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  1. Grundgemunkey

    Empty sea

    change the tax from reals to doubloons .... a port earns a clan 100k in reals ,,, so what ... how does that help fund your fleet when the cost of buiding the ship to take the port is x number of doubloons that need to be grinded ... instead of 100k reals a port produced 10k of doubloons then there may be some interest in rvr again you may argue that doubloons can be purchased from the market but i cant find enough on sale to build 1 first rate ..with clans reals
  2. the Bellona was a one off ... but her basic design was copied for several other classes of third rate ... would be interested if the in game third rate is actually based on a particular ship or just made up
  3. Grundgemunkey

    Empty sea

    i dont think we disagree .. I did say earlier the work involved in getting a pb ship is not worth the fun/ rewards from sailing and fighting it ... maybe your idea of the hard work .. is getting ppl motivated to do the port battle .... all im saying is its hard to get them motivated ... because of the grind required to build a ship ,,, whether that grind be for vic marks, dubs. labour hours ,,, the materials ... the upgrades ... or probably all of that
  4. Grundgemunkey

    Empty sea

    the enemy doesnt have it easier ... everyone is in the same position ... thats why no one can be bothered Thing is, if the game is too easy ppl have nothing to do very fast because its just 1st rate spam against eachother. and that is what i was talking about earlier finding a balance ... the devs seem to go from one extreme to another whithout consideration to what is attarcting players and what turns them off they seem to cater to people who have the most extreme views .... in one case they hardcore pvp players ... then they switch to those that like to sail every where and find it exciting to be lost with no idea where they are there is never any middleground
  5. Grundgemunkey

    Empty sea

    not the same for all clans ... we certainly dont have hundreds of vic marks or several 100k of dubs however its not the vic marks or the dubs that are the problem ... its the time spent getting everything in one place ... the labour hours ... the rng factor .. that doesnt motivate players .. and then as you say the prize at the end ... it all becomes meh
  6. Grundgemunkey

    Empty sea

    the question to ask is why has RVR died .... the answer is .. its too expensive or difficult to replace the ships you might lose ... the time and effort to build a ship is not proportionate to the fun sailing and fighting with it ..
  7. Grundgemunkey

    Empty sea

    the decline in players is greater than 6% there maybe only a small decrease in numbers logging in.. but its about how long they stay logged in .... i still log in every day .. but its a case of .no one online and logging out again .. its saturday afternoon and there are 230 players in game .. it woul have been double that before the last changes primetime on an evening is the same
  8. Grundgemunkey

    Empty sea

    lol the game is far from sandbox.... i can see why you are moderator .. you have same mindset as devs ... all or nothing ... changes should always swing from one extreme to another .. no one wants all ships full of repairs all the time everywhere ... just a game that doesnt require a 40 hour week to play getting full servers isnt easy ... your suggestion wouldnt work either ... there has to be a balance .. it hasnt been found yet .. DLC ships were a mistake the simplified trading and crafting is good ,, but the penatlies that came with it nullified them .. goods dont drop as they did .... the cost of building ships makes sailing them not worth the risk ... its about balance
  9. Grundgemunkey

    Empty sea

    sorry but your wrong with his post and the previous .... there isnt a ton of new blood ... the levels of players in game say so .. unless everyone playing is new the game has become even more long winded and has become boring ,,, i logged on yesterday .. left port after 30 minutes .. i hadnt seen another player ... and i hadnt seen any ai that i could attack with a reasonable chance of surviving ,, plenty of ai fleets but sailing an endy finding an AI suprise with 10 medium size ships in itS fleet is not an attractive proposition finally a traders snow apeared attacked it,,,,, 4 iberian pork and 999 reals reward later ... i sailed back and went to play something else spent 80 mins in game of which only 10 were in battle the rest was staring at empty sea Im not sure which change has killed the fun ... maybe its a combination think this was a niche game to start with .. but the niche is becoming smaller and smaller this is the best game ive ever played ... ive had so much fun ive almost fallen off my chair laughing and also raged as well ..... but the motivation to play has gone with the latest changes ...it seems the same with a lot of other players too ...the balance between the amount of time invested in playing ....to the fun i get out of it ... has shifted so much .. i dont see the point in logging in its a shame
  10. Grundgemunkey

    what a waste

    nah im shit with a camara .. slaughterer was on weekend leave that day too 😕
  11. Grundgemunkey

    what a waste

    December 1949 last surviving ship apart from Hms Victory was scuttled seems such a waste to just sink History HMS Implacable https://www.britishpathe.com/video/implacable-to-the-end
  12. if you had spent any time in GB nation you would understand Gosnell is a massive troll and ignore everything he does or says
  13. you believe that traders in the age of sail just set off blindly to a port a 1000 miles away not knowing what was available to buy there and what the cost was ... ???? ,,, they had agents in ports that bought and sold goods they had contracts .. they knew exactly what price of goods were
  14. Grundgemunkey

    Epic Event Broken Spawn

    its been like that for awhile now , tou dont get chance to load guns on 1st rate