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  1. Everytime the game begins to be fun to play, they change some kind of mechanic, so players leave. Its pretty weird.
  2. I rather fight and die than bow to good but inmature players from our weird nabour who bend our Scandinavian culture in funny ways. U outnumber us only because of German mercenaries...
  3. Better to keep the action high with a lot of battles and easy access to open battles going. And make the losses cheap instead. It worked well before when the game was playable and fun.
  4. For most players game is a couple of hours of escapism once in a while. Log on. Have fun. Log off. And NA doesn't provide this right now. Let me give you an example. I had fun when large battles was easy to get to. When Denmark and Sweden was at war and the joining times in battles where so long that you could log on, check the nation chat, sail out and join an on going battle. Fantastic to see and play. Now those mechanics doesn't exist anymore. It got clanbased and PB orientated. To get into a large battle takes preparation that exceed the time aviable. Hence it never really
  5. I was arguing for the fact that it wasn't gold but more credit notes that where on board the vessels. (Except from far East trade where silver occurred often). Hence the present system mirror real life pretty good. Any view point that is not shared by admins are not necessary trolling. Keep this in mind. Tnx.
  6. Here is an overview from Oxford bibliographies. If you like to go beyond the Google level of things. It was much more complex than sailing around with gold in the cargo: Introduction Trade and commercial development in the Atlantic world required capital, investment, and financing, both directly and indirectly. Credit was allocated, extended, used, and abused to further growth in various commercial sectors. The circulation of capital was a requisite feature of trade activity, with implications on both sides of and across the
  7. Using notes where very common in the late 18th and in the whole of the 19th century. For Denmark the German town of Hamburg played a significant role as the bank system there where known for a high degree of reliability. The captain loaned money by issuing notes that the buyer could claim. And the other way around when a cargo was selled. The system required a high degree of personal trust and personal contacts where important. In mid 19th century the price on grain failed and many bankers went bankrupt as too many notes where issued without any real value. Out of this chaos began Carl M
  8. Nah. I always quit when I end up in a fps with bots in it. No. Cheaper ships to loose is the way to go. And a logbook for each player....
  9. I guess they made a PvP server for a reason? I like to battle versus humans more as they are harder and more fun to play with. Also more cruel. But this is well known.
  10. The new ship is still ugly. (Not bad programmed). Nice to be reminded of the difference in design. Can we soon have some Danish ships in the game? They where almost all beauties instead of this sailing mistake. It's like a mix between a German pub and a Brazilian carnival. It looks like it would sail sideways instead of forwards.
  11. Is it just me or is that ship a bit ugly? Looks like a tavern with sails on it.
  12. To be casual means not having too much time to play. To have some rewarding xp out of this game is hard. PvP is hard to get as too few are online. It takes too much time to figure out where to find the enemy. I remember many hours of wasted time sailing around, moving outpost etc to no avail. This is the key to a larger player base. Not some UI.
  13. UI and tutorials doesn't add to gameplay at all. Gameplay is lacking depth and easier access to PvP. PvP is somewhat broken. To fix this require new ways of thinking. Which seems hard at the moment.
  14. Why don't you understand that it is never the players fault if a game population fails? The game lacks fun. It had some of it back in 2016. I have made a lot of feedback on this. But I'm met with an army of bezzerwizzers. If I don't find the game fun, it's my own fault. Ok. What about this: NA is crappy and gets bad reviews. It's a bad game with big flaws. You can change things or you can blame the players. What do you think will work the best? Have fun blaming, dude.
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