several dlc of a game in testing , but thought they were been sold on the basis of no removal of xp at launch I bought those dlc on the facts presented by the devs .. they obviosly havent acted in good faith when selling them
  8. a dlc is useless if im not playing the game .. i bought those dlc based on the fact i intended playing the game after release ... It was guaranteed that rank and crafting xp were to be retained on release therefore the dlc were sold under false pretence let me say again
  9. Rank xp, crafting xp is safe and guaranteed Money, resources, upgrades owned and probably ships will definitely get wiped R I have tested this game for 7000 hours ... I have spent money on DLC .. based on this guarantee if the devs had been honest and upfront about a full wipe i would not have bought those DLCs .. at the moment i feel I have been conned into wasting my time testing for the devs and have been conned into spending money on dlc .. the pandora and a few paints is a poor reward for 7000 hours testing . the dlc i prchased in good faith .. now useless for a game i may not want to play one question .. why do you feel you can treat your most loyal customers like this ? to be fair the ranking xp means little but im not going to grind the crafting xp
  10. of course after the wipe there will be none ....my first qbjective after the wipe will be to own a decent 1st rate and a decent bellona ..smaller ships will be secondary consideration
  11. Yet I am a first rate owner and my preference is to sail 1st 2nd and 3rd rates ,,,, so you have me wrong .. Im not giving feedback that will help me win ... im giving feedback that keeps the game exciting for me .... the excitement of when I am stupidly sailing a 1st rate .. alone and an enemy frigate comes into view .. is this guy good enough to attack and sink me winning without the threat of losing is boring I dont want to not care because I can easy win and i will blow him out of the water ...an easy win isnt interesting
  12. I really dont want to be negative at all about this at all I have 7500 hours in this game so you can see how much I love it .. game labs have saved me a lot of money as I havent bought any other games in last 3 or so years so I have no axe to grind with the devs I just need convincing more that this will work bcause all i see is indeed a dumbing down of the game .. and actually its in my favour which may seem strange ,,, I understand why the devs have done it and the reasons why ,,, even with the hours I have im not a really good player I would say just above average ,,but this is where the change and dumbing down happens ... it actual helps me by removing the skill factor between myself and the really good players .. so you may ask why does that potentially spoil the game for me .... it takes away the fear of losing my first rates and line ships that I sail .... it takes away the intlellectual thought process of balancing risk v reward ... the most fun moments of Naval Action ... are when I have risked all and won ... you champion the realitic and authentic ,,,, yet its a game that that cannot reproduce realism and authentic because it would be unplayable ... because there are factors that can never be reproduced ... the main one been the fear of losing your life ..and that doesnt happen in NA fortunatly .. . ships rarely sank in battle ... if you want authenticity ... I may be wrong but no ships actually sank at trafalgar those that did sink were over the following days in the storm due to their poor condition .the notion of a ship going down all guns blazing is a myth ... captains lost their ships to boarding actions or simply surrendered and struck their colours due to loss of crew or been unable to fight due to damage .many ships such as traders surrendered afte they received a shot across the bows and no fight actully happened . Im sure you agree this would make poor game play Naval action can range from been fantasically exciting to play and down right boring sometimes ... i fear the damage model been introduced will lessen the excitement and fear and just go to been moderatley fun and sometimes boring every change in the game affects lots of other mechanics ... but also players motivation to play.... yes I understand that the changes will help some players ... but it will turn off others the damage model may need changing but it .. in my opinion it will change the game and bring back aspects to the game that we didnt like 12-24 months ago such as an ocean full of 1st rates port battles where tactics and sailing are less important than weight of broadside sorry this is so long
  13. the actual aiming of a cannon was done by gun captains and the their level of skill ... this is represented in the game by books and mods that reduce dispersion ... and once we have them we forget how it is to fight without them .
  14. the only thing unhistorical and stupid is a 1st rate captain sailing a first rate alone .. and putting himself in that position ... but you want to dumb it down so people can play stupid thats your choice anyway thats my last ,,, its coming whether we like it or not ,,,,,, I hope your right and im wrong
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