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  1. no, its working now. Thanks
  2. I see lots of people having trouble with verification, but i cant even get the buy now link to work. it just blank pages. tried on multiple browsers.
  3. I don't think I have ever even heard of a total war where the aggressor manufactured an excuse to do to war, failed one tiny attack, tried to sue for peace despite never being counter attacked, then ran away so far that they actually left their own country. even the French wouldn't do that. you were literally defeated by your own fears, divisions, and some words on the forums. People say forum PvP isn't or shouldn't be a real thing but here, Britain defeated spain in a total war, and the only real fighting was on the forums. It is quite beautiful and extraordinary to behold. thank
  4. The really bizzare thing is that on both occasions it crashed my router badly, and for a long time confused the shit out of it and my PC. first time I thought it was co-incidence, but after the second one. I have no idea how this Is possible.
  5. Lol Sunday night. definitely not going to get fixed anytime soon eh?
  6. Jorge announced that they are going to stop doing RvR and all go back to Havana due to the 'bugs'. Since this is not starships troopers, the bugs are not the problem. what he really means is that they realise they are not going to have an easy win and are running away using some lame excuses. either way, the 'total' war is over without really a shot being fired.
  7. Brits would have made port battles today at both Salamanca and Carta without that bug. so all the bug did was delay by 1 day. the problem is not the bug, the problem is you started a war you cant fight. 1 day. 1 day. literally. you would not have been able to defend both ports. so, this whole 'bug' excuse is just pathetic. you were going to lose that port from the moment of your melodramatic war declaration.
  8. You failed at Omoa because you brought the wrong ships and played the wrong way. you brought 1st rates to open water fighting, and didn't escort them properly. we could have used Lynxs/privateers/pickles as fire ships with the same effect. you simply played it badly. then, you didn't come back in the correct ships to get hostility, you just rage quit. You failed at Georgetown because you didn't expect us to have allies and we screened you. you were disorganized and weren't in the right places at the right time. yes, the tagging mechanics are dumb at the moment, but they work both ways.
  9. They weren't late, that was a bug where the rest of the world was 30 mins early. so if anything, its the devs fault. And those weren't 18 Oceans, that was a bug where a bunch of ships were accidentally duped. actually they only had 3 players there.
  10. yeah, the system is slightly buggy right now. (same bugs for everyone) Better immediately give up on the 'total war with no surrender or diplomacy' as a result of that. That is the only logical course of action at this point, after the massive effort you put in with all that posturing. everyone totally believes that is your reason. the bugs. not that you bit off more than you can chew.
  11. pft, most of our PvP players went to Gobal, most of the rest are inexperienced or not organized or moved to other nations on EU. numbers isn't everything, the quality in Brits right now is very low and organized clans would be very effective against them if they actually tried. Also, If I was a small nation, I wouldn't melodramatically declare war on a big nation and expect not to get swarmed. If I had declared war, I wouldn't then immediately give up when there was a problem or I did indeed get swarmed. either way, it doesn't look good or smart what you guys have done. you cant punc
  12. What fighting? if you mean when basic cutters chased away 1st rates, I don't think that counts. other than that, there was literally no fighting before you gave up. And there is no point claiming we only fight when we have lots of help, we once fought every single nation apart from the Dutch all at the same time, and didn't lose. nor did we give up when minor bugs or adverse events happened. so.....
  13. This is too wonderful. I provide a Spanish - English translation service below To our rightful overlords the british. we are going to use a minor bug, that is really not a big deal at all and nothing compared to previous problems us and others have had, as an excuse to back out of this melodramatic 'total war'. We realized very soon after the war started that we would face actual resistance, in the form of a number of small clans and random players in frigates. now, we do have a huge fleet of Oceans, but we are worried that if we have to actually fight in them, some of them might get
  14. So, literally the first opportunity to have a real fight in this 'total war' and its going to be solved without a single shot being fired? And no fun was had by all! Rofl I mean, seriously, I get that the bugged hostility thing was lame but why not just abandon Cartagena and have a real port battle at Salamanca? Spanish would almost certainly have been able to defend it and it would have involved actual fun, rather than this lameness and the result would have been the same!!!!!
  15. lol wut? could your lies be any more ridiculous? For most of PvP EU history the british fought either alone or with 1-2 allies against the combined Spain, pirates, swedes, Danes and French attacks on every part of our nation. Our only allies in that period were intermittently the US (who we also fought at first) and the Dutch (who never really came up to the main british areas, our alliance was more of an agreement not to attack each other). The US and Dutch were two of the weaker nations for most of that period. the US was only strong when we weren't allies, and only allies on
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