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  1. While I understand the mindset behind "new woods are brought from distant lands" - from a game play perspective, if woods are in predictable places than they will encourage people to stay in port and wait for woods. If contracts are allowed, all it does is separate the "haves" from the "have nots" - those with large clans supplying huge amounts of money will always have the best, in essence, the best will always get additionally buffed. Contracts in single locations further remove all room for enterprising captains. There is no room for the smuggler, the merchant, or the explorer to actually find these things. It is instead watered down to "if your clan is already the richest, you will additionally be able to have more options and better equipment." What could be a fun and exciting mechanic is instead just... another click. As such, I highly, highly encourage you to find a lore-based reason to have woods spawn in random ports at different times of the day, so people who are actually willing to get out of port, sail, and explore have a real reward for doing so.
  2. It's a game that inherently encourages nationalism and conflict. One can only wonder indeed. There of course already is an opt-in global chat people can use at their leisure and nobody needs to worry about - a larger Naval Action Discord. I am certain someone will set one up if it has not been already.
  3. It's known that I was one of the chat mods, and what admin says here is right. Frankly, modding chat sucked. At first it was "I've spent a thousand hours in game anyway, I have a fairly level head, I don't mind to help out." Over time, more and more toxic players would pile on - they would try to constantly push the envelope. When they got banned, they would cry about it on the forums, have their clan mates cry about it on Global, and continue to drive people away. You'd see people try to figure out exactly where the line was, that way when there was any deviation from one moderator to another on when it was time to politely invite someone to no longer participate in chat for a day, they could scream "mod abuse!" over and over. I don't know if it's inherent to PvP games, but for Naval Action, the community could not remain polite and professional. It was either win in battle, and gloat afterwards, or lose in battle, and try to win in chat afterwards. It became so exhausting that I simply stopped playing. The community burns through anyone willing to deal with the toxicity they constantly spew. My experience is that Global does far more harm than good. These days, the best way for me to play is with tavern turned off. I look forward to when everyone gets to experience that. Much like exiting from Plato's Cave, the true forms of things are painful to see at first - but your eyes will adjust.
  4. Just an added thought - for factions you do help and build reputation with - could you potentially use custom flags for that faction when you are in battle on their side? Say, hypothetically I helped Britain to a point where I got 25 reputation points, it would be nice to be able to choose to use the Harp of Erin flag when I joined a fight on their side.
  5. For those who think Pirates should be exempt to make them "special" - it has long been established that Pirates are just another nation, with ports, an uncapturable island with Capital Fleets, and ships of the line. You cannot have your Disney Fantasy AND be exempt from the rules of everyone else. IMHO, the only way pirates should be treated as anything other than a faction with a black flag is if they are forced to act like real pirates - Free Ports Only, no RvR.
  6. All of this. Also... I need to talk to my boss about why we don't do anything fun.
  7. I truly don't understand what people are complaining for. People have been screaming for anti-zerg mechanics. Boom. Here is one.
  8. If elite PvPers do not want to deal with getting raided, they can always shift to one of the factions that is not the top three. Assuming Russia, the United Provinces, and Great Britain are the three largest that leaves: France, Poland, Sweden, Denmark, Pirates, United States, Spain, and Prussia. That's a lot of cool flags to pick from.
  9. Are there any plans for PvP raids in the future - say if a small faction wanted to raid a large faction without so much warning?
  10. Just as a point of order - the only reason I wasn't in the PB was because I was subbed out at the last minute to be a one-man screener
  11. Yes - in the example above they were at the edge of the fort's range, shadowed behind an Indiaman, and still taking structure damage by the end of it. Try that, in say, New Orleans
  12. I can't help but to notice at night that you can hardly pass by a port without full Indiamen crashed into the shore under the protective guns of their respective forts, happily fishing away in the bay. This seems troublesome for a few reasons: 1. This is a risk-free, reward-plenty setup. In the past, you could run a mortar brig up and destroy a fort, however, due to the buffs, this is no longer a practical option. 2. This takes people who could be on the open world effectively out of the calculus of targets. 3. Logically, one cannot help but to wonder where all these fish, in highly traveled waters right outside of port, are coming from. How are they all getting caught? The solution here is a simple one - there is already a mechanism in place to prevent fishing around Capital Zones. This should be duplicated to a 10km exclusion zone around all ports, to force people who want to fish the night away to either: A. Pay attention, or B. Find an out of the way place to do so. This provides the opportunity for individuals to explore out of the way places in the hope of finding a fisherman toiling away. In a nutshell, instead of giving people things for no effort with zero risk, I propose instead giving people things for minimal effort and minimal risk.
  13. I'm confused on so many levels. I'm terrified to ask, but what are you actually proposing?
  14. Are any of these not correct? Ship stats Class - 6th rate Crew - 250 Max Speed - 13+ knots Guns - 30
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