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  1. Hopefully the dev team listen to this, so unrealistic being pulled into battle yourself when you have 24 fellow captains half a ship length away.
  2. Its a trade off mate ! we can also actually be attacked by pirates making most thing a little bit more risky, Grass isnt always greener
  3. You are full of hatred man ! if its not woman or race its now the mentally handicapped. Keep your poisonous red neck views to yourself dude..... and for the record just because we are capable of doing something doesn't mean we done it! I know of 3 of my guys reviews in that 200 so i think its time to tighten the chin strap on your tinfoil helmet.
  4. They are not cheap they are free! my personal plans involve the game being a success! by justifying this kind of nonsense im not sure our plans align.
  5. They can spend 2.5 mil to attempt to bring down a santi fleet, rather than spend zero money and zero hours gameplay to bring down a fleet that captains have invested a lot of time building up ! If you dont understand the problem with this then the game is doomed to failure.
  6. I think you have over complicated your negotiations because mine reaped rewards for both sides simultaneously.
  7. So you had to do ALL their ports before they would do one for you ? lol so the problem IS your negotiating skills
  8. That was over 2 weeks ago, brits flipping ports for danes, if it takes them almost 3 weeks to return the favour then that is all down to your negotiating skills and not some disadvantage you claim the brits have.
  9. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=944813788 If you check my steam library you can see the date I uploaded ! Dont let the facts get in the road of a good story though o7
  10. It started weeks ago not today and I have screen shots to prove it ! your excuses are absolutely pathetic tbh ! They have made the game the biggest grind ever and you want to justify a mechanic that allows you to counter someones 100 hours of effort with zero hour exploit (basic cutters).
  11. Brits have a deal in place flipping ports for the Danes, I have seen them doing it (Royal clan) if you are telling me that is a one way deal then you need lesson on negotiating instead of crying about lack of marks!
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