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  1. Iroquois Confederacy

    Battle system core ruleset discussion

    A further issue of reinforcing the weaker side is that ships in the same class have wildly different BRs. Even if the BR is but 10 off, an otherwise "fair fight" becomes a 2v1 in order to "balance" it in the favor of defense. This of course ignores the question that if every fight is meant to be fair, what exactly is the purpose of the open world?
  2. Iroquois Confederacy

    Battle system core ruleset discussion

    This is how this will be exploited: 1. You will have the initial wave of players lurking out "AFK" nearish to ports. Once they are tagged, they will call for a targeted response to beam in the best counter-vessel appropriate. In this way, the "bold" will always be at the worst disadvantage they can be, favoring the defense. 2. After that, people will try to be more creative with how they lure people onto their bait. Individuals will simply have a second character logged out - literally not even in the game, waiting for their bait vessel to be tagged. At which point, they will log in, join the fight, and try to smash the other person. Once again, the people bold enough to play with integrity and actually sail waters looking for fights will be disadvantaged. 3. Eventually, whole clans will remain logged out around bait vessels in populated areas. They will "beam in" as has happened recently in the patrol zones in order to bring overwhelming odds. With a little experience, the person silly enough to attack anything will be led right into the joining area for the zombie players. All this mechanic does is discourage playing with integrity, and will have the exact opposite effect upon PvP: Less people will be willing to go out to fight, because nobody will want to be the initiator, lest they be walking into a light speed trap. I will test these changes on the test bed, and I will even try to have an open mind about it. However, I have no reason to believe my fears are unfounded.
  3. Iroquois Confederacy

    Battle system core ruleset discussion

    I don't know that I'm keen on the open battle. I try to play the game to be "a smart frigate Captain" going for battles that feel the part. Sometimes the BR is in my favor, sometimes it's not. A large part of the game for me is examining maps, trade routes, and scouting locations to see where I might catch people unaware - much as a smart frigate Captain might do. I worry these changes will write out my style of play. I'm just one person. Maybe the changes are better for the numbers of players. I don't know that it's good for the soul of the game.
  4. Iroquois Confederacy

    Battle system core ruleset discussion

    A different thought is that if it is too easy to escape, why not make it so damaged hull/sails slow you in the OW as well?
  5. Iroquois Confederacy

    Battle system core ruleset discussion

    I think this is the wrong goal, actually. If that were the goal, we would already have the solution made and tested: Naval Action: Legends. The goal should be to accurately portray the feel of the setting. Sailing in the 1800s wasn't constant combat. There were stretches of quiet, excitement when something was spotted, and loss and frustration. Accurate representation should naturally have combat follow the ebbs and flows seen in the period.
  6. Iroquois Confederacy

    Battle system core ruleset discussion

    Here, merchants would always be able to ask for reinforcements. I'm not certain that's a good thing.
  7. Iroquois Confederacy

    Battle system core ruleset discussion

    My faith that signalling wouldn't be abused is minimal. The playstyle of the solo player is already difficult forca number of reasons. If people are getting tagged and then the enemy is running away, signalling would have the exact same impact as them simply calling out, "Hey, there's a bunch of fore and afters tagging and running away." Either people would come, or they wouldn't. At the very least, if a signalling perk were brought back, I'd want to see a perk for solo players that locks down fights so it is simply "what you see is what you get." As for heavier ships always losing to faster - what about the weight based damage that was discussed in an earlier thread?
  8. Iroquois Confederacy

    look out perk

    I like the idea of the lookout perk identifying the primary vessel, and the primary vessel only. This means those who do not learn their OW vessels can take a perk to ease that skill gap, without giving them any information that isn't already available through regular gameplay.
  9. Iroquois Confederacy

    Good job killing off solo players.

    You all should read this:
  10. Iroquois Confederacy

    The Free Tribe's Guide to Solo Sailing

    We often see posts complaining about how hard this game is, and how difficult it is to play - on analysis, each time it seems to come down to people sailing solo, not joining up with someone, and not coordinating with faction or clan. And so, as someone who does sail solo routinely, I thought I might do a quick guide. And so, I present: The Free Tribes Guide to Solo Sailing The first thing I can suggest is simply this: Don't. You might think that's me being cheeky. It's not. Sailing solo is its own play style and its own reward. However, maybe you want some insight into it. Maybe you want to learn my tricks so you can counter them. So, if you suck at following directions, and insist on reading on, I continue: 1. Be patient. Most players tend to clump up into groups. That might be around Capital Zones, it might be around major trade hubs, but other players tend to clump up. Clumps of players make for fast action, but they also make for a press of numbers and a variety of ships that you cannot counter. You can try sailing fast, and this often works, but the more people there are, the more likely there are those laying in wait for you afterwards. Remember, the more often you get away, the more badly people want you. In other words: The faster you are to meet combat, the faster combat is going to meet you. 2. Plan your trips ahead of time. The goal of a solo player is to catch someone else alone and unaware. Alone is good. Unaware is better. The way to get someone alone is to get someone who has "a quiet spot." Someone who just so happens to be doing some PvE or some trading out in the middle of the Gulf, or down by South America, or someone similarly out in the middle of nowhere. The more people there are online, the further out you need to get to find someone alone. Unaware is good too. If you know that a certain spot is frequented, just like one would a deer, you can stake out their position from the lee of an island. Most players think they are safe once they hit their "main tack" and focus on other things. That is, of course, the perfect time to strike. Unaware players mean you get to choose the engagement, and you already have half the fight won. The way you do this is you examine trade patterns. You can see a lot of it in taxes earned in various ports. You can try to determine what ports are main "crafting hubs" for nations with tools like the online Naval Action map. Where are clans investing? Those are probably important trade hubs, which probably means players to and from. The map of the Caribbean is big. You should know it well. If a patrol turns up empty - that's not a waste - it was merely a reconnaissance that tells you where (and when) people are not. 3. You are going to be poor. Get used to it. You are not going to run around with millions of reals playing solo. For a long time, I kept only about 100K on hand - before the currency deflation. AI captures are your friend. You can throw it away and not feel the loss. You can earn money selling cannons and rum if you wish to do econ. I cannot speak to selling trade goods en masse, as I just hock whatever I take off of other merchants. The reward is intrinsic to hunting other players. Again - you will have to be patient. 4. You are not going to have a lot of fair fights. You will lose those. You are going to get called a ganker. That's OK. You are working hard for those ganks. 5. Have an escape plan. People are going to want to sink you. You will need to refit your vessel with repairs. Be well aware of shallows - they can stop you, or stop a chaser if well used. Be prepared to jettison cargo, or any prizes taken along the way. Always be ready to lose your ship. In a fight, be ready to break off the engagement if they start getting the upper hand. Typically, advantages in this game compound over the course of a battle, which should drive your in-battle actions. That really sums it up. Be patient. Think out your sails - why you are sailing somewhere, what you expect to find when you get there. Have an egress plan in mind. Don't be afraid to lose, but always be ready to hop in an AI vessel to keep going. Lower your expectations. The path of a solo sailor, especially one of middling skill such as myself (and probably yourself too, if you're reading this) is a quiet one. But the quiet allows for deeper reflection in and on action.
  11. Iroquois Confederacy

    Trader objectives for PVP

    @Archaos - I feel you've drawn your line in the sand, and will defend it to the last... without realizing that most of the people in this thread broadly agree with you. The people hunting traders want, more than anything else, wood. Most of us have more doubloons than we know what to do with because we only use them for teleporting back and forth between our outposts. I don't know why the OP wants more PvP rewards from it, unless he or she does not realize the ramifications of an economic war.
  12. Iroquois Confederacy

    Trader objectives for PVP

    Who hunts traders for XP? You get like... 150 XP, which you can faster and more reliably get off AI. Ditto doubloons. The people hunting traders are already only doing it for the hull and cargo.
  13. Iroquois Confederacy

    Naval Action Meme collection

    I disagree.
  14. Iroquois Confederacy

    Game is too hard to press play again.

    If money were easily printed, it would undercut the whole reason for Navies: Commerce. The simple truth is that not all are cut out for the vagaries of a life at sea.
  15. Iroquois Confederacy

    Caribbean Invasion News