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  1. What about clans/players that helped grind hostility or did the PB ? They might not be in your clan but helped take it or defend ut.
  2. I agree and I dont want a longer grind. Just more levels without increasing the total amount of Exp needed to reach max level. Redistrubution of that total with a few more levels in the middle so that we dont have such jumps in Max crew so people skip some of the ships as people will sail the biggest they can. That way players will use more different ships while grinding and be better prepared once they get to 4th and 3rd rates.
  3. Thats why more ranks are needed to give players ranking up reasons to use more of the smaller ships to learn all the tricks and features of the different ships until they one day can sail a SoL. And many famous captains from the Age of sail era gained the fame and fortune as a commander of a frigate as they was good at taking prizes while a SoL mostly did not gain much chances to capture prizes.
  4. And made the perk almost useless. It was a good perk for traders but now I would assume much less use it. I know I no longer do.
  5. Actually, having more ways to set access to certain levels of items/money is a great idea. Its so good that many other MMO use that feature to avoid rouge players to be able to do stuff like this. More levels in the clan and more levels in the warehouse so a clan can give some access to minor items and money/marks to new and untrusted players and limits on how much they can withdraw in a given period. It cant stop this happening completely as a long time trusted player can decide to go rouge once being allowed access to everything or if that is in fact a players plan. If Admin wont punish a player for stealing from the clan warehouse, and a player can change his name afterwards, this kind of actions will keep occurring. Only defence is to limit access to the clan warehouse to trusted players and set limits on that access.
  6. A few other things I would like to see and think would be of interest to other traders/crafters. Rework of Outposts. Atm, Outposts have 2 different purposes either as a way to teleport to a port and update trade/contracts/build resources and as a port you can teleport to and keep ships in for RvR/PvP action. But there is a limit on the amount of outposts you can have and combine it with the hard cap of 10 contracts it makes it hard to be a seller/buyer for resources. You are forced to limit yourself to a few resources atm to sell/buy on contracts and the rest needs to be direct trade between players when you are on-line. That is counter productive for a player driven economy and also a good reason to use ALTS I assume to get around that limit. It also limits Tax income on smaller unused ports as there is no way to be able to trade without visiting and buy from the port directly. What if you could upgrade your outposts so that your contracts in that port/region did not count toward the total cap. Get a outpost in a region capital and use agents from that upgraded outpost to keep tabs on trade in the ports in the same region. With the ability to sell/buy and provide content and resources for players and the port owners with tax as added bonus. Taxation. I suggest that Tax should be lower for transactions where you buy directly from a port and slightly higher if you use a contract as a brokers fee is required. Many players who craft there own ships but do little trade always complain about the mark-up on resources in crafting and capital hubs. Tax is a large part of that but also time and money invested to provide that resource are factors I at least look at when setting prices. Its always weird to hear someone complain that why is a log of something so expensive, it costs only 300 per log on the other side of the map, and why should he/she/it pay more then 300 here, yet has no interest to buy it in those ports and then sail it here for 2 hours and sell it at a fair value where fair for them is as cheap as possible. If a clan could set taxes more precis and not just a general tax rate they could encourage trade in wanted resources and perhaps discourages trade from nations that that nation/clan is not friendly with. Imagine being able to appoint governors within the clans that can tinker with taxation levels in ships/repairs/trade goods/resources etc or even appoint a non clan member as aide to a governor that can have a limited input in aiding in running a trade hub. But this is mere suggestions that need more work ofc. Trading ships Why are tradeships limited to 3 skill slots and has very active drawbacks on loading your cargo over certain levels yet warships holding large amounts of repairs hardly go beyond 40% of max cargo space and can have insane amounts of crew added yet it has no affect on speed. If you add fish to your cargo hold it will decrease your speed but you can add or remove 100 crew and there weight has no bearing on a ships cargo hold or total weight and thus speed. If you have a larger trading ship and run less crew it will be at a disadvantage towards a raider with no advantages on said trading ship. You can add crew by modules and refit and skill books and it has no drawback either to the handling of the ship or its cargo hold.
  7. A few things that would encourage more to trade would be more then 10 contracts per player. Ability to change tax levels for trade goods or ships or repairs differently to encourage certain trade depending on what the port needs. Meaningfull needs for ports on resources to encourage players to fulfill those needs to keep defenses working 100% or upgrade them.
  8. I think that is fair just aslong as Traders Marks are introduced for those who trade and spend just as much time sailing and then face increased chance of being attacked as traders will be easy targets.
  9. Niagara


    No. Actually they reused what they could to save money and material. What we need is durability or integrity measurment that shows how long the ship has been active and how long since last overhaul in a drydock and determines what if any parts can be reused. Might be a way för admirality to determine value on captured ships. Instead of scuttling them you need to place a Price crew to get full PvP marks.
  10. Also add straits or shortcuts that shallow ships can use would be a nice feature and reason to use smaller ships over bigger. Both in OW but also in battle instances. Silly that a 1st rate and 7th rate can go same distance to shore without getting stuck.
  11. Yeah, allowing clans more options on clan management is a good thing. More ranks and ability to determine what each clan ranks can and cannot do would be awesome. That way perhaps we can stop a few of the looting of clan warehouses that has occurred lately. Also for clans to be able to appoint a governor and aides for each captured port that can change stuff for that specific port would be a nice feature also.
  12. I think that if we are able to set how many crew we assign to different tasks it would be a great idea to enable options like boarding or DD. By set i meant that we can controll the numbers more precise then now. Either with percentages or preset numbers and not just all that is not doing anything else. But atm the penelties for being boarding fitted vs other options is unbalanced and some can be negated by stacking crew mods. But the mods overhaul might fix this.. And I still find ut funny that a single fish adds to your holdspace and affects speed but extra crew or lesser crew does not affect the ships total weight.
  13. DLC gives players the oppertunity to misbehave and get a clean slate. Not all do that but some seems to be doing it as recent post shows. But whatabout all the other players, is it not fair to them to allow a player to get away with that behaviour. As stated is the date of char creation the only thing that we can use to track a account with undesired track record.
  14. Niagara


    I think that we need to find a way to give purpose to all ways to play the game, Even for those who only wish to fight as fast as they can. However they tend to realise that having better ships and upgrades is a good thing and thus understand that it´s best to join a clan or get friends to make ships or all the other boring stuff they don't like. We also need to make sure that crafting and trading have a meaning/purpose for the nation and its course to prosperity. It's never easy to find a balance between all of the different ways to enjoy the game and to keep the rewards fair between them no matter what path you embark on. But more PvE content and the introduction of TRADERS MARKS should be a good addition. Sadly most PvP oriented players don't get that more PvE players sailing around is better for them as that means more ships/upgrades for sale and more targets in open waters.
  15. I am also hoping the Economy patch addresses a few issues. However in many MMO the cost of materials often are higher then the price you can charge for a finished product as the materials are often used in learning a skill/crafting thus having a higher demand then the items you can make with said materials. More common when you have materials needed for certain skill ranges and then becomes obsolete once you progress beyond them but still applies here somewhat. We don't have same effect here since many resources are needed for many kinds of ships but still its often easier to make money by hauling Trade goods then resources as you can sell trade goods to a port at a fairly fixed price and fast, and resources require you to either have a buyer lined up or fill contracts or set up a contract. This is a common problem, and one that is not easily fixed as players will pay what is needed to progress in crafting level, but our ship crafters that start out with crafting smaller ships do not have such a huge market to sell them into since DLC ships was introduced. (And it was not that big before either) But DLC ships hurt them since selling to port is not a good way to make a profit. And with the current cap of contract at 10 its hard to deal in resources unless you specialise and then players will moan that you charge to much anyway despite the time and cost required to get the products the where people want them, citing that it only cost Z to produce them in a building so why are you charging 2xZ?
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