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  1. loulou45TB

    Russia vs France. Round Two.

    19 port without timer (11-8) back so read a card instead of making the pvp forum the friends,)
  2. loulou45TB

    Patch Notes & Feedback

    Bonjour, Avez vous une idée sur la date du future patch économique ? Merci
  3. loulou45TB

    Patch Notes & Feedback

    Bonjour, Nous avons eu une petite mise à jour aujourd'hui. Pourrions nous savoir quel sont les changement. Merci
  4. loulou45TB

    Patch Notes & Feedback

    Bonsoir, Plus les jours passe moins il y a de joueur sur le serveur... Sans nouveau contenu il ne reste pas personne d'ici quelque mois lol UI c'est bien beau ainsi que le tutoriel mais ça ne règle pas le problème numéro 1 L'ennui !
  5. loulou45TB

    Patch Notes & Feedback

    Bonjour, Mais quel mouche a piqué les devs pour pondre un truc aussi débile ? Déjà que la génération de mission est horrible avec des missions a base terre quand tu la demande a fort royal ... Alors 3 annulations par jour ??? Sérieusement qu'il retire les mission pve ça ira plus vite...
  6. loulou45TB

    Invasion Suedoise en cours...

    And who are you to tell a player to play or not to play against you? We also pay to play NA ... Just like you friends ... Do you want simply 5 noob to sink or 10 players? You have to know ... You are so superior (irony) ... Tell us how to play if you want but stop immediately to take other players high. It looks like a dictator of the years 1936 1944. I hope that tonight nobody will come to PBs because what good to play against players like you? To lose with the key of the foutage of mouth on the global or even here ... Do not hesitate to take all our ports like that when we can buy more teak or silver / gold we will just stop crafting and fight ... But no I'm stupid ... you horde of multi-account we will sell it all at FORT ROYAL at an exorbitant price ... How now ... Because you will not tell me that it's just to make an example because you did not have a fight ... Stop taking us for "con". Or else we have to do to dirty kids in need of parental love or education ^^ And yes we deserve nothing so take all our ports, we will finish even faster and you will spend even more for zerg (it is already the case). In any case you shit me to the highest point (Swedish nation) because we wanted to do the pvp (My clan) but when we saw it at 21h 00 we disconnect from NA. We like the game but what good to play if you have blind players in front of you. Good luck in a server that is empty week after week because of you mainly. Sincerely. Google Translate
  7. Il suffit simplement l'allez voir la tonne de suggestion sans la moindre réponse des devs pour savoir que ça n'ira pas plus loin...
  8. Je suis profondément déçu du manque de vision des devs... Aucune mécanique nouvelle(exploration, raide, optimisation des ports et du craft ou même des quêtes pour remplir Open world...) pour rendre ce jeu bien plus vivant et amusant. Le reste n'importe que du visuel sans le moindre intérêt... Vraiment très déçu du contenu du poste et du futur de NA.
  9. loulou45TB

    Patch Notes & Feedback

    Bonjour A voir igame
  10. loulou45TB

    Caribbean Invasion News

    Come back to earth kid ... You chose to put all your timer at 11 / 14h lol why? unable to defend your port ^^ Do you really want to play this little game? You took a port that we took 3 months ago because it was necessary to take them here all ... Thank you the shitty mechanics who just spend time and lose money ... If you want we just decolonise all our ports and you will attack the port of Sweden as the great Swedes a few months ago lol You will feel stronger with the port that costs a max for nothing? Because what does it bring to have port? victory mark? lol boat for farme NPC But good will pass. When you have 200 player online in the evening you'll see where we want to come from ... Naval action is not a game action just a game where there is not enough game pay to actually play on a big time . And do not forget to suck your feet to the Swedes to help you ^^ Go get your pride and do not post. google translation even if I wonder why I'm pissed off doing it I should do it in our beautiful language
  11. loulou45TB

    Caribbean Invasion News

    Shut up so rediii you troll like the other anonymous English bitch ... We LTB have stopped playing for 2 months now because we get pissed off like rats on naval action. So your shortcuts simplistic and childish you keep them for you ... Naval action is not a game in open world or even trategic, it's just a waste of time (1743 hours in less than 8 months above) ... No gameplay enough to develop to actually play on it. Port battles are probably the most useless and the most boring stuff on naval action so what good is playing cat and mouse. And I'm not even talking about having jars that just do not serve anything ... Our choice has been made for some time to leave naval non action for the LTB as many other FR clan. So have fun on a game that does not advance and that will not advance more in 3 6 9 12 months ... Friendly a player who has to play naval action. Google translation because here we can not write in French.
  12. loulou45TB

    Russian aggressive expension too high

    It's funny to see redii in person saying that devs make bad choices while all previous updates have been made for them with the help of their hordes of "big poster" on the forum ... You're just scared, that's all! Any domination ends when you (you) crush the other player. You did it and now you have a loser reaction to a challenge you do not want to meet. Pathetic to see that Google translat : )
  13. Dumb... Tomorrow I lose my ranks 1 (pvp pvp rvr). If I am in a weak nation, I will never be able to play rank 1 again and therefore rvr or simply help my nation. Thanks for killing NA ...