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  1. His intention was not to blow up everyone. So he was not able to tell everyone that he will kill everyone. All what's left are some maybes. Maybe he should have told his "team" that he is a fire ship, yes. And that is all. He was not intended to do Green on Green. I would say he was just thoughtless about that point because he was not overthinking about what this would cause. Nevertheless, he faced up to that, he did not hide, he delivered the video on his own. He showed you that he didn't mean it that harsh as you think he meant it. So at the end, there is just one point left which is di
  2. So you want to create an exploit where two nations can "save their ships" hiding in a battle against each other like pirates and Spanish did two years before when the join timer was ridiculous short? No way... Okay, two things to add. First, he did not hide with this. He brought up an entire video of the happening and told you what he was thinking about this when he did it. This is not done by someone who did not really means what he said. In that case, he would just have wait for some water down the river hoping no one would find that video or deleting it. Second, he declared that h
  3. Die KINGS GERMAN NAVY rekrutiert! KINGS GERMAN NAVY Die KINGS unter Flottenadmiral NitroBiLLe nehmen wieder ihren Dienst auf und ├Âffnen ihre Rekrutierungsb├╝ros in Kingston/Port Royale und Belize neu. Einschreibung f├╝r junge Offiziere und alte Hasen Zur Einschreibung auf ein Offizierspatent sind sowohl Neueinsteiger als auch alte Hasen eingeladen, wir halten aber beide Parteien dazu an die Flotten-Charta zu lesen und zu beherzigen. Die KINGS haben feste Ziele die im Rahmen der eigenen M├Âglichkeiten einzuhalten sind. Die KINGS GERMAN NAVY sind ein deutscher C
  4. 1. Ok, make it 20 minutes then. Or even 30. It does not matter and is not important which time you use. In the moment you have two parallel "travel zones" it will hurt the game. 2. Dude. It's an example. Don't derail this. 3. Yes, I know. Do you also know that the important point about an open world is that you can be attacked everywhere? Not only in 0 to 100k distances of a shallow? The best hunting and being hunt I had were in the middle of the ocean and not in the stupid range of a port where I or my enemy can hide in front of a port. In the moment you travel time i
  5. Of course, it is. Half of the game with an open world is strategic movement. If it lasts a while to get your ships away from your home waters you can be spotted. It's half of the game that the enemy could spot you. If you have your warp engine on the high sea you start at Kingston/Port Royale at a good time to reach Williamstaed after 10 minutes. When the first dutch pubbies have been slaughtered we would disappear to the high sea to make a half circle to Santa Marta which we would reach in about two minutes and so on. We also can spot poor guys in our high-speed vessels which are sailing alo
  6. It would ruin strategical targeting trading routes... The speed was increased already. The Teleport from Free Ports is back, you can go in and create an outpost in open hostile ports as long the owner is cool with it. That's all that you need. It took me two days going for Aves but not because sailing time was too long, it was because I rested in several ports looking for a hunt (and sailing into a full port battle fleet of RUS, oh my gosh I was thrilled....) on my way. What I want to say. the Open World was, is and hopefully will be a big part of the game. Don't destroy it with "warp six" jum
  7. And that's the point. For the people which like "to sail under a flag" it means something to fight together for that. Call it role play romantic but this was a part of all of that. Open world, Nations, The war aganst your Nations arch enemy. It was something to enjoy. This change will kill that instantly and remarkably. It will kill the "Age of Sail"-Romance for a big MMO-Clan-vs-Clan-Battle-Royale which works fine if you play "The Division" or some other lone raider game but not in this "Age of Sail" scenario.
  8. I want to be honest. This is the worst idea I heard. It kills the sense of Nations, it kills the pb-experience for smaller clans, it will bring endless civil wars. At least the only faction which will enjoy this are Pirates because they are not meant to be a Nation at all. If you want this make a game where every Nation is an AI and all players are Pirates. But this ... this is ... just worse.
  9. Yeah this is the troll spirit. Talking BS with a little piece of "Me bedda than u" yarn... Keep it on.
  10. Again, for the ones wanting "fair" football-like matches - Naval Action Elite is coming...
  11. Ah... my favourite troll is trolling again. ;-)
  12. So you want to kill the tactical part of screening with invulnerable 1st rates going to pb? Noooooo. Oh my god, please noooooo. If you want this kind of game play Naval Action Elite, dude! But let the ones who can enjoy OW still enjoy it!
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