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  1. Ok, not "horrible mistakes"..But mistakes, which are time consuming and completely unnecessary. #New boarding, another example. ('Btw, attacking Pearl Harbor wasn`t a horrible mistake, but gambling, nothing unusual for Admirals/Generals, first strike to weaken an enemy is never a mistake... (Japanese reconaissance just wasn`t able to find US carriers, which weren`t in Pearl Harbor that day..bad luck )
  2. No way. At this moment, we have a fair solution for all time zones. It should stay as it is.
  3. Every nation has an opportunity to set timers for each port. I don`t understand what your problem is. It is a fair solution to all nations, after the "suffering" and moaning we had in the past about nightflips and teatime flips If you don`t want to hold the port, remove timer and save money.
  4. At this specific point, the alts are not the problem. My issue is that after conquering the port, basically nothing changes with contracts which are 1 week old. In valuable ports, which are providing precious goods(woods or ingredients for refits), it means sometimes that you need to overbid the old contracts, plus the new ones. There is no point in status quo after losing the port. Therefore all contracts should be claimed and/or automatically deleted after the maintenance. Alt accounts or main, can start biding again, the old ones need to go.
  5. Unfortunately, this battle is showing ( and probably most to those which were participating), that notorius "kiting" is still possible. Not judging, just stating, what is already known.
  6. Or this. I wouldn`t mind which one of both solutions, but the current one is not satisfying.
  7. There is a huge issue with this. Those contracts can still be in market for weeks. And since "enemy" can not place contracts in a port which is not FFA, i don`t know why their contracts are still active. That is why they need to disappear at next day after maintenance.
  8. When a nation/clan lose a port, all buying and selling contracts from players which are playing for that nation, should be automatically claimed and erased. Otherwise their contracts are still in port, untill they are deleted, or claimed, which is pretty annoying for the new owner of that port. Thanks.



    "ok, 2 vets on Requins are killing a scoundrel guy on a rookie brig in the protected zone. That's NA state of today. That's the content you can expect. -_-"


  10. Suggestions are for developers, if anyone is reading those at all.
  11. Mechanic can offer a payment to a stranger. Simple. You don`t like mechanic, ask your "buddy" to escort you. What is your problem actually?
  12. If you feel misunderstood, try to express yourself like all others here in forum, and not like a lawyer. Might help. Game mechanics determine the behaviour in game, if there are no such "rules" and possibilities, game gets boring and chaotic. State of NA right now. That`s a fact. You can "get social" without having something against a simple mechanic in game. Try not to torp any suggestion which is against your perception of this molested project. Thanks captain.
  13. Enough PVP means there is no need for silly suggestions trying to generate "more PVP".
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