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  1. alright...screw my idea. Let the game die.
  2. Steps to improve player base and make it more historically immerses. Eliminate all nations except Great Britain , France, Spain and USA. All others neutral. Make everyone neutral . Clans can decide to join a nation and thus do port battles. All neutrals can go anywhere . But if a neutral attacks another neutral or nation.. they can be flagged for piracy. More piracy means bounty and a permanent pirate flag. Pirates can only go to neutral ports and set up bases as well. No more Mortimer. USA may or may not be needed but they did have a small fleet. Swedes , Dutch , Danes and all others should not be able to be a nation. This will make the map much more interesting. More dynamic. More interaction with players as there are only 3 strong nations and the rest neutral. Benefits of being neutral are good. They can go anywhere , make contracts..set up shipyards etc. But not wage war. More for the trader type.
  3. The developers did just the opposite of what they should have done to retain numbers. Instead of limited nations to historical nations SPAIN FRANCE and ENGLAND...they expanded it to nations that never even saw the West Indies. At the same time...limiting port battles to clans. Wow. Now..very few people interact. Very few battles. top player base is never above 500. Way to kill a game 101. Ukrainians. When you done with this game. We here in Seattle will buy it for you for 50k.. Seattle is the gaming capital of the world.
  4. Let the clans do their battles and make everyone else safe within everything. Limit solo players by limiting their actions. I am sure the developers will think of something to ruin this game. I will buy your company now for $100k. Your value has gone down. We can provide housing for 6 months. Weed is legal.
  5. Clan Action. Just checking in and seeing max players at 500. Ouch. Glad I quit.
  6. Just checked back into game. Really? how to alienate more players. Wow. Sad.
  7. make the trader snow worth sailing. Should be as fast as a normal snow. its slow at 10.97 no one sails it
  8. I find having swedes/danes and dutch in this game to be quite stupid. It is just too fantasy for me at this point. I erased character and game but will still make comments here.
  9. Yes for you. You guys are just ruining this game. Fixing it so that only you are benefiting. You are a disgrace.
  10. Good idea. That will be the Danes , Swedes and Dutch. All neutrals back then and should be now in game.
  11. Geez. Just get rid of the Swedish, Danish , Dutch and USA nation. Make them neutral and not playable. Pirates should not be able to capture ports..make that a hard nation to be. Simple. 3 nations like it was. Spanish, British and French.
  12. Mixed reviews on capturing ships. I can now afford to be ganked.
  13. Alliances back would save this game for me. The non ability to group up with different nations is my game killer . I am sure it is for US and French players as well. I got stranded by a bunch of back stabbing real Spanish players whom declared war on the British without even defending or attacking. That made my heart sink. And now they don't do anything for the Danes. Reminds me of when the Spanish switched sides in the Napoleonic wars. Traitors.
  14. do you know how long it takes to get rid of everything. I don't want to just erase everything. Would rather give my ships, gold, mats to spain. 4 ships left. got rid of all my refits. sold my vics for 1 gold. 2 constis/2 frigates left
  15. wow. did not notice that. No storms. Why? that was some awesome effects. Good for trading too.
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