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  1. Faith some of you in this game is amazing. Don`t be disappointed after the release. Even if this game hit 1000 - 1100 players it will be still same unbalanced Naval with lot of unrealised ideas.
  2. 1) tak wszystko od początku. Jak widać jakoś graczy trzeba na chwilę zatrzymać (na tyle żeby zdążyli wydać kolejne DLC) Ja bym zadał raczej pytanie kto do tego wraca po wydaniu ?
  3. Porównywanie NA do Skulls albo SoT to jak Football Manager do FiFy. Temat niby ten sam ale gry różne
  4. Admin i jego irracjonalne decyzje zabiły szanse na sukces NA. Teraz to tylko chcą wyciągnąć z graczy pieniążki nowymi DLC oraz ratują assety z navala robiąc Ultimate Admiral: Age of Sail.
  5. Good that i don`t back to game after the wipe. All of you who bought this ships helped to kill this game.
  6. So you don`t see the problem when nation A with premium ships rekt nation B without them and get server supremacy Is in your opinion best sollution: -Hey they rekt your clans and nation with DLC ships ? -Lets go noobs and buy them !
  7. @admin I have a question related to DLC ships and wipe. What will happen to nations that don`t have a bigger ship DLC ? After the wipe big nations that own a 4th rate DLC will have big advantage over the non dlc nations. This will lead clearly to supremacy of certain nation. Of course you can say that we have F2P ships that can we use. Yes - but after a wipe players need some time to build them, collect the materials and DLC ships we can reedem every 24h without material cost and labor, shipyard and lvl craft. Are there any plan solve this problem? Wouldn`t be a better for bigger ships to introduce them as a special blueprint ?
  8. As long as DLC ships dont need any res and labor hours shouldn`t be allowed.
  9. GhastlyGhost

    blame prussia

    I vote for full Mortar Brig fleet next time !
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