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  1. check your academy, some new recepies there. you can craft new or additional outpost/dockspace places. You need all new kind of stuff for it, not entirely sure how to get that yet.
  2. Addition to these. If you sunk it, it will be shown in combat news aswell and surrendering is also a feature only can be done by players..normal or as loki.
  3. The best feature to learn PvP is in screening fights, soon to be lost for all.................
  4. Just got it this week. Special thanks to Urd, for crafting this excellent ship under his supervision.
  5. Let's adress the issue there is. And for ones let's adress them properly. We have players that use 'bugs', exploits and cheats that are to their disposal and we have players that do not. Definition for these I use are, when players use a mechanic or chance a mechanic for their own win and have an advantage another party is not aware of, or has no immidiate answer for. Also when a majority of a group of players is callng a mechanic flawed and an exploit, I call it an exploit. Not when one game developer calls it a mechanic(cause he needs to fix it and I have no knowledge how muc
  6. Patrol zone allowed ship change -Change from ship rate to ship BR - By using BR, other ships will be used making them used again. - Make it a max BR of 50/100/150/200/300/400/500/800. This makes way for a lot of ships hardly being used atm. Like the 7th rates, Essex, Belle Poule, Frigat, Wasa, USS, 3rd rate, Bellona.
  7. I replied on Stilgar's post, but with similar wishes. Not rank ship, but max BR allowed in patrol zone. For example Max 50BR, 100 BR, 150BR, 200BR. So different ships can again rise and shine giving them a place in the game.
  8. Might I add a few things. One that a pvp zone is if able around a freetown. With that I mean, the freetown is the centre of the zone, which is would also be the Solo-patrol zone. For two reasons. This way you will have a chance not being ganked towards the zone and not receive any rewards you came for. But make it so, that you can get out of the solopatrol within the leavetimer. So if you want to participate as a group you will not be taken into a fight in the solo. 2nd I would like to add, is it an idea to change the treshhold method, this not being the class of ship, but
  9. So after Danish will get San Juan, is it open for the Swedes to take it. So Bocar cannot complain anymore it was done in any irregular way. Or are you gonna be 'protected by Russians' Where Krake can than come for you??
  10. I think the some Danish players only shine in this so called Forum war. Everything you will gain, is because of Russia..everything.. And compared to Sweden, Russia had just more resources, have their crafting ports far from any danger, so nothing to worry about. By far the biggest playerbase. And therefore in my eyes an unhealthy balance for RvR. They can rotate players more than the Swedes do. This war was about quantity, not quality. Let's see what the future will bring us.. See you around, o7
  11. Cannot do that, cause that would be time wasted..
  12. To join a Russian hostility mission, one needs to first enter a 'decoy' mission. Maby more than one. If one than gets in, mission might be over almost unless you can keep players in. So I say for RvR this is a tactic, just like multiple hosti missions are apparantly still not in any way making people waste time. Cause you need to stay in the first fight for like 3 minutes and wait for entering the next some time. This is allowed, but keeping the pb from happening is not??
  13. This cannot be accepted as grieving. Cause it's a way of delaying pb, which means other side can therefore make sure a multiflip is not so big a disadvantage. And as multiflipping is done often, I would say valid tactic. In other fights it's grieving. Not in relation to pb. Pb fleet should also be able to stay tagged..it gives a tactical advantage. Gl with your decision INK.
  14. It's a simple game-mechanic. What Lars is asking is to have fights in his area, that is what this game is about. Point is he also argued in the past that he had an empty pb. That is weird, cause the fact is, when Sweden would put all timers in the same timeframe. And the 2 biggest RvR clans(BF&REDS) cooperate and attack Sweden. And also the Danes than do their hostility. Logic would be Sweden would not be able to fill these. So making sure they can defend, has not more options left than making their ports on different timers. If on a global server some are not in your timeframe, go f
  15. It's no bug, as there is no primetime in this worldwide played game. From what I understand 24% is Chinese and this might be their primetime. So calling it biased is just from your perspective being in a CET timeframe. Which is in that case biased, not the porttimer. After maintenance timer will change. Every day timers for neutral ports change. So eventually it will be in a timeframe for players in Europe. Europe is not the world, VP is not a nation just played by Dutch. Also Dutch will not have a priveleged status within VP cause of their birthright. It's a MMO worldwide pl
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