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  1. Iroquois Confederacy

    No Names During Battle

    If nothing else comes from this conversation, you make an excellent point. There's no reason for names to not be visible on the PvE server.
  2. Iroquois Confederacy

    No Names During Battle

    I thought that was implied.
  3. Iroquois Confederacy

    No Names During Battle

    That's literally the point. You would have to either mentally keep track, or look. If a ship is coming at you bows on... is it an enemy or an ally? In the heat of battle, it could easily be mistaken, as it was with me.
  4. Iroquois Confederacy

    No Names During Battle

    ? I think you misread. I'd want names taken off over the ships. Names off of the tab screen would be good to, but is a distant second priority that many people seem distracted by.
  5. Iroquois Confederacy

    No Names During Battle

    This is based on a bad assumption. This idea came to mind after Sir John, in a 1st Rate, blasted me with a full broadside - "Wrong Endymion." I think that should happen more often.
  6. Iroquois Confederacy

    No Names During Battle

    With all these new flags in game, and the confusion they could cause if players didn't have so much information, I would like to propose that player names are taken off from above ships. Essentially, you would need to identify your enemy based on the flag it flies, and your own situational awareness. This would increase the dynamism of larger battles, as the fog of war would become much more real. I further recommend not knowing who your opponents are until after the match finishes, though this would increase coding requirements. Ideally, those situations would simply list them as "Player 1, Player 2, Player 2's NPC" etc.; and reveal all once Battle is Over (so any reports needing to be made due to chat violations could be addressed). This might be a further flung idea, however.
  7. Iroquois Confederacy

    A Slight Tweak to Contracts to Encourage Those Who Sail

    I believe this is how goods are arriving now, however, many ships still get through. (If it's not how it's done now, the forthcoming econ changes sound like they're moving that direction, or so I read them.) Really, all I'm looking to do is see some way for ports that do end up getting those materials to actually have some for people willing to sail to them. I want to see active playing encouraged over passive playing. In regards to Anolytic above, the buy contract could set the minimum price, but I don't see a reason to charge double it except as a means to discourage players from sailing. That is counter to the spirit of this idea. (A minimum price set at contract price could open up a new econ perk: "Friends at the Docks" or something like that that might discount the in-person price to 80% of the current max buy contract.) Also regarding contracts - it used to be the case that your faction had to own the port, or it had to be open, to place contracts. Is that still the case?
  8. After talking with the US Faction about where to get different woods, I would like to make a recommendation to change the way "Buy" Contracts work. Currently, as soon as a material is supplied at a port (by AI, typically), it is bought by people with the highest contract price. This actually reduces the amount of open world merchant traffic, because sailing to and from these ports is not rewarded - there will never be anything there, as those with deeper pockets will have a contract placed already. My suggestion is this: Buy Contracts only buy AI supplied goods at server maintenance. Whatever is left at the end of the day, those contracts will be filled from. That way, those players who are willing to actually travel to ports and buy goods "in person" will be able to get some of the resources that are currently out of reach for them. I recommend this be split off from players selling goods, as those individuals should also be rewarded for transporting "live." So, in sum: Player places buy contract: If another player sells goods in port, buy contract is immediately filled. If AI fills goods in port, buy contract only takes effect at server maintenance. Risks: Bid sniping at the last minute before server maintenance. Will tend to favor later players. Might be resolved by having buy contracts resolve periodically, instead of once a day.
  9. Iroquois Confederacy

    Cannot progress on War server

    I myself was once an advocate of no safe zones - but over time I have come to believe that safe zones should be more safe. I think this patch did an excellent job about moving people out of protected zones, which was always my big complaint. Now I think the next step should be something like allowing any player, attacker or defender, initiator or someone who joined in later, who is part of the reinforcement zone faction, to call reinforcements. It simplifies complicated ROE for players who already have a lot to take in.
  10. Iroquois Confederacy

    New upgrade slots for particular ship use *only*

    People would be even more afraid to lose ships, and rage even harder when they do.
  11. Two things I notice: 1. "Notes" for ships give a redeemable ship itself. "Notes" for skill books give a blueprint as to how to make it. Definitely room for confusion there. Recommend for the skill books something like a "Schematic" instead. 2. Clan UI is still the old one. Might not be on the docket to update, might have snuck by.
  12. Iroquois Confederacy

    United States Revenue-Marine

    Those interested, please PM me so I can add you to:
  13. Iroquois Confederacy

    United States Revenue-Marine

    Junior Officers are all the better! Fewer bad habits to unlearn, willing to try new things, and unfettered to the lumbering ships of the line. Give me a score of such Junior Officers!
  14. Iroquois Confederacy

    I've edited this so it makes no sense anymore

    A point against him of course, but proof positive that perfection is not required