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  1. Can't you start with a stable diplomatic system with war/alliances before complicate the system with such possibilities?
  2. Should the game be renamed "Naval Ganking" please? Wanna show in this topic the most valuables and courageous players actions in best ganking battles ever seen... Share your's! Maybe one day a brilliant dev would be concerned...
  3. Of course Charlemagne is a french alt of a russian player (Vitto corleone). That's why you sometimes see a french entering battles on russian side front of FR. Having alts account is a main problem. This can be used to spy, and grind faster than a solo account could. This is a problem that should'nt be solved by devs cause of no solution, it is also the gameplay of most toxic players..... This is a part of the announced fail of the game if nothing is done to protect newbies from those few players. Unfortunately, Devs with dlc such "prolific forger" promotes hasardous behaviours... DEVS: The nations absolutely need massive enlarged safety zones around their capital to avoid newbies ganking. Toxic players aren't enough to camp all around. They will have to find something else, and they will... Confimed players wanna (fair) play. They won't protect newbies for eternity and spent all their time for actions of such idiots gankers.
  4. True. Won't play this game anymore in such ganking conditions. This would be the same for new players, they will try and they will quit. Toxic behaviours will kill this game. As Des Moines use to do as others NN. 😧 Poor game, sry dev.
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