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  1. Hey Seaman, not sure if you remember me as being part of AUSEZ at the time when we were around, most of the guys have lost contact with us after we left the game and barely a handful of us are about playing in other games. I'll speak to Zeal see if he wants to come back and try this game again, as i was on tonight and its definitely changed from what it was like.
  2. Personally if the idea people want is to have more pvp then what if you limited the ranks that you can gain solely from pve yes some people will dislike this but the fact is back then there was around about and im partly guessing the percentage here but 20 commanders (captain of brigs/sloops/shallow draft men of war) to 1 post captain(frigates and small ships of the line about 64 guns), Then there was even less flag captains and admirals. this is mostly from what i heard of the royal navy at the time. If you made it so that from commander + you need to do pvp then that would in my opinio
  3. I think Fish should give me that upgrade back from that bet considering after all it was a bug (Me and Fish made a bet that you could kill crew of towers via grape, at the time we didn't know of the bug so i was proved wrong)
  4. As i have quoted multiple peoples suggestions for my replies i am going to put each quote and my answer/question about it below. Captain Underpants Ronald Speirs SteelSandwich William the Drake Babble
  5. In terms of the Hideout area idea i think if we give the pirates x amount of ports around the map - say 5 ports would be a decent amount, then allow (only clans) to set up one Hideout anywhere in the map (think of it like the clan warehouse as such). This can be placed/established in any inlet deep or shallow on a coast line however must be x distance from a port. Hideouts also act like a free town port, where players of that clan can set up outposts/warehouses/shipyards for ship building. Possibly allow them also to create resources of the two closest ports to the hideout. Say take for e
  6. i get that but what i am saying is that your confusing me with someone else as i only started playing again on friday/saturday and that was moving ships before are change.
  7. would it be possible to get a post/topic of all pirate suggestions that have been stated so far or just the decent ones and i will take a look at them and try to combine/complete at least one of the ideas for the devs to consider.
  8. I'm sorry not sure what you mean, i have been away for approx 1-2 months and even when i was in a frigate i used to and still do prefer to fight to the death rather than flee battles.
  9. So um this should totally be the lyrics, but idk if it would sound right as i'm not a artist. Also btw i've always loved the song so if people think i have wrecked it i am sorry.
  10. all i say is Dam you guys for making me get bad leaks which made me die , but all in all thanks for the good fight guys, hope to see a bit more of it even in some the other ports if you can as it makes it fun for all rather than taking empty ports To all British captains i say while the times may not be good for you all, please please contest the ports, even if you lose you not only have fun yourself, you give us fun as well, and no offence to the US guys but GB captains you can see what happens when people do not defend ports, if you still want GB to be taken seriously atm you need to de
  11. Ok i get where some of you SLRN guys are coming from but what i don't fully understand is that you knew who our clan leader was, (while i've only just not long got back to playing the game) the leader of AUSEZ was always Mccandles/Zeal, if there was that much of a problem with some of our members or the council representatives why it was never brought to Zeal though our ts or though these forums to deal with. In terms of the hate though, i did see when i got back (and before the beans were spilled about us switching) quite a bit of hate/hostility to our guys in British chat can't remember
  12. That rope may be empty for a while, i prefer to go down with my ship than be captured alive.
  13. i do admit it wasn't all gb clans and i'm sorry that i lobbed all in with that statement but there was quite a bit of disrespect to our clan though at times in general, still is tbh as our members who are still making the switch see it daily.
  14. tbh "the Grind Back won't be hard", XP stays, gold and ships transferred to alts/trusted mates while you change, then handed back, you then do the same for them etc etc. BP's may be lost but then there's talk of BP's being linked to crafting xp. Wouldn't be surprised if changes do occur that it would be the same time as of the next wipe thats expect to happen. However all said and done that's not really the point of this topic. In terms of having stuff to do with SORRY, as we are now pirates you will prob see us working together as even as opponents we did have a healthy respect towards ea
  15. I'm sorry but no you don't need answers, We made the call for various reasons, ones that i will not state here as it will begin a he said she said argument. Now one of the things that really pissed me off when i made the switch last night was a comment made by a player (BWITC i think it was after we attacked him to switch) was "AUSEZ has brainwashed you". We as players voted and made the call to switch, it should not concern the rest of the game population. See you on the high seas. Jager Formally AUSEZ
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