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  1. I haven't seen any for the Prince, you've gotta stick to the Pickle
  2. Did admin delete his post? I don't see it anymore lol
  3. But if we don't like the ship and decide to sink it, it means we get 0 rewards. Bad method, really bad.
  4. What is out of date? We didn't receive any new paints since 2016 and I do have direct contact with the OP.
  5. It's not just comparing them to 24pd longs stats, but also the fact that most 5th rates like Herc, Trinc, Pirate Frigate etc. will be excluded from using them. Edinorogs also do outclass 18pd longs in pen, dps, damage etc. 24pd longs are a little more competitive in terms of range/pen/accuracy.
  6. You totally ignored the fact about my comment to bump it into 24pd category + you can't craft them like normal guns. After the wipe, no one will have poods.
  7. Poods were nerfed recently. Last fix for them is bringing them back to 24pd slot.
  8. @Intrepido Pink Royale & Brest Harbor (only the old paints).
  9. Another problem arises when the battle is over (we can see that on the video above by Liqucity). Both ships have 100% water, boarding is still going on. First person to click leave - survives, other sinks (while technically both should be dead). If player A leaves battle first, player B dies. If player B leaves first, player A dies. Not only it creates an unrealistic situation of magic force keeping 2 ships afloat, on rare occasions faster-clicking LEAVE button player or player with lower ping wins.
  10. But the Frenchman was not sinking! We have a situation of BOTH ships with 100% water in boarding. They are magically afloat.
  11. Both ships are in boarding. Both ships have 100% of the water. I thought the concept of not sinking ship in boarding is that 1 ship is grappled to another afloat ship. How does the logic and physics work with both ships going down, but holding each other afloat due to boarding?
  12. Not sure where to post it, but new paints are invading Caribbean today soon...
  13. Not sure if I should thank for the mention or I feel offended 😏
  14. Some smashin' at KPR that happened yesterday: And some more, but I haven't been in all of the battles.
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