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  1. no, its working now. Thanks
  2. I see lots of people having trouble with verification, but i cant even get the buy now link to work. it just blank pages. tried on multiple browsers.
  3. if you did'nt ignore the facts, you wouldn't be so confused about what has happened. A fast renomee will now easily escape a fast connie both in and out of battle. Because a fast connie will never hit 15knts in battle at any point of sail. a Fast Renno will hit 15Knts at a vareity of points of sail, allowing it to go at a slightly less optimum point of sail than the Connie and still be much faster. allowing easy escape. but of course you knew this, because you dont need to be taught how to sail.
  4. i mean literally, you dont understand what has happened. you said that this change makes it worse for small ships. it doesnt, it helps small ships because they can still get to the speed cap, and the heavier ones now cant. so, the real actual in game max battle speed for the Renomee will now be faster than a fast connie. whereas before this patch, they could have been the same. so, the whole basis for your question was incorrect.
  5. Lol, internet threats. im so scare. if you say things that make it sound like you dont understand the game, someone will explain it to you. pretty simple to understand. but, then, yeah......
  6. in fact, this patch helps the really fast ships. there is a 15nkt cap. before this nerf it was easy to get almost any ship to 15kts, so stuff like the renomee had very little advantage in battle. now, because its much harder to get to 15knts, the renomee has an actual advantage. do i think the issue here is not that you dont agree with the change, but that you dont understand it.
  7. if you need help working out how to play the game, the forum admin isnt the one to go to. Connies cant turn for shit. so, instead of trying to run from them which as you correctly claim isnt easy, just outturn them and kill them. its half the challenge of the game to adapt tactically. not a problem. this patch has in no way killed the light ships. the connie has always been almost as fast, the debuffs work almost equally.
  8. yeah the anti-alt rule is good. its a bit arbritary, and some people do have alts above that level, and some real people who deserve marks are below that level. but on balance its positive. Shame that victory marks are just higher denomination Combat marks though. they are just 175 combat mark notes now. so, they are entirely pointless. everything should just be in one currency. having 2 adds nothing.
  9. Admin i think the speed de-buff is a positive move. possibly its just overdone slightly. 5% to 1% in some cases i think. and also saling crew is very very large. you can end up with like 50% extra sailing crew for about 10% speed. which seems illogical. perhaps there is a better middle ground.
  10. or, (and this is right out there crazy thinking), just dont use them if you dont like them. plenty of people will still want the 6% speed boost that gazelle/BVW/Crooked gives. especially on top of light woods. and if you dont have them, and your enemy does, he will catch you. the only difference is now that you dont HAVE to have them because they are no longer so powerful that there is no other sensible option.
  11. I mean, the cries of 'this patch has ruined PvP'.... no it hasnt, what they really mean is 'This patch has made the exact style of sailing i used to do less good. i will now not be able to prey on other players with impunity. Moving the balance in their direction is a reaosnable experiment but sod them, i want the game to be perfect for me and no one else matters.'
  12. Also, everyone needs to stop over-reacting to the speed de-buff. really, yes your ship will be slower, but so will the ones chasing you. Now at least there will be more variety in open world PvP where its not just super fast or nothing. other builds will now be viable, bringing some variation to the game. There are people saying 'you idiot devs you just gave into the whingers' who are now whinging at the devs hoping they will give in. get a grip guys, you are literally the problem. stop whinging about just your own narrow needs and think of the wider game.
  13. Am i the only one who has noticed that if victory marks can just be converted from Conquest marks that having them at all is entirely pointless? i mean, if 1 victory mark = X combat marks, just give every player on the 'winning' nation x Combat marks for it, that way there is no need for this system of having 2 different types. it makes no sense to have them at all if there is an exchange rate.
  14. in a 25v25 battle between good teams the advantages of ship is massive. Rattle heavys vs mercuries is a big difference. as is Connies vs aggies or Victories vs oceans. massive.
  15. The rattlesnake heavy is for victory marks, and thus will dominate shallow port battles. Other good ships too, the victory isnt the best 1st rate for PBs. if the victory marks werent important, they wouldnt be there. so they are important, and only 2-3 nations will have them. its just dumb. the game shouldnt be rigged so that only the few heavily populated nations have a chance. its ridiculous. they have enough advantages anyway without more. I mean FFS the small nations were at least able to get conquest marks!!!
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