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    malfunctioning ranking in light ship event

    MOD EDIT: Post was removed for toxic content

    malfunctioning ranking in light ship event

    MOD EDIT: Post was removed for false statements about RNG in leaderboard positions.

    Patrol ROE spinoff

    If they use mast mods than I'm almost in the lost situation. It really depends what 5th rate as some like Diana or Belle Poule have a great turn rate. I will probably just use NPC captured or store-bought frigates and Belle Poules for duel patrols, maybe Essex for fun. No point bringing anything fancy to that place knowing the design of it

    Patrol ROE spinoff

    I hope that the hello kittying circle of death will be very small for duels, allowing no kittying. Besides being grief, my biggest fear is fighting just Hercs. Maybe not fear, but sure it will become annoyance. Hercs already dominate Nassau Patrol, they will most likely dominate duels. I am pretty sure that I can stand up to the challenge and kill many of them, but I'm already at the start placed heavily against the odds. Some might say it makes it more interesting... But in my opinion duels are more about equal fights. Herc really needs 1 more balancing patch.

    Patrol ROE

    Patrols is just ganking. 1v1 patrols is cool idea in theory, but it can end up with griefing or endless battles until player runs out of repairs. You force that to be in OW, nice. What if I have 6 friends and we switch rounds attacking 1 solo guy? We can go back to port, restock repairs, he must fight until he runs out of repairs. Double-instance NA issues, can't fix griefing in OW in NA without "extreme" mechanics.

    Patch 28: Flags

    European coast line is very long. Even if you do not include North Sea with Norway coast line, we still have entire Baltic coast line and to sail to the Mediterranean Sea it would take ages. Not idea if you plan to add entire GB coast with north side and Ireland... Also double instance game will bring the same issues that NA brings and I don't think you managed to find a fix for speed and distance time compression?

    Naval Action Meme collection

    No stern ships work only if they are 15.5 knots or in the big fleet... Trinc has the crew advantage at the start, once the crew is wiped, Trinc is hopeless. The battle result most likely settles in the first 5-15 minutes. Boarding Herc is the easiest way to beat it, easily said, hardly done. It's hard to board ship with such turn rate and speed

    Naval Action Meme collection

    I've used about 6-7 Hercs overall in maybe close to 50-100 battles and I duelled and beaten Hercs and got sank by them too. The ship is overpowered in my opinion, but in inexperienced hands can be easily beaten. In hands of an experienced player, it's a killing machine. Very cheap, very fast, very deadly.

    Naval Action Meme collection

    I would if I had the Herc DLC Unless someone has the Herc Note to spare.

    Patch 28: Flags

    Any other way to get them? As it was explained before.

    'I will pay if you let me go' situation

    Trust in MMO games full of PvP and toxic players is the worst possible thing. We need a game mechanic to pay ransom in the battle itself. After the guy pays it, we can't attack him again for x minutes, he can't attack us either.

    Griefing outside of Tumbado

    I see no griefing here as long as he didn't keep tagging you repeatedly.
  13. With no navigation tools and without Traders Tool/F11, sank fleet event will be super tough to locate and sail around searching. We need at least basic navigation tools that existed at the given time, maybe even the moon or some stars which are missing in NA. Captains during the Age of Sail did not really just sail in the straight line from A to B using some protractor. Sailing was much more complex, requiring turning and manoeuvring and hence they needed better and more accurate navigation tools.
  14. 1. Give us proper navigation tools, since trader tool and F11 will be gone (sooner or later) 2. Give us moon and stars, but by stars I mean realistic sky. Game like Rust has 100% accurate night sky with stars and everything in the right location. This could be used by some smart captains to navigate. 3. Since we're talking about land profiles, my friends from the US or even Florida mention how the game shows it as terrain full of mountains and hills while in fact it's flat. This kinda makes no sense that you want captains to navigate based on fake terrain profiles that do not match real life terrain. 4. How about we get rid of capitals consuming everything? Give more options and dynamism to producing-consuming ports. 5. Dynamic price. Make it change while selling every unit of good. Selling more - price drops. Buying - price goes up. Instead we have extreme system of prices either 20k or 1 gold when reaching the stock limit... 6. Show on map what ports produce what resources...
  15. Before safezones we had the super hardcore patch 10.0 which made many players quit the game quickly. After Patch 10 came out, we had quiet some population of 1000+ methinks.
  16. Gotta get the muskets and Improved Sextant to one shot players
  17. I do remember you guys talking about looting copper platings from AI and hitting fleets. No matter the reason, books or mods, PvE meta-mod farming is just wrong. In the normal Caribbean world, captain would be able to go to the damn shop and get the muskets he wants or order them or whatever else. Access to that sort of stuff is very poor and clearly not skill-based.
  18. You force players to fight AI in order to get "meta" mods. Ram Dinark offered 300k reals for Redoutable Musket and NO ONE sold him for over a week. The best way to get new mods is to farm AI efficiently. You can take missions and kill players, but good luck doing it safely, efficiently and fast. By doing PvE I can get 10-12 chests + 100% confirmed doubloons loot rewards. For doing PvP I killed 3 pirate players, spent 3h fighting them and all dropped 0 DOUBLOONS while I risked my ship. Until doubloons are balanced, until OP meta mods are not just outcome of PvE grind, I am not really playing NA. Remember when you couldn't produce Copper Ingots? Players like @HachiRoku and @Otto Kohl did a lot PvE to loot Copper Plating from AI and these players hate PvE. This battle takes 1 hour and you finish 1 or 2 missions, get 2-3 chests and thousands of doubloons. Show me how much time it takes for 1 player to kill 11 2nd rate players to finish "missions".
  19. Maybe show how many players died to AI because of boarding and how many sank because of hull/structure damage? Because I am sure that over 70% of AI kills is with boarding. In order to sink to AI from damage, you have to make something really stupid. AI is badly programmed and predictable, but you buffed its stats to give a "challenge" for players. As result, AI is pulling crazy tricks and doing inhuman activities. This really gives a very bad taste in the mouth after fighting AI.
  20. Kills, K/D and such are pointless in NA to measure "skill". Surviving means some players rather run away instead of fighting aggressively for example. I can also kill 50 cutters to bump my stats. Best skill measurement would be BR ratio of battles. Example: my 450 BR team sank 4500 BR team, so our ratio is 1:10.
  21. Why ROVER won't do that? 🤔 Clans switching nations shift the nation's balance and power, clans full of good RvR/PvP players do it with 3x bigger impact. Well documented over the last years, 1 or 2 clans switch and power is shifted. Nothing to prove, no challenge here. I am pretty sure that HAVOC can switch nations 12 times and make all the nations "great again" but they would get bored really fast and the nations would just fall again after they leave. Dutch nations pretty much died with HAVOC and LIONS leaving, they lost Maracaibo and their gulf again.
  22. I barely played NA during the past 2 weeks and I did little to almost 0 hunting after Patch 27. First focused on getting Doubloons, later on getting musket mods and production of resources going again. I am surprised to even be on the board (it's just since Patch 27), as I pretty much quit after it. Just logging to defend ports or help other folks when they need me. I would love to see the stats since wipe to now. Edit: wrong quote, but doesn't matter really.