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  1. This may have been said already, but put a cap on the damage you can do! This can help avoid situations where larger countries nuke small countries into the stone age with constant raids. Time between raids should be perhaps two days.
  2. Might I propose we simply give each port a # of slots they can devote to improvements? A small number, like six to encourage specialization with each improvement requiring one point. You could choose to max out one area and have two points left over to improve another area, or alternatively spread the points out more evenly to cover more bases. Get specialization on ports for certain builds, help avoid absurd franken-ships with wildly overpowered stats, encourage clans to invest in multiple locations.
  3. In Minecraft PE you could duplicate your inventory with an exploit for months by turning off your phone really fast. Everyone used it, but no one actually went around in my middle school claiming they got the diamonds and other goodies they duped fairly. We all knew it was cheap abuse of a hole in the game's coding; in essence we were cheating. I suppose some people think differently. Here the reality is pretty obvious. These people consciously made a decision to abuse an in-game exploit. If the goal was to explore loopholes in the system it should have been reported and left be. Instead it was used to conquer ports... contradictions and ironies aside, those affected have very good reasons to be pissed about it and I couldn't care less if they repeat themselves on the forums. Those clans should lose those ports ASAP, and more.
  4. I don't have it either, unfortunately. I will try the restart fix- but if not, perhaps the problem will be solved post-maintenance. Definitely looking forward to it! In advance, I extend my sincerest thanks to the Devs for the lovely Pandora.
  5. Gamers love a good corporate villan; I think this youtuber simply leapt head-first into something he didn't know enough about and made a sloppy video, taking a lot of hints from Banished. His whole channel and his audience feeds off of the "hello kitty the devs" mentality. Best thing to do is to keep your chin up and keep moving forward to release. Prove them wrong- damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!
  6. I suspect their motivation there is to prevent people from seal-clubbing newbies.
  7. I think this will be interesting; we've seen from the herc/requin that players will act more aggressively, and PVP more when they have redeemable ships. Expanding that to 5ths/4ths I hope will have a positive effect on the frequency of PVP! But... I don't think we can have both a wide array of DLC redeemable ships AND the present system of ultra-rare/expensive permits for so many ships. The influx of DLC ships that will almost certainly make up a majority of PVP traffic has to be countered by a diverse and competent selection of craftable ships for those not willing to pay for DLCs to compete. Right now with so many ships locked away under rare or expensive permits, the selection of non-DLC ships is limited and new players would probably be daunted.
  8. I agree. It's a very useful low-level PVP ship. Fast with bow chasers, but still balanced: not absurdly tough or well armed. I have always thought ship-sloops would be perfect in this game, alas we only really have one not counting the Herc- the heavy version.
  9. There's a troll named "Republican" in the US nation chat, this is clearly a French version of the same player. Ignore him... trolling in chat does not need to come up on the forums. That's what trolls want- attention.
  10. Simply increase the timer. Only let people redeem them once a week, instead of being able to pull powerful ships out of their asses every 24 hours. That might be just enough to help things.
  11. If we're considering French 50-60 gun ships of this time period, Le Fleuron should be it. A much more impressive ship, with her famous reputation for speed. Could be an interesting addition to the lineup as a smaller, faster but perhaps less maneuverable Wappen.
  12. Stop. We have enough problems with the game, let's not add immaturity and petty toxicity into the mix. "Spantards"... really?
  13. The simple reality is that these countries have decided to find their PVP by ganking the living hell out of one nation instead of fighting dynamic and well-balanced wars like the game should be played. They're more comfortable ganging up on one country, one region until said country's playerbase is driven away from the game. Don't tell us that it's ok because said countries will pvp with eachother in our waters. They don't have to be allies to run PVP, population and player satisfaction into the ground. Maybe if we had conflict going on in multiple places across numerous fronts, we wouldn't see these very same gankers complaining on the forum about low population and an empty open world. Bring back diplomacy. Force countries to pick few allies and fight balanced wars. If we can't fix the game, then let's at the very least acknowledge what's going on here.
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