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  1. Even if someone is stubborn and would like to classify it as 4½th or 4th rate, it is technically still a ship of the line (doesn't matter if you call it 4th rate or 3rd rate).
  2. They just need to be OP for the first month or so, after everyone buys the DLC, nerfhammer will strike several times and ship will become balanced Just like Hercules and Le Requin.
  3. What defines ship rate clasification? Our imagination, historical rating system, or...?
  5. From game files it looks like a third rate: From historical sources looks like a third rate: But hey! I forgot Consitution is a 3rd rate with 450 crew / 54 guns while being a frigate-class and 630 crew / 66 guns SOL will be a 4th rate... http://www.navy.su/-1850/battleships/trofey/retvizan.htm
  6. I thought there were supposed to be no SOL/big ships DLCs?
  7. I can give 1 paint free every day for someone, pm me.
  8. New RoE has huge logical flaws as anti-gank mechanic. Often it helps more to gank enemy.
  9. Do you define rare ships as ships that require permits? What was the deciding factor which ships require permits for crafting? Is Santa Cecilia, Gunboat etc. also defined rare? They are surely more "rare" than Prince.
  10. It looks like someone else is butthurt and doesn't come up with any real historical facts. So far from the historical record, we came to conclusions that the ship carried 18 guns and not 20 like in Naval Action (2 too many) and has oversized carronades (18pd and not 12pd). Here is the "Captain's Log" with information during event of her capture: https://www.1812privateers.org/Privateers/leandlog.html Why are you so afraid of my edinorog pirate frigate?
  11. I want to be a real pyrate roleplay hunter, don't ruin my immersion, thanks. We don't need Pickles with poods.
  12. sure it can engage and surely it can win if the enemy is bad enough. But giving it high chances, odds and advantage make it not immersive and terrible gameplay. Little ships have been a pain in the ass for the big ships for a long time.
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