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  1. Keep the circle of doom but allow for an escape. If you have bad tag or something strange happens on OW so that your friends cannot join a battle, this should not be necessarily punished by death. The incentive to fight are strong enough.
  2. What you need to do also is to introduce an ANKER to prevent further offshoring in leeway coasts.
  3. Yeah but to hold a course I have to stir against the wind, right?
  4. Will this just results in the need to sail more upwind? Then everything will slow down ...
  5. Or you could introduce 2-3 more 5th rate mission ranks, similar to 6th rate missions!?
  6. Ships are not even the problem. Mods and Refits are even more expensive. This is because the ressources needed for them are in limited supply by the ports, not player-produced. If rare woods / refit ressources would be produced by a supply-demand-system with flexible prices (and flexible supply), we would have cheaper ships (and modules) and no rage-quit was needed.
  7. So I agree with you that the rewards between PVE and PVP should be rebalanced in another way than what I have proposed. However, we strongle disagree, and I am not alone, to say that the different PVE rewards are not balanced and that there should be design changes to rebalance these. Finally, I am not sure whether inflation hurts especially newbies, since a lot of items they need are not affected by inflation. For instance, NPC produced ships and medium cannons cost the same, no mather how high the PVE rewards are. Newbies are hurt since more experienced players can earn higher
  8. I see your point. What if rewards were generally higher, so that losing a ship does not matter that much anymore for the carebears? Edit: But you are in line with the gereral idea of balancing rewards through flexible prices and the forces of supply and demand?
  9. Yeah @rediii likes my post (first time ever I think =) )!
  10. The Problem: Missions and trading rewards are fixed right now, that is the problem. The easy fix: Missions give the exact same amount of money, no matter whether there is 1 guy doing a mission around a town or whether therer are 100 guys doing missions around a town. If mission rewards are based on supply and demand, they will get lower the more people do missions. For example every town generates missions day on day one for 100% rewards. If they are being done, the town generates 50 more missions the next day with only 80% rewards etc. If the missions are not met, they are post
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