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  1. Gamers love a good corporate villan; I think this youtuber simply leapt head-first into something he didn't know enough about and made a sloppy video, taking a lot of hints from Banished. His whole channel and his audience feeds off of the "hello kitty the devs" mentality. Best thing to do is to keep your chin up and keep moving forward to release. Prove them wrong- damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!
  2. I think this will be interesting; we've seen from the herc/requin that players will act more aggressively, and PVP more when they have redeemable ships. Expanding that to 5ths/4ths I hope will have a positive effect on the frequency of PVP! But... I don't think we can have both a wide array of DLC redeemable ships AND the present system of ultra-rare/expensive permits for so many ships. The influx of DLC ships that will almost certainly make up a majority of PVP traffic has to be countered by a diverse and competent selection of craftable ships for those not willing to pay for DLCs to com
  3. I agree. It's a very useful low-level PVP ship. Fast with bow chasers, but still balanced: not absurdly tough or well armed. I have always thought ship-sloops would be perfect in this game, alas we only really have one not counting the Herc- the heavy version.
  4. There's a troll named "Republican" in the US nation chat, this is clearly a French version of the same player. Ignore him... trolling in chat does not need to come up on the forums. That's what trolls want- attention.
  5. If we're considering French 50-60 gun ships of this time period, Le Fleuron should be it. A much more impressive ship, with her famous reputation for speed. Could be an interesting addition to the lineup as a smaller, faster but perhaps less maneuverable Wappen.
  6. Stop. We have enough problems with the game, let's not add immaturity and petty toxicity into the mix. "Spantards"... really?
  7. This is very interesting, something different from what we're all used to. I imagine she could be a fascinating addition to the pantheon of frigates as a sort of "heavy raider".
  8. I think this would be a lovely addition, something to complement the Brig.
  9. Broadly speaking, I don't like the idea of adding "rules" to Naval Action. Having all players subject to tribunals and such on the Forums only further increases the "dependence" of the game upon the forums, which I have never cared much for. If we have problems like this one, then an in-game mechanic should exist to stop it, one should not have to be drawn into a tribunal post on the forums, nor be expected to read up on rules that exist solely on the forums. Any player who is not used to the forums and ends up in a tribunal will immediately declare, either in the tribunal or in a negative ste
  10. I can see where you're coming from there. Sailing the Snow many, many years ago was kinda painful for me as I couldn't really participate in my clan's operations most of the time (back when i was SLRN), now I really can't get over it xD I would take a Rattle over that any day. Though I'm sure everyone else would too. How can anyone hate NA ships anyway? Even the Connie with its crappy performance is lovable, being so nostalgic and looking so grand this time period's sailing ships really are the best of maritime history.
  11. I simply cannot understand this extraordinary animosity towards seventh rates, the idea that NA is "about square rigged vessels". Naval Action is a game about the age of sail, and sevenths have a part in it like the rest of them. I could very well devote another paragraph to further exacerbate the point that a Brig would be useless in every area of the game to a noob in comparison to the flexible sevenths, yet I would be repeating myself further. It would appear the two of us have very different ideas about the sevenths, and about the new player experience- that is very well and I shall leave
  12. One does not need "nostalgia" and an "affinity" for sevenths to recognize their value. Perhaps you might consider that the reasons why 50% of people don't move on past the cutter is because of other reasons, like the ones they always complain about in steam reviews- bad UI, lack of tutorial (until recently!), 'dev bais", etc. I have never seen or heard of anyone dropping the game because they didn't like the cutter, that would be strange as within a few engagements they should have the money to switch into a different seventh. It would be like quitting War Thunder because someone didn't like t
  13. I must again, respectfully disagree. The seventh is a perfect starting ship. They are cheap and easily found in markets, clans can easily provide them to their newbie clanmates. They require only an hour or so to be unlocked. Their high speed and upwind sailing capabilities means they can sail with their veteran counterparts in their Endys and the like, whilst able to escape superior foes. They can have an active role in any PVP squadron as scouts, and perhaps even taggers. The Brig meanwhile is slower and lacks those sailing qualities. They take a little more time and skill to master, and hav
  14. The usefulness of any ship or class of ship depends upon your personal opinion. Some folks think the low gunports and heel of the 7th rates renders them unplayable. I personally think they're great because they can go upwind fast and are dirt cheap, and i am sure others feel the same way. There are "broken" ships, where very clear faults means they are not well suited for play or need tuning, and there's everything else- ships that have both good and bad qualities but still have some uses. Just because we, used to sailing frigates and SOLs have come to find 7th rates less exiting does no
  15. I honestly thought that was a bowl full of marijuana. Is that your secret to success?
  16. Oh god, I can see it now- some guy accidentally capsizes his ship and, in his rage, writes a nasty steam review about the game's "broken heeling mechanics" or something. This sounds cool but seems like it could add a lot of fuel to the fire that is the game's steam rating. I beg of you- do not add this!
  17. I absolutely agree. But there were also problems that went beyond revolution and such for the French. French frigates were generally faster and sweet-sailing but had lighter and less durable construction that would require a lot of repair and maintenance work constantly. They sometimes lacked the hull space to properly stow for long voyages, and many had cramped decks that bred sickness and poor health for their crews. A multitude of French frigates were not coppered. Many French and Spanish ships had "roundhouses" which increased windage and blocked sight aft, the British always removed them
  18. I think generally the Spanish Navy was impressive on paper with its numerous 100-120-gun ships of the line, however they performed very badly in terms of the quality of crews and their officers, so would not place highly at all. The performance of Spanish crews at St. Vincent is probably one of the worst in the Wars of the French Revolution, guns on some of their larger ships of the line were found with their muzzles still blocked by tampions after being captured . The arrangement of the Spanish fleet at St. Vincent was entirely without organization, clustered in two lopsided groups in s
  19. Thanks, I will definitely check that out! I am a piss poor college student, so Christmas and birthdays are really only when I can get books
  20. How would the center of gravity play into speed? I have always thought that perhaps the higher gun deck and weight of broadside of the Constitution and Endymion played into their speed. If I understand correctly, a part of the first half of the 19th century's British naval design was influenced by attempts to shift the center of gravity higher, as is the case with the infamous Cherokee ships (seriously, no forecastle, low freeboard?) to increase speed. Perhaps the heavier guns of Endymion and Constitution pushed the center of gravity higher, therefore unintentionally boosting speed? I ea
  21. How many times has this poll/topic come up now? xD As i understand it, the modeling of crew on the decks of our ships will not change for the foreseeable future, as animating additional crew-members puts a heavy toll on the servers and game engine. There are other priorities.
  22. My king, upon my wall in my dorm cabin, I have two posters- one of the gallant Lord Nelson, and one of you! I gladly offer my services to you and Prussia, for I have long dreamed of having the Eagle at the mizzen. Though I shall never forget my lengthy service to Britain in PVP1 EU, the Leuthen Chorale calls me- and who am I to deny it?
  23. I think the mentality is that if you're going to go for a speed-leaning build you might as well go all the way with a fir-fir build instead of using a rarer, more expensive wood to get less speed. Teak-Bermuda's stats are as follows, with the first entry being the framing, second the planking, third the total. Structure HPs -2.5% 0.% -2.5% Side HPs -3.% 1.% -2.% Front HPs -3.% 1.% -2.% Back HPs -3.% 1.%
  24. If supported she is an excellent brawler, I was mauled badly by one whilst sailing an Aggie in a small 4th rate engagement a few weeks ago. I was surprised by how maneuverable she was for her stats!
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