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  1. Banished Privateer

    OCB / PEC Griefing

    If you want to screen, you need to fight your battles.
  2. Banished Privateer

    Big Thanks Nice to Cabal

    I lost only one 1st rate to Sweden and we were outnumbered heavily Sweden has lost much more to me. You as good player should understand that Prussian fleet stands no chance to defend unless we gather our best players. Is it worth losing dozens of SOLs worth literally millions for a useless port? You can do the math. Risking fleet worth about 20m reals if not more, just to defend port that generates no income and has no strategic value. I am ready to duel you even now btw. Haven't seen you message me in a long time, I have all day free, today. Hit me up when you're on.
  3. Banished Privateer

    Big Thanks Nice to Cabal

    What the hello kitty is this video?
  4. I will say just one thing, capital blockades by 15-25 ships was the best PvP content NA had. You couldn't ignore them, no one was allowed to pass through and nations had to gather fleets to break through the blockade, often ending in 25v25 battles at capitals.
  5. Banished Privateer

    OCB / PEC Griefing

    That was neither hostility nor PB. They captured our L'Ocean, we tried to take it back, but they threw Princes to screen us out.
  6. While I agree with many valid points made by you, traders even with 3 book slots go 15.5 knots. Almost everyone makes them fir-fir, 3 or more speed mods, 3 speed books... My 15.5 knots Rattlesnake couldn't catch the other day 15.5 knots T Brig with Deadman Chest. Stacking speed mods is one issue, but all traders being fir-fir is another. Always speed, no matter what and later they die from 2 broadsides. I've seen many good PvP players killing hunters with trade ships. Privateer yesterday mentioned that his x4 Indiaman convoy sank aprox 4 Spanish ships, including Wasa and few more. Use guns, repairs, proper woods...
  7. Banished Privateer

    Pirate on Pirate action

    Use "chat report" function, carry on. Typical answer we always get, but nothing changes.
  8. 1. Requins and Princes can easily run away in patrol zones. @Licinio ChiavariChiavari on a Requin was chased by 6 ships (2 Princes, Cutter, 2 Hercules and Surprise) for 1h and 20 minutes. Square riggers struggle sailing upwind while fore and aft ships go full speed, easily evading and "kiting" enemies. 2. If someone attacks you, that means that you are STUCK in battle for at least 25 minutes. Accidental attacks happen with allies, sometimes players make a deal ("I let you go for 2000 reals" example) 3. All the helping/not helping and distance issues were fixed by old Signaling Perk. It helped counter gank fleets and allowed allies to reinforce battles. Removed for no good reason. 4. You say that less ganks increase player retention, yet you lower join time from 3 min to 2 min. More players now don't make it in time to join battles. Still best RoE would be "You Get What You See" - all ships within visual range on battle start can join. No surprises, sudden joiners, every player knows what to expect. Best way to avoid disappointment and confusion. 5. Solo hunters are the minority ONLY because it require a lot of experience. Most solo hunters are very good PvP veterans, best players in NA. The problem is not about ganks or solo hunting, the problem is about chasing and running. Most players have no intention to fight without advantage. Fair fights rarely happen. Ganks cause lots of frustration for the side getting ganked. They also cause toxic reactions, hatred and personal conflicts (clans that gank a lot in big groups are hated). We had that with HRE fir-fir Surprises at Jamaica year ago, we had with KOTO when they returned, they had a lot of players, some people complain now about FENIX. There is nothing wrong about playing in a big clan or big group, but it causes lots of negative emotions and reactions when players gank others. Most players will run away from 1v1. Most players will run away from 2v2. They want to fight 8v2 to have 100% safety. Ship insurance is failing and players are scared to lose ships. You get less than 100k reals for losing 1st rate while total cost to make one is about 10x bigger, 1m reals. Not counting cannons, upgrades, repairs which are all very expensive on the market and often hard to get. So what happens in NA is that some players chase other players for hours or later run away when enemy player calls more friends. NA is Chasing & Running game. It's not about PvP really. I like to joke and call it "Chase Action" game.
  9. Banished Privateer

    OCB / PEC Griefing

    That was 1 person and I told him to retreat and leave poor HAVOC alone (as you can read in rediiis topic) ^ If you also cared to read closely.
  10. Banished Privateer

    blame prussia

    Prussia demands from Devs timers on the forum. No Prussian should be discredited outside the timer.
  11. Banished Privateer

    OCB / PEC Griefing

    Last time my 3rd rate got attacked by a British Privateer player. 1v1 actions have very little BR tag limits and BRs are really offset due to RvR and PBs. Endymions are at 320s while 3rd rates are less BR if I'm not mistaken. OW BRs suffer from RvR PB BRs of the ships. Of course, the privateer player didn't fight me besides shooting sails a couple of times... Anyway, Requins are at around 160 BR, able to attack 1st rates, so.
  12. Banished Privateer

    OCB / PEC Griefing

    Here we go again with bs mechanics. French Princes and Requins throughout the entire day almost continuously were tagging Prussian players around Ays and running away. Their only intention was to prevent ships from attacking friendly ships, keeping in battle, forming revenge fleets, rescuing ships. Last battle today, attacked by Prince to make sure French L'Ocean can safely reach port. Prince did not fight, shot my sails 5 times and left the battle after 3-4 minutes from the start. Same happened to Phaserburn. This happened also in 4 different battles earlier today, people watching stream could see that. They attack and instantly run away. This is ruining NA and if someone doesn't consider it griefing, I don't know what they wanna call it. People say that according to admin "delaying actions" are legal. We need clarification from Devs on that, as this is happening literally every day. This is also outside any RvR activity, no PB screening, no hostility etc. Just OW PvP, gathering revenge fleets "reinforcements" by keeping enemies in battle or tagging them all the time, shooting their sails only, this makes the game unplayable in my opinion. The battle with Phaser, Prince did a max range tag and just escaped the battle too.
  13. Banished Privateer

    No full wipes for PvE peace server - a plea to devs

    I I only had 5 🤣 Every player has their favouirite few ships... I would keep my gunboat (if not craftable), Santa Cecilia (as previous), Surprise, Niagara and Connie. I would add to this that max rank ships that can be kept are rank 4 to not entirely ruin balance on the start. I can already imagine people keeping 5 SOLs.
  14. Banished Privateer

    No full wipes for PvE peace server - a plea to devs

    I think like keeping ship knowledge, rank and books would be ideal + option to keep 2-5 ships of your personal choice after wipe. Suggestion both for PvE and PvP. Reals and doubloons should be wiped due to economic, PvE, mission changes etc. I believe on PvE server the competition is mostly about prices on the market. Wealth accumulated with the old mechanics and old systems shouldn't be there after release imho.
  15. Banished Privateer

    blame prussia