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  1. Just an added thought - for factions you do help and build reputation with - could you potentially use custom flags for that faction when you are in battle on their side? Say, hypothetically I helped Britain to a point where I got 25 reputation points, it would be nice to be able to choose to use the Harp of Erin flag when I joined a fight on their side.
  2. For those who think Pirates should be exempt to make them "special" - it has long been established that Pirates are just another nation, with ports, an uncapturable island with Capital Fleets, and ships of the line. You cannot have your Disney Fantasy AND be exempt from the rules of everyone else. IMHO, the only way pirates should be treated as anything other than a faction with a black flag is if they are forced to act like real pirates - Free Ports Only, no RvR.
  3. I truly don't understand what people are complaining for. People have been screaming for anti-zerg mechanics. Boom. Here is one.
  4. If elite PvPers do not want to deal with getting raided, they can always shift to one of the factions that is not the top three. Assuming Russia, the United Provinces, and Great Britain are the three largest that leaves: France, Poland, Sweden, Denmark, Pirates, United States, Spain, and Prussia. That's a lot of cool flags to pick from.
  5. Are there any plans for PvP raids in the future - say if a small faction wanted to raid a large faction without so much warning?
  6. Just as a point of order - the only reason I wasn't in the PB was because I was subbed out at the last minute to be a one-man screener
  7. I'm confused on so many levels. I'm terrified to ask, but what are you actually proposing?
  8. Are any of these not correct? Ship stats Class - 6th rate Crew - 250 Max Speed - 13+ knots Guns - 30
  9. So, basically anyone who bought PvP reward books during the window where all was tied to PvE rewards are upset that they no longer have that advantage over newcomers. Good.
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