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  1. Nice, so I don't like BASTD?? Nonsense, right there, assumption all the way. Then Sweden was sure to win, what is there to be won?? Tell me, cause than maby some finally have a goal. The only thing there is is content, mostly bad content, but sometimes good. lose or win, that's all I look for. Now Russian clans like SHOCK, BF and in a way REDS to need to dominate the map, take all 55 pnt ports from nations than can endanger them, so they have better equipment if they fight an equal force. That's what the map shows me..you probably see something else than I do. And that's perfect well for me.. Also again, I have no issues with the Danes, never had, probably never will. I liked Staun, Lars and BOCAR for keeping the figt going, even if it didn't go in their favour..thing was that BASTD wanted to play into that role aswell, doesn't seem right. With BASTD the playerbase Danmark had started to look really fine again. Thing is, now I don't see any BOCAR around, and why is that?? o7
  2. Creative and nonsense. Prussia and VP where not vassals of Sweden, never where. VP or better SNOW worked with us, but when they left, VP screened for Russia. RvR players in Sweden needed a break, as did Spain, fighting 3 nations. Two of them with a bigger playerbase. So good choice imo. If you cannot get fair content, why give it. Denmark, I liked the Danish spirit until BASTD got in. And now, where are Lars and Staun..think gone, cause lack of content.
  3. This is why Russian nation probably take all 55 pnt ports from 'opponents' that can hurt them. They need this edge to keep winning. I cannot find another logical answer to it. All ports are in the hands of the Russians or the nations that pose no treat in any way. Makes sense..
  4. Addition to these. If you sunk it, it will be shown in combat news aswell and surrendering is also a feature only can be done by players..normal or as loki.
  5. The best feature to learn PvP is in screening fights, soon to be lost for all.................
  6. Just got it this week. Special thanks to Urd, for crafting this excellent ship under his supervision.
  7. Let's adress the issue there is. And for ones let's adress them properly. We have players that use 'bugs', exploits and cheats that are to their disposal and we have players that do not. Definition for these I use are, when players use a mechanic or chance a mechanic for their own win and have an advantage another party is not aware of, or has no immidiate answer for. Also when a majority of a group of players is callng a mechanic flawed and an exploit, I call it an exploit. Not when one game developer calls it a mechanic(cause he needs to fix it and I have no knowledge how much time the developer needs to fix it). Anyway, if you keep using an exploit that a lot of players think is a exploit(like stacking missions, deleting friendly clanlist so port cannot be defended), using it makes you in my eyes an exploiter. Whatever excuse you use..(still my perception) All the above is in NO way to be generalized towards national background or nation playing in the game. Where I notice it often happens. The Swedes..no the Russians..no it was the ....nation that exploits. The best way to adress these problems is trough a healthy community, where we as a whole have showed we're not. So start by looking at the big picture and maby we get somewhere together. I would hope so, cause it's a great game with a lot of positive sides. o7
  8. It's a normal response to asume the old system of the flags will be used in the new situation. You made it clear it will not. That can be told in a normal way and tone. I'm interrested in it. The old system was not even that bad, cause a lot could happen. The enemy could penetrate deep into your territory but needed to plant the flag. Was a fun way and pushed you to the limit of finding and evading. The thing was the time limit. Timers where 20-22, enemy would pull flag at 21:59. plant around 22:45 and pb was til 23:45. If attacker failed, it was a 2 hours backpaddle with fleet that was still there, for atleast the time you needed to get back. All with all, 6/7 hours. Big investment. Advantage where: -Lots of people having a role, all ranks could participate -Loads of gameplay in this timeframe Disadvantage was: -Every day a lot of time needed -Most players burned out and there was no way foor a 'cooldown' -fake flags If the pb can happen in the timeframe, flags need to be pulled earlier to make the pb, and it will be in the timframe. Cooldowns are important, cause there is more to life than NA, even for hardcore players. Everyone should be able to somehow contribute to the defense of the port where they have invested in, not just the 'elite'. Ad false flags, are like grieving, a tactical method for taking an advantage in a pb, so should have a big negative. I would say, Nation that pulled a false flag, cannot attack that port for 10 days, or clan(and friends) would be better incase of altclans. I'm curious with the new system and hope to be able to see it soon. I like the fact that you're trying to come up with a new system and it will be hard to keep everyone happy. Programming is not done in a day..In the end you made a wonderfull game, with looks and sounds epic in my eyes. For that you'll keep your positive review. o7
  9. Patrol zone allowed ship change -Change from ship rate to ship BR - By using BR, other ships will be used making them used again. - Make it a max BR of 50/100/150/200/300/400/500/800. This makes way for a lot of ships hardly being used atm. Like the 7th rates, Essex, Belle Poule, Frigat, Wasa, USS, 3rd rate, Bellona.
  10. I replied on Stilgar's post, but with similar wishes. Not rank ship, but max BR allowed in patrol zone. For example Max 50BR, 100 BR, 150BR, 200BR. So different ships can again rise and shine giving them a place in the game.
  11. Might I add a few things. One that a pvp zone is if able around a freetown. With that I mean, the freetown is the centre of the zone, which is would also be the Solo-patrol zone. For two reasons. This way you will have a chance not being ganked towards the zone and not receive any rewards you came for. But make it so, that you can get out of the solopatrol within the leavetimer. So if you want to participate as a group you will not be taken into a fight in the solo. 2nd I would like to add, is it an idea to change the treshhold method, this not being the class of ship, but BR of the ships. So a max BR in the zone. This way a few ships hardly used might be used in that way. For example a max of 200BR ship will make way for the frigate, belle poule and Essex, one under 50 we'll get lynx, privateer action. Under 500BR will not make a Bellona obsolete.. Keep up the great work Dev(s).
  12. So after Danish will get San Juan, is it open for the Swedes to take it. So Bocar cannot complain anymore it was done in any irregular way. Or are you gonna be 'protected by Russians' Where Krake can than come for you??
  13. Mr Admin, First you should do a pol how many like screening and how many do not. My guts tell me that majority of the playerbase like screening. For more than one way. -nation are able to cooperate -fights are just OW PvP where all players can add value to their nation. -best way for players to start learning to cooperate in a fleet. Start the RvR part. (Risks are low when you lose as no port is lost in this fight). - big part of the tactical warfare.( where does the attacker need to spawn to avoid screeners.) Now nations have no possible way to cooperate like in the real world.They will not be able to screen for eachother anymore, which half the game is about. Just for a few guys in a few battles where someone grieved.. How many screeningfights was grieving a thing..give some real data. And not one that Reverse posted, cause he did not get into the portbattle..ALL of them and let's see how big of an issue it is. And don't get this unicorn shit on me aswell..respond with arguments that carry weight..which means majority of the playerbase. Other question is, where does the attacker spawn with this new mechanic?? will you enter the fight random?? Thanks for your answer in advance
  14. As I understand the point about grieving, the screening is one of the most fun things to do. If the pb fleet is being tagged by a screeningfleet, it was a mistake by the pb fleet. But because in my eyes a small portion of the playerbase like mr.(streaming) Reverse is crying about his gameplay. it's being canceled all the way. At that moment we have to patch this. You should finally start to look at the big picture. And act on more data than one person. You should act on majority of the population. Screening is in something the majority does and it's fun to do. Bit pissed it's gone, cause occasionaly there is grieving. Not being able to screen is pretty much the end of this game in my eyes. This will favor the small nations with a good pb-fleet more than big nations with a lesser experienced fleet. Which will mean more players will have no content. I don't know what is meant with anti-farming?? Is it farming alts?? Very happy about the port change, this is about time.. Keep up the good work, o7
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