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  1. alright...screw my idea. Let the game die.
  2. Steps to improve player base and make it more historically immerses. Eliminate all nations except Great Britain , France, Spain and USA. All others neutral. Make everyone neutral . Clans can decide to join a nation and thus do port battles. All neutrals can go anywhere . But if a neutral attacks another neutral or nation.. they can be flagged for piracy. More piracy means bounty and a permanent pirate flag. Pirates can only go to neutral ports and set up bases as well. No more Mortimer. USA may or may not be needed but they did have a small fleet. Swedes , Dutch , Danes
  3. Let the clans do their battles and make everyone else safe within everything. Limit solo players by limiting their actions. I am sure the developers will think of something to ruin this game. I will buy your company now for $100k. Your value has gone down. We can provide housing for 6 months. Weed is legal.
  4. make the trader snow worth sailing. Should be as fast as a normal snow. its slow at 10.97 no one sails it
  5. then explain to the civil guard that you were playing Spain in a game and left Spain to fight with an enemy. Treason. Courts would laugh at you in Spain.
  6. Because I am unduly punished for being solo. This game is DEAD . almost every Spanish player has quit or changed nations.
  7. Dude. There are Spanish whom play spain but there are also players like me whom want a tough challenge. We are few and we take our losses. We spend millions more then all the factions to build outposts and ships to defend. Too easy to play other nations.. I just did and it was soooo easy ...boring. SPAIN on a map reset is unduely punished and not rewarded.
  8. Bad planning. Spain should have hit hard and hit hard fast. Surround KPR . Lost our chance now . But we have been down this road before. Sold all my stuff though so will hunt in british waters.
  9. Would hate to lose that 15knot Bellona. Thx on the research as there is a lot in this patch.
  10. That is why I would like to see the United States declare war on England (as it did historically twice in game time era (1770-1820) versus just 1 year against the Spanish). Unfortunately the political game mechanics is still flawed. It should be fluid and non binding like it was in History. But I really don't like seeing the Americans allying with the British. And I am an American playing Spain because of it. No one died in the Spanish American Quasi war if I remember. I like History and I like playing History. And if we can figure out how to get a decent ping to PVP1 , then those A
  11. Don't remind me. Spain had a chance but some lousy americans (consti,ronme,endy) tagged 5-12 of us outside of port along with 8 spain npcs. Don't know how that BR worked there but it did and then we could not enter the battle. Wasted my time. Got frustrated with game and this has happened to me well over 20 times. I have only participated in 2 port battles in over 4 months as I keep getting tagged. I was this close to deleting this game forever. What fun are you british/americans trying to have? stupid lopsided bs that is literally ruining this game. Oh..did I mention the Br
  12. May I remind you that when there is a port reset, We (SPAIN) will have no allies but enemies as the only way to secure our port. . Spain will control most of the map for that first 12 hours. I would think that in all best interest , would be to wage all out war on England by all nations. Convincing USA will be easy but convincing the orange cloggers will be tougher. Time to spin some Dutch windmills.
  13. Hello I am English speaking playing SPAIN and the Spanish know that I speak little Spanish so it is never a problem. We just started a Clan CAZA Cazadores . We all speak English.. PVP and RVR mostly.
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