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  1. Swedish nation/HRE giving up the port is the right thing to do. Brits where on the brink of winning the fight. Kudo's to them. Most people outside the Swedish nation tend to exaggerate our numbers. I think Swedish nation has a good core of players. But people with a bit of experience know it's not the numbers that win you a pb unless you don't have the numbers to fill it up. Atm we have a few clans that are here for a while now. And some that are new and need to get acquinted with the way we do things. Like in all nations is the case. Don't get me wrong, we have some good players in this nation. But so do others. Learn from them. And remember, they're also human. Checking the numbers, they're rising atm, that's a positive situation. Treat it like that. Let's handle eachother with respect. It's a game in the end, so treat it as one and have fun.. o7
  2. So Herc will be atleast 300BR? As it destroys all 4th rates. 200 for the Requin. Cause it's a gamechanger in portbattles. Overall good work. Will be interested what BR you gave the ships.
  3. What's this with this 'historical allies'. It's a game that's a few years old. Big part of the current 'historical allied' Spanish fought you when they where 'historical Dutch'(7up). You sound like some other French 'diplomat', only denying yourself content. Atleast Raxius and the 'nightly crew' is having fun. And historical,after 1807 the French and Spanish allied forces went to war with eachother. So it's finally 1808. And Spain should ally themself with the Brits..to make a 'historical' ally and fight their historical foe France in the Peninsular war.. o7
  4. Things are not different, we where screened out by French and Prussians(a few) at Macanao. In my eyes the Spanish/Dutch/Prussian/French Alliance is strong. Think they have plenty of good players as it is. and we'll have a lot of big battles. I care for gameplay, not ports. Money is easily gained, more than you need, same for ships/upgrades. If I lose all fights, I'll still improve and learn. New things happen as we see with the Requins and Hercs. Learn and improve..and most of all..have fun. I've had fun with a lot of guys playing opposite side. And maby in the future we'll be helping eachother. o7
  5. You didn't correct it Willem. The Swedes where fighting the Russians. not allied with them. Why would the Russians screen Russians?? And it seems the Requins/Hercs have won 4 pb's atleast. PdE(France), Vieques(Swedes), Buena Vista and Canalete(Spain). Just keep it civilised. Had some good fights yesterday and fun. But getting tired of all these excuses. They are Zerg, the have 300 screeners. If you're any good you would by now know the situation as it is. And can fill in where what players are. Whoever is gonna win the battles, there are no winners in this game and just have fun. Be serious while fighting, afterwards have fun. I had fun yesterday. Wish you guys the same. o7
  6. So moderest you are, only because of you...lol. You hardly play this game.. And I personally have no quarrel with all the French. You have some fun guys over there..had fun in the past with WO and recently with BLANC..But they're out of reach of the French 'diplomats' right.. Again, it's a game..so why so serious..
  7. Is this diplomacy Tac?? It makes sense to what I have seen some call diplomacy...
  8. You should have enough honey, cause you used all the vinegar on yourself, right.. Try to get some realistic view about the situation. You're a good player, lot's of Russians are veterans. But so are lot's of the Swedish players. We win some, you win some. But do it with dignity.. Would be appreciated if you and some others..not just your side ifcourse would count to ten now and then...we're making good content to the server. All players and so all factions want to join. Loving it. Have seen some really good battles between different nations. Let's keep it up..so the love between you and Redii will never stop...
  9. I don't give a rats ass what faction you play..can probably have fun with a lot of you. In the past I played with some guys from VCO and some guys from Reds. Had fun, so can't see me dislike these guys cause they're on the other side. Have been opponents of the DNP guys often and had the pleasure to be on the same side some time ago. Was a lot of fun to be in the same ts with them. So can't really understand most of the salty behaviour. (Might have to do with drinking beer/wine after the experation date, or some really drink vinegar) Or people that blame others on behaviour they're doing themselve. A bit of self reflection is pretty healthy guys.. That said I'm really having fun with last posts. Now Cabalalala land is new content in the south to give the Dutch and others something to do. Lot of ships to lose, to be replaced by the golden and purple ones Gl gents on both sides, let's get this population back to what it was..
  10. Not really interrested in this topic, or salty behaviour. Doesn't contibute to anything important. So both parties did the same. Where different people involved. I notice Jorge where you said British Friends. It was actually one guy making that post. And he may not even have been involved in this action. Don't know. So you use your information pretty easy that way. Carlos Condell says you gank 9 vs 1. Well I think a lot of guys did that. Also players involving your faction and mine aswell. Please stop bothering..play the game and have fun. You win some, you lose some. But keep your frustration to yourself and start looking at the big picture. Greets
  11. I need to remind some people it's a game. Don't take it to seriously..Just have fun and see what it brings.. Doesn't matter what nation you play. we all love this 'age of sail'. So start enjoying it.
  12. La Blanquilla was attacked when it was neutral. Santa Marta was attacked when it was Swedish. Baranquilla was now attacked when it was Dutch. So facts are..Pervs attacked first. I don't mind. I love the battles I have been in with some guys playing VP. Nice battles. Keep it going and have fun doing it. All this nagging. I like the fact you're taking action, but don't cry about it. But be sure there are enough Dutchies that are not whining at all. Just have fun and work together. Greetz
  13. I played soccer with the left one, when he was a veteran and I was allowed to join the senior squad as a junior. lol Don't know how this reflects on me..but the left one is well known for attending all matches with a Dutch cheese on his head.
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