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  1. Can you play by having a nationality on the pve server and a different one on the pvp server, or if you change the nationality of pvp do you change that of pve?
  2. In all the massive online games in the part that corresponds to pvp every little time there is a balanced of forces because in the end if a team, a country or certain class of players excels over the rest all that entails that is to the abandonment of the game by part of the others
  3. A todos en en un momento dado nos gusta una buena y fresquita ensaladilla rusa, si hay gente que en vez de tomar un poco, gusta de tomar más que una simple tapa ellos sabrán, lo que si es cierto que repetir siempre de un miso plato al final terminas tomándole asco, Xd. Los que no se suban al barco bien pueden caer al mar XD.
  4. It is the same as with passengers, it just seems incredible to me that missions to carry cargo from one port to another and many times with such distance to travel this little rewarded by the developers of the game, should consider improving both money like the doubloons of both the passenger missions and how, as I said earlier, you can take more than 2 hours sailing on occasion to get only a few hundred thousand reais and a few double doubloons, since you reward many times the missions of hunting ships with medals In combat, this type of missions should carry an adequate and fair prize for th
  5. I think it's a shame that you compensate so many real and double doubloons many passenger missions, those missions should be better rewarded taking into account the time spent sailing from one port to another, it is something that should be improved
  6. Years ago when I played the naval, you went into combat and sinking the boat that was given you 500 experience points and you could enter accompanied or only each player gave 500 points, I think that should be restored since the experience gained in combat or by mission it seems to me simply a garbage
  7. I propose that changes be made in the equilibrium of the pvp so that one country does not stand out over another, because at this step prussia will completely dominate the Caribbean and that will only lead people to leave the pvp aside and either leave the pve or leave the game
  8. I want to complain that we can only get one dye a day with this dlc, they should improve it and that we can get 1 dye every hour, from here I propose that the change be made
  9. If I use the DLC to change my country in pve, do I lose all the construction I have or can I sell them and what happens to the boats?
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