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  1. Just to be clear, are pirates considered a nation by the devs?
  2. Pretty sure this used to be the case with pirate frigates a long while back, only pirates being able to craft them. The result was that hardly any pirates sailed them and all the other nations sailed them around mortimer town.
  3. Yes, I have reinstalled, then tried reinstalling and deleting the regedit and the AppData/LocalLow before running the game.
  4. Quick update : I have tried editing Screenmanager Resolution Height/Width to my desired resolution in regedit and it works for a split second on the server selection screen, before jumping back to the 1280x720 resolution. It seems the game is forcing me into that resolution for some reason. I have tried locking the permissions to read only but it has no effect and reverts to the lower resolution again
  5. Drivers are up to date. Monitor is connected through HDMI as was previous monitor which it was working correctly on, nothing has changed other than plugging in the new monitor.
  6. Sorry, still the same. It doesn't change the issue.
  7. Hi I did try that fix, no luck, the game is still stuck with one resolution option. I tried it a second time to be sure and it makes no difference.
  8. I have recently got a new monitor and my resolution is stuck on 1280x720. It is the only resolution available in the options. My desktop resolution is 1920x1080 and other games run with that resolution just fine. Is there any way to force the client to run in 1080? (i have recently sent a report)
  9. Test it out with 2 of you, put a normal mission chest in your cargo and undock, you will have the deadmans chest flag on your ship
  10. Yes i reported with F11 with the chest in my cargo.
  11. I tagged a trader with the deadmans chest flag on it, but it was only a mission chest when i inspected the cargo. It gave me a mission chest reward too! Heres a screenshot of the deadmans flag on my ship after i got back to port.
  12. There was 2 questions in there, are you saying that we have a ship ingame which no one will ever see again? The notes were given as a reward for reporting exploits and game breaking bugs, it's not out of order to get clarity on wether or not that reward carries on over to release seen as it was a one time thing (unlike pods/connie refit which were given out for testing). you don't think it's a good idea to have the permits drop either?
  13. Will testers who were gifted a note for Santa cecilia be gives another one after release? if not, will we be able to craft them via rng permits?
  14. Will those testers rewarded with a santa cecilia note be gifted with another after release? If not, will the permit/note be a RNG drop in chests?
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