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  1. Hey Seaman, not sure if you remember me as being part of AUSEZ at the time when we were around, most of the guys have lost contact with us after we left the game and barely a handful of us are about playing in other games. I'll speak to Zeal see if he wants to come back and try this game again, as i was on tonight and its definitely changed from what it was like.
  2. No offense but if you were referring to the fact that quite a few of the British ports were in aus time then i honestly dont see why? The thing is those ports were taken by a Australian clan so naturally they set the timers to what they could defend. If it was a eu clan the times would be eu based etc. Also if i recall correctly it was the Spanish that originally started that war even though they knew the port timers were unfavorable to them. But thats off topic so in terms of this whole problem is it really fair that one or two regions in the world are cut out of rvr or is the main problem down to the fact that quite a bit of the player base left due to various reasons and items not bing fixed/added/changed to make naval action a better game. In my options if the devs were to find out why players left and are hardly coming back and fix some of these issues im pretty sure you would have a increase in players that would contest more battles over all of the timezones. P.s ignore any grammar mistakes as im on my phone at work.
  3. Personally if the idea people want is to have more pvp then what if you limited the ranks that you can gain solely from pve yes some people will dislike this but the fact is back then there was around about and im partly guessing the percentage here but 20 commanders (captain of brigs/sloops/shallow draft men of war) to 1 post captain(frigates and small ships of the line about 64 guns), Then there was even less flag captains and admirals. this is mostly from what i heard of the royal navy at the time. If you made it so that from commander + you need to do pvp then that would in my opinion give players a reason to come back to the game, those here to sail around and look for other players and probably new people coming to the game. For additional ways on top of this you could in crease the ranks above rear admiral and have 1 final rank that players are voted in to by there peers however conditions need to be met in order to be in the running to be voted in such as hostility caused, players sunk etc. Another thing to get players pvping and back to the game is by giving them something to work for that is a challenge and fun. The final rank idea could allow players to create missions for there peers such as patrols, trade escort/dilivery, player hunting, raiding areas where the nation sees as the next conquest area etc. Honnarry titles such as Sir being assigned after events or conditions are met such as a defeating 3 players of the same or better ship than yourself and living to tell the tale (wont always be the same condition etc) and these increase your rank by 1 then give you a extra bit of gold and xp from battles. These titles are reset each month and players that got one have to find a different condition to the previous month to regain there tittle. You could incorporate these or some of this into the pvp events.
  4. Im currently about to recheck the game out and see whats new since i stopped playing it. one the main reasons i stopped was that there was hardly any pvp other than port battles as players hardly left there starting areas to roam about. Some one mentioned more ranks in a way what could be good to capture interest of those who left would possibly be this but have them achieveable only by pvp with a x rank (say commodore +). give admirals a choice to vote for a bit of al leadership role who can create missions from capturing ports, patrolling a area for other players, protecting trade, hunting for a certain player to capture/kill etc these missions could be defined by rank ship size etc to make it a challenge.
  5. I think Fish should give me that upgrade back from that bet considering after all it was a bug (Me and Fish made a bet that you could kill crew of towers via grape, at the time we didn't know of the bug so i was proved wrong)
  6. As i have quoted multiple peoples suggestions for my replies i am going to put each quote and my answer/question about it below. Captain Underpants Ronald Speirs SteelSandwich William the Drake Babble
  7. In terms of the Hideout area idea i think if we give the pirates x amount of ports around the map - say 5 ports would be a decent amount, then allow (only clans) to set up one Hideout anywhere in the map (think of it like the clan warehouse as such). This can be placed/established in any inlet deep or shallow on a coast line however must be x distance from a port. Hideouts also act like a free town port, where players of that clan can set up outposts/warehouses/shipyards for ship building. Possibly allow them also to create resources of the two closest ports to the hideout. Say take for example from the map you linked if the hideout was located between Truxillo and Morro Chico then the hideout can produce Hemp, Iron, Coal, Compass wood, etc. Basically produce the same as both ports combined. Does however not need to construct produce buildings as the pirates would techically be basically raiding the ai/player buildings in the two ports close by., 5% chance that hideouts are automatically detected as nations ai officials investigate raids on farms in the area. However if placed on a isolated island that is surrounded by water, hideout will not be able to produce resources as to do so the Port must be connected via land to the area of the hideout. Nations can search and destroy these in which there is say 1% chance that they can gain a dura from one players ship that is stored in that hideout. 15% chance that players ships will gain a random x amount of damage. 30% chance that x% amount of total stored resources are lost(player warehouses and Clan warehouse amount combined). Other Pirate clans can destroy or Capture the hideout if they don't have there own built elsewhere. If destroyed it would be the same as above, if captured the ship capture chance would be about 10% chance that 1 ship dura is lost, 30% chance that damage occurs, and say 80% chance that resources are lost. If a Hideout is captured/destroyed the clan can resettle elsewhere for a small/medium gold fee (i say small/medium but lets say 50 - 100k for example), Everything that was in the last hideout is available, outposts/warehouses are automatically there as they were built in the hideout. Hideouts automatically show on the map for members of the clan. Exp can be gained (more than exploration but less than combat for discovering hideouts, a decent size xp for destroying one). Hideouts automatically show on the map for members of a nation(or clan if another pirate finds a hideout belonging to another clan). Hideouts act like ports in terms of when they can be attacked (Port timer). Defense of a hideout (not sure maybe use the same mechanic as ports, maybe something new?). To detect hideouts you must say have a upgrade/module fitted for nations or happen to sail right on top of it. get a mission from the town near by. (Unique mission from towns that are suffering land raids (pirates gaining resources at hideouts). For other pirates, simply sailing by the coast line will have say x% chance of detecting the hideout. may expand on this when i thought a bit more about it, as well as a few other things from the other ideas placed here already. edited: as i read a post above me i had a thought about once a hideout is detected. So as i said that Hideouts act like ports in which they have a port timer, to give them a bit of a fair chance/a advantage, once a hideout is detected they have 24 hours before a flag(lets say a Destroy flag basically like a port battle flag except for the name and possibly cost (maybe depends on how much raiding in the area was done?)) can be brought. If after 4 days(includes 24 hour wait period, so 3 days since a flag can be brought) a flag has not been purchased to destroy the hideout. A AI fleet will spawn 1 hour after the port timer opens. This fleet will have the best quality ships for the type of hideout. eg. If the hideout is in deep water then the best ships will be 1st/2nd rates. If it is in shallows then it will be Rattlesnakes/Mercs? (sorry not sure on the best ships for shallow water battles these days). The Fleet will be of 25 ships so a full port battle will occur. Once a hideout is also detected the clan who owns it has the ability to pick up and relocate for a small gold fee (say 25-50k) and a small % of lost resources from all warehouses in the hideout. Jags
  8. i get that but what i am saying is that your confusing me with someone else as i only started playing again on friday/saturday and that was moving ships before are change.
  9. Jager

    Paint it black

    would it be possible to get a post/topic of all pirate suggestions that have been stated so far or just the decent ones and i will take a look at them and try to combine/complete at least one of the ideas for the devs to consider.
  10. I'm sorry not sure what you mean, i have been away for approx 1-2 months and even when i was in a frigate i used to and still do prefer to fight to the death rather than flee battles.
  11. So um this should totally be the lyrics, but idk if it would sound right as i'm not a artist. Also btw i've always loved the song so if people think i have wrecked it i am sorry.
  12. all i say is Dam you guys for making me get bad leaks which made me die , but all in all thanks for the good fight guys, hope to see a bit more of it even in some the other ports if you can as it makes it fun for all rather than taking empty ports To all British captains i say while the times may not be good for you all, please please contest the ports, even if you lose you not only have fun yourself, you give us fun as well, and no offence to the US guys but GB captains you can see what happens when people do not defend ports, if you still want GB to be taken seriously atm you need to defend the west after all it is a different time to that of the East, there is no TP cool down now so theirs no excuse about TPing places, and besides GB is at what 30-40 ports? How many of those ports are on the east? How many of them are on the west? If you don't know the answer think about it, do you really want to go down to 10-20 ports because you were lazy to sail for a hour and set up a outpost to tp to when the defense call comes again? And that call will come each and every day until the map is BLACK
  13. Ok i get where some of you SLRN guys are coming from but what i don't fully understand is that you knew who our clan leader was, (while i've only just not long got back to playing the game) the leader of AUSEZ was always Mccandles/Zeal, if there was that much of a problem with some of our members or the council representatives why it was never brought to Zeal though our ts or though these forums to deal with. In terms of the hate though, i did see when i got back (and before the beans were spilled about us switching) quite a bit of hate/hostility to our guys in British chat can't remember if any where SLRN off hand but the hate was there especially from one other British clan which i won't name here. Anyway what i will say is that this whole bit is partly off topic, and really turning both/all british clans into looking really bad, so how about we: 1 get back onto topic, 2 end all this he said she said debate and 3. AUSFC guys who are not bloody Candles, Fasti or Wang do not bloody reply to this topic anymore please as you are making the whole situation worse not better at the present time. Jags
  14. That rope may be empty for a while, i prefer to go down with my ship than be captured alive.
  15. i do admit it wasn't all gb clans and i'm sorry that i lobbed all in with that statement but there was quite a bit of disrespect to our clan though at times in general, still is tbh as our members who are still making the switch see it daily.
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