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  1. Will there be any final looks at sailing profiles, and tweaking those vessels that now require permits?
  2. The first meeting between the Rovers and the Free Tribes:
  3. I'm actually OK with the port investments - I think they're a fantastic idea. I just worry the numbers are too high. There's nothing wrong with varying woods, permanent modules, skill books, or port investments. I don't think any of this kills the game or PvP, because it hasn't hit release yet. We're still testing, seeing what works and what doesn't. I merely am offering a more structured approach to balancing all the ways to customize a ship - which I think most are in favor of.
  4. I wanted to take a moment to look at potential ship bonuses and how they can impact gameplay. Right now, there are four ways ships can get a variety of bonuses: 1. The wood(s) the ship is made out of. 2. The random bonuses such as "cramped," "very fast," and "agile." 3. The permanent modules that are put on the ship. 4. The skill books used on a ship. 5. The port port bonuses when the ship is crafted. This can lead to some rather strange things. This morning, a Xebec was just a shade slower than my speed-rigged, Fir/Fir Pandora 190 degrees off the wind. Similarly, I've seen square riggers sail just as fast close-hauled as a Prince. We routinely see speed-capped Teak/WO vessels, and some have been made so fast that the speed curve turns into a flat line, as they lose any "bad" points of sail. To boot, when they get close, their hulls manage to still be thick enough to shrug off most damage, or to repair through the lion's share of it. Simply put, the ability to stack bonuses has gotten us to a strange place, and we have not yet even seen how much further the very high port bonuses will over tip the scales of realism and arcade. I am aware that there are plans to nerf skill books and modules, but I suspect that it will not go nearly far enough. Instead, what I propose is a general idea to keep in the back of the developers minds. We already have balancing mechanisms for perks and port investments. There are X points to spend, and more things to choose from than you can spend them all on. Simply put, there are Either/Or scenarios put upon the players. Those Either/Or scenarios are not present in ship building. You really can have a ship that is so excellent at so many things that it negates any weak spots it might have left. So, the brass tacks of the proposal: 1. Keep in mind a sort of "point" system for ship characteristics. I would argue a good starting point would be a specialized ship should be no more than 10% better than the base model vessel in one aspect. A hyper-specialized ship should be no more than 20% better than the base model vessel in any one aspect, and should come up with 10% points in other aspects where it is in fact worse. 2. Divvy up how you want those bonuses to originate. If you want half of them to come from the shipyards, then they should only get 5% bonuses to something OR 10% bonuses to something with a 5% penalty to something else. 3. Get rid of sail force modifiers. They have too many follow-on effects, such as tacking, the ability to stop suddenly, and are entirely broken with the Xebec. 4. Look at sailing profiles of ships again, and try to make them more distinctive so there is less ability to "flatten" speed curves. How might this look in practice: If you want half of the bonuses to come from port investments, a quarter from woods, 20% from modules and skill books, and 5% from random bonuses, a pure speed built vessel might look like this: Fir/Fir for a total of 5% speed boost, Negative 2.5% hull integrity; Very Fast for 1% speed boost, negative .5% turning ability; a port investment of 10% speed boost and negative 5% hull integrity; and a variety of books and modules (ten total!) adding up to only 4% speed boost and negative 2% in other attributes (such as 1% in turning and 1% in hull integrity). This would make for a vessel 20% faster than others, but with 8.5% less hull integrity and 1.5% less turning ability. The average book and module would only add .4% speed and take away .2% in something else. This would further mean that the best ship would be only 10% stronger than the base model, or 20% stronger with 10% of weaknesses in other areas, but the average ships would be significantly closer, reducing the equipment gap and allowing for skill to more truly shine through. However, the true gist of the idea is this: Please have a finite cap in mind for how much bonuses ships should be able to get. What number feels right to you? What should players sacrifice to get those bonuses? How much more powerful should a fully kitted out vessel be than one fresh off the docks? For those who read this far, thank you. If you have examples of ridiculous ships, particularly your own, where you can demonstrate how it was built, how it was outfitted, and what the effects are in combat, please post them up here so that we might bring balance to bonuses before the launch of the game.
  5. For many moons, the Free Tribes have sailed under the bunting of the Americas. The flag was flown far and wide, making calls at distant ports, and upsetting the dinners of many a hapless merchant. Friends have been made, victories hard won, and losses learned from. However, with the Great Powers of the world once again struggling over the Caribbean, it is at this time the Iroquois Confederacy haul down the Stars and Stripes and raise a new flag. We offer the following thoughts before leaving: Be sure to spread throughout the map. You need not claim ports, but you must show your flag. A light ship, a daring Captain, and a patrol through foreign waters can ever turn up a plum. Do not be alarmed by others coming to hunt your waters. A concentrated school of fish will always bring sharks - but dispersal will help here too. Choose your fights if you can, boldly work your guns if you cannot. We wish you the best of luck, and look forward to a bright future for our late home.
  6. I'm just quickly skimming because it seems most of this is whining about a 4th Rate - I apologize if it's been answered already. It seems like with the econ changes and the building wipe, it might be time for a ship wipe too so we can see how this economy really sinks or swims. Any thoughts?
  7. The real question is whether there is data supporting the idea that battles continuously expand past the first reinforcement. All I have ever seen is: Attack a person, they get reinforced by overwhelming support, I never get anymore help once the battle is "open" on my side. If the attacker never gets reinforced after the defender does so, the solution is obvious: Cap reinforcements to 150% of BR, and lock battle immediately once that 150% BR is reached.
  8. I can't really speak to the data or anyone else's battles. All I can do is say, for myself, I'm not really having fun now
  9. I apologize for bombarding you with questions and commentary: Will fort placement fall into the same mold forts are currently in? IE - Will clans simply choose to build forts in the exact same physical locations they are in currently, or will they be able to place them where they choose around a fort? (The latter would be better, but would take much more programmer time, I expect.)
  10. Also - in a shameless plug - might I suggest adding a fourth type of port: A ship breaker? (The breaking up of ships feature that we have is never utilized because it gives next to nothing for materials when they're broken up. There's a write-up I did yesterday or the day before if you'd like a link.)
  11. So - to build awesome ships, you would have to hyper-specialize one port, which would make it impossible to hyper-specialize the same port into a defense area, which would make it impossible to hyper-specialize the same port into a mining hub - do I understand that correctly? If so, might I suggest that only region capitals could be so specialized, so that some sailing between the mining and crafting is required?
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