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  1. It wasn't me to jump the gun and say flat out that "it doesn't work on legendary". Because it does, but so does your approach so far. I hope you understand as much. And I'm looking forward to Gettysburg of yours - it was a really hard one for me.
  2. I only play on legendary, and it works for me. So I wouldn't be so categorical Lava. Having no less than 20k recruits in the pool at any given time and lots of stockpiled rifles (not to mention my whole army using rifles with no smoothbores whatsoever) to afford raising 6k new infantry at any given moment since gettysburg tells a different story. I do recognize however that I owe this partially to higher use of skirmishers and thus bigger micromanagement. But seeing my net positives, I could afford play without micro and take 10k to 15k more casualties every major battle and still have a leeway and come with a net positive. I only wouldn't be buying Springfields M1861's and M1863's most likely. And why I'm saying this? Medicine plays only into one thing. Politics play into few things at the same time. Alone it gives two benefits, but coupled with economy and training it gives four. Medicine will always give only one benefit. A very direct one, true - but still only one. In short, the sooner you get politics maxed, the bigger your benefits will be. PS. I'm literally drowning in recruits since Shiloh. Peaking at almost 60k after Fredricksburg. So I would say that I did pretty well without maxed out medicine for a long time till I got politics and economy up.
  3. Hence why I'm getting politics up before medicine. More cash, more recruits - you ain't tempted to buy any with rep. It's better to get the money instead. As for Gettysburg - well. I only gonna say that any smoothbores gonna be a huge liability for you Lava. You need the range, and at this battle unit of skirmishers might do a better job than 2k men with smoothbores. Honestly if you can't give rifles to infantry, just disband that unit and use that manpower elsewhere instead of buying men with rep points. Also get your best troops into one corps which you'll place as the last one to arrive. That corps is going to be your fire brigade, it's units thrown around as reinforcements during the battle. Also get your snipers to the corp that's gonna be defending on the south from the ridges. There's fantastic terrain for them to be used defensively.
  4. I'm not sure how one might need any recruits as union. I always had few k in reserves, and for a good while I had over 60k in reserves - just too many men to spent that there would not be enough guns to give them even if I was going to buy out all of them, including farmers and other smoothbores. Personally I think it's better to get your divisions back to 3x 2k men at the most, and disband the weakest brigades. I would even consider disbanding all brigades that are still stuck on smoothbores and can't be provided with rifles, though honestly at this point you should have been capturing over 5k harpers ferry rifles per major battle at least. Meaning you should have a lot of rifles in the pool. Anyhow always get politics and economy mastered as soon as. Other traits can be ignored pretty much at all, except for army organization - but here I was just always first looking into the major battle to see how many corps I'll be allowed to bring into the battle, with how many units - and on this I was basing my decisions should I divert a point or two into A.O. or keep at pumping up economy and politics. And i was more leaning towards politics (one point advantage per chapter?) first.
  5. @pandakrautI only play Legendary since the first try. And perhaps there was a little more skirmishers taken but even if rate of return would be only 40% it would still be rewarding enough. And true, however playing for confederates I had never ever got any Sharps'es (I talk about rifles not carbines) nor spencers at all, despite capturing skirmishers too. Just never. Idk why. Also u're right. I held back with my comment about Chancellorsville yesterday xD @LAVASo, very impressive battle however I'm kinda surprised by that you're still using smoothbores in there. Well, true at Chancellorsville I had 1 brigade equipped with captured M&JG's but other than that the staple of my army were Harper's Ferry & 1855's all over, with lorenzes on my rookie troops and few Enfields for more experienced troops that didn't caught the 1855's shipment. I too had 4 corps at my disposal, however my total men count was 75k men as number of infantry brigades was lesser than yours (1st elite corp had only 2 inf brigades per division) - however 75% of them was 2 star or 3 star ones. Interestingly enough I have caused 62k losses to confederates there... But their starting pool was almost 99k troops to yours 62k (especially visible on the counterattack, where I was still dealing with organized resistance of infantry units defending in forests - while you didn't had to). So I'd would say that your tactic of total annihilation wherever possible have a merit since you had faced less troops overall than I had to. And I find this conclusion very interesting.
  6. For me personally neither an army wipe or prisoner capture is a high priority honestly. I myself try to achieve objectives with the least casualties possible, just sometimes indulging in wipe of enemy units. In short I try to be cost effective. Thanks to that I got a nice stockpile of guns ready to field and not a bad stock of cash now for forming new brigades. Though I gotta admit that all captured fayeteville's I' hadstockpiled till I got economy up to level 10 - and sold in a bulk of above 8k - which set my finances straight after Gettysburg. I also generally take money rewards only as with eco-10 you can buy more guns for cheaper than they give u in rewards most of the time. Hence why I'm not trying to end every mission with an army wipe. For sure it makes it all interesting with all 3 star units enemy is fielding lol. But I'm not wanting it to be easy, hence why I wasn't fiddling with scaling either. I want my battles to be as grand as possible ^^' Maybe they did. But taking pow's is the only way to obtain some skirmisher weapons like whitworth's and alike (which is proving the point that pows do give a better percentage of weapons). As those do seem to never drop in battle loot (some do, if they're also available for cavalry to use - with notable exception for spencers [I'm talking about the conf mission where u were defending from union cav armed with those - all of them - but you got none, just some maynards and burnsides instead]). And I got a screen to prove that: Those 255 were taken at Chickamauga where my cavalry managed to rout and take prisoner around 300 skirmishers. And back to the point, at gettysburg I managed to capture few conf inf brigades that gave me over 3k fayeteville's too. The rest I have probably picked up from the field as I dealt a massive blow to confederacy - almost 60k casualties vs measly 11k on my side.
  7. But units taken prisoner gave up all their weapons. Or at least a bigger % than normal from killed enemies. I had captured over 5k fayetevilles that way at Gettysburg. for example among many other things.
  8. Oh yeah, I agree that if someone is playing the game without micromanaging (I need to try and challenge myself like that sometime) they could pose quite a problem to properly employ. I wasn't suggesting that you don't like them. Just saying. But they're pretty darn good on the Union side, so much that it lead to creation of a doctrine that every infantry division gotta have one dedicated skirmisher unit with sharps rifles. They do better job than any skirmisher unit made out of line infantry no matter their weapons really. Plus spotting bonus. U can always place them in the rear to break charges or sally out to hit a unit that's near-breaking if someone can't micromanage them (on the flanks) - something which they do require a lot of times indeed.
  9. I'm quite surprised that you're forgoing Union's biggest advantage they have since early game. Which are skirmishers. The sharps rifles with 450 range and over 80% acc are absolutely devastating when properly employed, and the stuff only gets better with better guns. It's not confederation where your start with hunter muskets I found a dedicated skirmisher battalion of 350 men (for those sharp rifle units, so they can take a hit and survive as they operate closer to the enemy than units equipped with scoped rifles) absolutely necessary for every division. 350 men does retain enough efficiency to make devastating volleys in proper terrain, and if they get a hit - they'll usually just get their eff increased as they go down to 300/250/200 size. I also have the scoped rifle units (200 men) of course, but I'm still buying out all sharp rifles into my inventory for the divisional skirmisher units every chapter. I mean literally. I buy them all out since first chapter/campaign and I never have enough of them. They're life savers, especially when u got to face confederate skirmishers en masse and in woods at that - like at Chickamauga! Anyhow, it's great to see you're focusing on infantry more than artillery in this campaign. Union can totally get rid off any muskets from the army very early and you should take all advantage of that supply. PS. I have tried similar thing with Whitworths at my Confederate campaign, having dedicated skirmisher units attached to every division. But that was only possible to achieve quite late (not sooner than fredriksburg, probably after gettysburg if i remember correctly) and still I found 450rng/80+%acc Sharps superior. Not to mention more affordable.
  10. Hussar91

    Campaing Rewards List

    No, never. I only ever got the Forrest's Cav and Gibbon's Iron Brigade as Union. U get some of the generals but not all that's for sure. Albeit I've always played on Legendary however. Anyhow, I don't know. Sure reward units would be great but it looks like you'd would get flooded with them judging from the list. It would kinda significantly lower the difficulty in my opinion.
  11. It's still few days till 1st of April Lava...
  12. Hussar91

    Stupid, Weird & Awesome Officers

    The greatest. The only.
  13. Hussar91

    General's face/icon

    An option to change face (tho I wouldn't go as far as to give female potrait in, UG:CW is def a game for those who want immersive and challenging gameplay so...) would be nice, since now "re-rolling" either the portrait or the first perks means we got to play the two introductory missions...
  14. Hussar91

    Loose cannons

    It's pause button honestly. If you miss, you just 'space' it or select the target again till done. That way your arty won't start packing to stroll casually into enemy.
  15. Hussar91

    How do you distribute your elite brigades?

    In my union campaign I had eventually turned out my first corp into an elite one, that's less numerous than the others but have all of my tri-star's in it and the most experienced 2-stars that are close to be turned up the notch to the tri-stars. It does have just 7 infantry brigades (plus 3 sharp rifle battalions, 2 sharpshooter companies, 2 cavalry battalions, 3 divisional 3inch batteries and heavy artillery battalion) among it's 18 corp brigades. Units or the whole divisions may be moved temporarily to other corps for duration of a certain battle, but generally I keep these guys together and they last march onto the field. That way the reinforcements that are coming are really strong and fresh for a counterattack. This had worked for me extremely well during battle of Gettysburg where my elite divisions were the ones to be tossed around between the lines as reinforcements. After battle of Gettysburg and capturing 9k fayeteville's I have also standardized that corps on M1861's entirely as well (10 in economy hurrdurr meant like 370k $ extra), meaning even more impact thanks to their elite status and high statistics. I'm planning to bumping them up with additional 2 infantry brigades in the future, while my standard corps have 4 divisions, three brigades each by comparison. On my confederate campaign I have noticed that I don't really have elite infantry brigades. Sure, my cavalry, artillery and skirmishers are mostly tri-star - but my infantry is on mid-high 2 star level mostly. The "elitness" presents only in better rifles for my assault corp only (standarized on CS Richmonds after Gettysburg).