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  1. The content of this game is created by players. Noone would do such a planned annihilation, because it does not benefit anyone. It's not fun for the attackers, to take empty ports, most of us play for fun, and there is no fun in crushing someone much weaker. It's not good for the game if people leave it, and players do understand that. There used to be coalition wars in the past, but from my experience, the attackers always did stop the pressure at a point, where further offensive actions would damage the defender's community. All of the nations' leaders, do care about the balance of power in
  2. It is not temporary, it was always a problem and there always were people abusing this. Especially now with fireship fitting being a skillbook, you can just do a free fireship fleet, that can actually damage a bigger ship, or even whole fleets. Today, we've seen basic cutters being used to the point, that it cna actually be considered griefing, like you can see on screenshote above. basic cutters are tagging traders and other ships, sometimes without even the intentto sink it, just to keep a victim in battle, piss him off, and waste time. they join battles, they join missions, and this is at N
  3. I've reported this with F11 with my friends, but this is so specific, strange, and kinda funny that I decided to start a thread and to describe it precisely. Whenever I fire a cannon on my Indefatigable, all of my friends' games are crashing. I thought it may have something to do with upgrades i mounted, (copper plating, brake pumps, swing bed and elevating screws) When I use any other ship - it is ok When I use another indefatigable - everything is ok When my friend used "cursed" indefatigable of mine - everything was ok So it is only me, only on one specific ship.
  4. ~~1200 hours I remember my first serious PvP action, more than 100 people on teamspeak, huge operations, people organizing and giving orders. For a new player in a frigate, without previous experience in big MMO games, this felt awesome, to be a part of something big. Also, a battle for Kidd's Town, on the secret island, where we managed to win the port battle, because 3 pirate ships sank to the circle, literally 30 seconds before the battle was over, shifting our battle rating to our victory. And, of course the battle outside Maracaibo, where we managed to stop whole danish 1st rat
  5. And also, how the hell is night flipping any worse than flipping a port at 10 AM for example, when most of the ppl are in work or schools? Why can't we just have some kind of timers set by nations, as it worked for more than a year? Participants of a victorious port battle, vote for a 4, 6, 10 hour timer, and we're done with the problem. No need to cure cold with lobotomy.
  6. The main problem is, that a game, that's whole content, or at least the majority of it is created by players, and the community, needs to have as much players as possible. Right now, the playerbase is ridiculously low compared to what has been there a year ago. In that circumstances, dividing the playerbase is simply stupid. If the problem is really taking ports at night, what's the problem create 6 hr windows for each nation, or something.
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