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  1. which allies? I did not make an alliance with anyone
  2. it is not a matter of court but rather that I or any other player buys a game to play as he wants and not to be practically obliged to play the way that another person wants. when there are treaties between nations we are not obliged to accept this treaty because there are also players from those nations attacking the French and I did not buy a game to be sent or ordered by any player I do not know anywhere
  3. I think it's very clear the part he tells me to leave France
  4. I am not French but by what I perceive or play in the way that it wants or I am forced to change of nation
  5. and very sad the behavior of some players
  6. I was sailing with 4 million merchandise and 4 copper plating I doubt very much that they will reward someone for what they have lost
  7. I think if we pay for a product and we can not enjoy it we have to be compensated because at the end of the day we all pay for the game
  8. I've been trying to get on the server since morning and by the time it's going to continue until the end of the day the important question will be to be rewarded for this?
  9. once again the devs do what they want, and who loses are us, players already and so maybe it is better to play them the game numca saw nothing like that, and absurd we spend hours playing for nothing
  10. I think this is more than at the time of appearing some Portuguese ship perhaps the Frigate D.Fernando II
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