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  1. Give any chest carriers a flag for everyone to see in public. Problem solved (maybe with a tiny speed debuff aswell)
  2. From OP: He was complaining why we don't announce port battles to you. That is what I meant about "invite". I'm not going to go into a long discussion with you regarding winning chances when we are out of 2-3 1st line ships and the enemy is ahead. That is your opinion. Having done quite a number of port battles, I feel confident about my statement. If you don't like us making those rules, I suggest you organize your own port battles and then you can set your own rules (or no rules if you want). But don't play the victim card, when you screw over a port battle someone else organizes and pay for, and you receive hostility for it. While I don't wish to spend any energy on being annoyed with someone else in a computer game, I also have no problem seeing the cause from which you are getting so much flak in the nation. And as long as you keep up this anti social act of "screw all of you guys, I want to do it MY way" that will never change. Well, you're never on TS either, so that also makes you a double liability. You speak of "Tactics and skill matters more", but it's pretty telling you have no clue what you are talking about if you expect us to win over the enemy with "tactics and skill" but not do basic communication with your teammates.
  3. The reason people have been cautious from inviting you to port battles is because your clan leader has a history of bringing 4th rate and 2nd rate ships to 1st rate port battles, taking slots in those PB's from players in clans who have actually paid for and organized said portbaltte (and diminishing our chances of winning in the process). No one is excluded from taking part if they wish from the nation in general, if they just can be teamplayers. I've also invited fox2run into our teamspeak when we do these battles, and I've seen him logged on TS in just one occasion. This also makes things harder for us. Stop painting yourselves as the big victim in all of this, you are just doing yourselves a big disfavor. It's also disingenuous. Now that diplomacy and alliance mechanics are hardcoded into the game, I don't see what you have to complain about? According to fox2run, this is what he wants. This is also what we wanted, since now it will be easier to focus the nation on specific wargoals against the countries we are at war with. So everyone should be happy, right?
  4. To: Lord Vicious, the zen master. The epitome of calmness. A beacon of emotional stability and objectivity in a sea of terribleness (May not be eligible when you actually speak to him in person and/or over teamspeak. Terms and conditions do apply*) From: Helgur. Just a guy that likes to click make believe sail boats on the internets, really Subject: Cool story bro Message body: Claiming that you don't post propaganda, just objective facts then simultaneously ranting how about eligibly everyone on the opposing side feels, does count in itself as propaganda. Just wanted you to know that m8. Kthxbye. XOXOXOXOXO Helgur
  5. Oh, look. The forum also has an ignore function. How convenient! Do what you want. I don't really care. When the game don't have means in controlling unwanted behavior, there is little sense in me or anyone else in Denmark Norway getting worked up by your trifles. I've dealt with people like you in the past and this is the best way to deal with the issue. But as a parting gift, let me just give you some advice. The next time you want to do a port battle, buy your own flag and invite people. Then you are free to set the rules yourself. Otherwise, sabotaging the port battles we organize is just as bad as going blue vs blue against someone. There's no excuse from either. I have no ill feelings towards you, because I choose not to have. I just don't care. You are just a guy that makes a lot of noise. And the only way you can get it your way is if people actually listens to you, and respond to you. So byebye. Log in to naval action, do what you like, and enjoy the game. I know i will.
  6. When you batphone the French, you always know who is going to answer in the other end and that you are in good hands!
  7. I sympathize with the pirates, but not with Sorry. Due to our history, some in DN felt very conflicted about this situation... before we met Lord V. Thankfully he made it really easy for us. He was our best team player, without even being in Denmark Norway. Edit: Just to clarify further. Our intent was never to join in on the current Alliance against the pirates. This war was a defensive war that Sorry started. They initiated it, because they figured Denmark-Norway was the weakest nation on the server and an easy stepping stone to the Swedish home ports. Taking that into consideration, Lord V. was not the underdog here. Well, not until we managed to batphone the French and Swedes and simultaneously manage to muster the biggest Danish Norwegian 1st rate fleet I've seen since before I left on my vacation. This has really revitalized our Nation. I actually owe Lord V. thanks for that.
  8. Also would like to extend a thank you to our BFF, French. We owe you one! And the Swedes (although this was also in your best self interest, you really helped out and stepped up. You guys deserve as much recognition as anyone). Not saying this is over yet (I'm sure we haven't seen the last of Lord Voluminous-mouth). If Lord Vaporous comes barging in to someones teamspeak again, claiming he is going to burn down anything to the ground. Our lines will be taking calls, the same way we hope we can count on our friends again.
  9. Macao reclaimed. Without contest So I presume this is a goodbye to Sorry for now(?), and thanks for all the fish (no really. Douglas Adams words is really fitting here, because we have gotten a lot more fish from this than fights). War is for our intents and purposes over, we have met our objectives and we will get back to fighting the British. Which unlike a certain other self professed "anti-carebear 1337 pixel sailboat peeweepee" clan actually gives us pvp. X up for Jamaica raids and port battles in Haiti, Danes!
  10. The butthurt displayed by us refusing to give in to Lord Couscous demands and tantrums is hilarious. Do keep bringing it on. Those sweet, sweet Sorry tears is a must ingredient in any grog mixture
  11. First of all, is this the big Scoop Lord Vicious had on us? A big tip to Lord “Hurf Blurf”: if you're going to make threats, at least make sure you have something tangible to back them up with. But, I'm going to entertain it regardless, since I'm sure there are people ITT that hasn't run out of popcorn yet: On TS you said it was 3 days ago. So was it 3 days or 5 days (you flipp flopped between 3 and 5 days on TS also, and I never got a clear answer from you on this, but I believe it was 3 days ago, since that was the time our diplos approached us about this)? This is pretty much exactly what you claimed to me on our TS meeting/breakup/ragequit. Problem is you don't even know elegidly who said this, or so you told me. And I really wanted to get the name of that person, so I could get to the bottom of this to verify if your claim was true or not. I didn't even reject your claim. I was open to the possibility of something going colossally wrong in our own communications. But after learning more and more about the circumstances around this, I realize there is absolutely no problem with this on our end at all. Off course they don't. They never had the ability to make such an arrangement without the rest of the leaderships knowledge or consent all on their own. It's really telling in on itself that you don't know how this works. And I don't buy that you don't. This little story of yours won't fly Nope. I said I was open for the possibility. I guess you have problems listening to what anyone else says, bar your affection for your own voice. Again, I doubt any of this is really true. We have been at constant war with the British, a far more capable Nation capacity wise, than the Swedes. We don't fear them, so why would anyone tell you we fear the Swedes? It doesn't make sense other than in Lord Viscous head. The first meeting I had with my Diplos regarding this was 3 days ago. And I made it pretty clear to them, it was out of the question. And I also knew I was talking for a lot of the other clans aswell. I'm not the defacto leader of Denmark Norway, only RDNN. But from what I was told this flew right in the face of everything we worked for, and would open up a shitcan of worms as a side dish. Which planet do you hail from, really? We're allied with the French. And by your demeanour you've certainly showed that with friends such as Sorry, who needs enemies? You rage quitted when I dismissed your threats of releasing “Denmark-Norway-Gate” would cause everyone to turn against us. You really don't take it lightly when someone don't follow your tune, don't you? This also, is an outright lie. You told us this while your flag was on it's way to Macao. Correction: We kept talking to you as a friend. That time has passed. By your own admission you only talked to us out of respect for the other pirates we where friends with, implying we never where friends. So why should we help you in the first place, if we're not friends? Do you even think through your own line of thought before you blurt it out on your keyboard? I think we're done here.
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