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  1. Johnny Rotten

    Bring back Outlaw Battles!

    Make Outlaw battles have the circle of death. Historically speaking, has a pirate run away from another pirate at sea? RP-wise, what we are talking is one pirate backstabbing another which should be allowed. It was as fun policing against the rogue players/clans as it probably was being a rogue pirate in the first place.
  2. Johnny Rotten

    Sterncamping realism - possible solution

    I think we have gone off topic a bit here. Ive made an illustration to show what I mean...
  3. Johnny Rotten

    Should the admiralty allow SOL to roam freely?

    Remove Pirate nation from being able to sail SOLs. #MakePiratesGreatAgain
  4. Johnny Rotten

    Le Requin Testing and Feedback

    I made a suggestion here how the mechanics would work to stop hugging based on how much crew you had in boarding preparation. http://forum.game-labs.net/topic/26590-sterncamping-realism-possible-solution
  5. Johnny Rotten

    Patch 25: Open world user interface update.

    I have been sinking players that are fitting copper plating to their DLC ships, and a xebec that had a nassau fencing masters. On top of that the ones that I havent managed to catch have been fitted with Elite Spanish or Elite Pirate refits. Putting these mods on your ship is hardly Yolo - of if it is they are very rich players xD
  6. Johnny Rotten

    Sterncamping realism - possible solution

    So I would need to have 60 crew in boarding prep, or Marines knowledge that hopefully gives me at least that number. But if I am in a Snow raking a Bellona, my shooters wouldn't have the angle to hit the ones on the top deck. We don't have a realistic damage model to simulate destruction of the planking protecting the crew behind the stern but for balance sake I would accept that my shooters wouldn't be able to kill crew - my grape is dong that anyway as I'm already in a more effective crew killing position. I don't know their respective height differences, but we are talking about crew on deck aren't we? IIRC, crew that is prepped for boarding is already on the top deck. Those 300 men that were killed during the rake would have been those on the lower decks, so the Marines would have avoided taking casualties and would have still been able to shoot. Add an officer that is based on skill level - or shooting kills in battle - that can level up with XP? I like the idea that your ship fit is tied to this, meaning bigger ships might fit boarding knowledge on their non-boarding ships. It won't but I will have less crew and reload - giving the bigger ship a better chance, and like @Hullabaloo said, ships such as Le Requin wouldn't have line of sight to the enemy ships shooters and it would lose a lot of crew due to its unprotected deck making it more of a skirmish/support ship.
  7. Johnny Rotten

    Le Requin Testing and Feedback

    This, Pirate Elite and Spanish Elite rigs are OP and make most ships too fast for their builds.
  8. Johnny Rotten

    Sterncamping realism - possible solution

    I'm more suggesting the mechanics of how it would work, and how it could be affected by what ship knowledge you use. As the topic says, grenades were lobbed, so having the grenades knowledge could increase your kills. Same with boarding cannons. But as I suggest, this should be based on wether you have excess crew in boarding or if you have fitted the marines knowledge (which assigns crew to boarding permanently). Maybe if the smaller ship fits barricades it would get a resistance to deck fire, making the knowledge a useful book to have again. Bigger ships would have to carefully consider their fits too, as they wouldn't get the deck fire ability unless they have boarding prep.
  9. To counter unrealistic sterncamping (which I do a lot of in all honesty) I put forward a suggestion that I don't know wether or not could be achievable : Marines having the ability to shoot crew on nearby ships (within musket range). How it would work : - Whenever a ship has excess crew in boarding, or has the marines ship knowledge, the crew can fire from top deck at the enemy ships crew - Musket range is limited to 50m (or 100m, idk how challenging it would be to shoot a moving target from a moving target) - Crew loss will be slow but effective over time, especially if you're in a taller ship and a smaller ship is hugging you This would make taking down bigger ships harder when in a smaller ship, as their marines would have a better angle for hitting crew. Discuss.
  10. Johnny Rotten

    Dock space for clan

    the clan that owns the port should get a warehouse there
  11. Johnny Rotten

    [suggestion] Academy ship

    Can we not just add another ship in shop that does exactly this and implement the basic cutter limitation?
  12. Johnny Rotten

    [suggestion] Academy ship

    If your timer expires, you could always ask in global for a 6th/7th rate duel if they could help you out with a ship! ^^
  13. Johnny Rotten

    [suggestion] Academy ship

    I think limiting to first 3 ranks it a bit too much, but I support the idea. Maybe when the captain can start piloting 3rd rates? I only say because sometimes (and I have been through this myself a few times) you don't have the money to get a decent ship to build back up the cash. At the very least, by the time a captain can sail a bellona he "should" be good enough to know when to run from AI before it gets hairy and sinks. Also, not too sure, but might this not be seen as punishing those that don't own DLC?
  14. Johnny Rotten

    No DLC ships in PBs + Balance them already

    So then it does make sense!
  15. Johnny Rotten

    No DLC ships in PBs + Balance them already

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xebec "...the xebecs carried a crew of 300 to 400 men and mounted perhaps 16 to 40 guns according to size."